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WWF Superstars of Wrestling (1.17.1987) Review

December 27, 2021 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
WWE Superstars Demolition
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WWF Superstars of Wrestling (1.17.1987) Review  

-Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Bruno Sammartino, and Jesse Ventura.

-The big moment, as Ricky Steamboat returns from the injury. Steamboat suckers O into going for a dive and then dodging it. Steamboat goes for the arm. O gets a powerslam for a near-fall as Randy Savage drops in to let us know he’s not even bothering to watch this match because Steamboat is so busted up that it’s obviously going to be a bad match.

-O goes to the throat in dastardly fashion. He tries to stungun, but Steamboat blocks the move, and a bodypress gets the win.

-Mean Gene looks at the closing moments of the Haynes/Race match on Prime Time. Heenan warns Haynes to back off!

-George Steele destroys a WWF Magazine when he sees a picture of Randy Savage in it.

KAMALA (with The Wizard and Kimchee) vs. DON DRIGGERS
-Splat. Kamala gets the win.

-Outback Jack hangs out at an Australian pub, where he chugs beer and plays Knifey-Spoony with the rest of the gang.

-Historic first appearance of Demolition, with Randy “Moondog Rex” Culley as Smash. He hasn’t shaved his beard yet, in fact, he’s painted it blue to draw attention to it, so…yeah, you can definitely see he’s Moondog Rex and I can buy the story about fans yelling “Rex” at him.

-Ax axes away and tags in Smash. The original interpretation of the name Smash is that he faceplants his opponent a lot. Decapitator finishes.

-Piper strolls out and there’s a gigantic trophy out there awwwwwwww damn, here we go! Jack Tunney comes out and reads a long, long, fawning speech about Hulk Hogan’s third anniversary of winning the WWF Title, complete with a montage of videos, photos, and press clippings. We get a brief clip of Andre dumping the champagne on his head right after winning the belt, too.

-So out comes Andre, and we actually get a great, subtle bit of acting from Hulk, who briefly shoots Andre a “What the hell are YOU doing here?” face before switching back to all-smiles and being delighted that his pal Andre is here. Piper asks Andre to make a statement, and Andre simply says “Three years to be a champion…it’s a long time.” He gives Hulk an aggressive handshake, then walks off, and Hulk simply smiles and holds up his trophy.

HERCULES vs. JIM PARKS (with Bobby Heenan)
-Jim Parks is another jobber from that weird stock of enhancement talent they’re using lately where the median age looks to be 54.

-Herc slams Parks down while Jesse marvels that he never noticed how MUCH bigger Andre is than Hogan until now. Hercules switches up his offense and finishes with a full nelson instead.

-After the bell, Heenan boasts that Hercules has a more effective full nelson than Billy Jack Haynes, and he dares Billy Jack himself to get down here. Billy Jack shows up and Heenan clearly already regrets throwing down that gauntlet. Hercules gets ready to lock it on, but Heenan suddenly begs him not to, so Hercules settles for clotheslining Haynes and stomping him, and with Haynes softened up, NOW Hercules applies the full nelson.

-Wrestlemania III is coming…March 29…


-Danny Davis preemptively warns the Bees about their masks, and Jesse is quick to point out that this team’s entire MO is to openly cheat in front of the world by using those things, so what’s wrong with Davis warning them?

-Bees start with the masks on and easily dismantle both opponents while the Hart Foundation drops in to warn them not to make any trouble if they ever meet in the ring again. Both Bees work the legs on Iron Mike. One of the Bees gets caught in the heel corner but makes his own save while Danny just stands back and watches. Vince reminds us again that his license is about to expire, oh and by the way, have you noticed Wrestlemania is coming up?

-Jobbers gang up on a Bee again. Bee fights back and powerslams Gibbs for two. Bee gets an abdominal stretch roll-up (So that’s Blair) but Davis refuses to count the pin because he suspects that there was a switch behind his back. Bees get fed up and pull their masks off just to prove who they are. Dropkick by Brunzell is enough to put Gibbs away, but the Bees clearly aren’t happy about the way they had to go about winning and they get in Davis’ face after the bell.

-Hart Foundation is ready for the Rougeaus in Boston Garden, because they already dissected frogs for biology class. Randy Savage pops in to remind us he’s already proven his superiority over the Old Man in the Boston Garden.

The final score: review Good
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You could feel momentum all through this episode.