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WWF Wrestling Challenge (2.1.1987) Review

April 19, 2022 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
WWF Wrestling Challenge 9-20-1986 Image Credit: WWE/Peacock
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WWF Wrestling Challenge (2.1.1987) Review  

-Originally aired February 1, 1987.

-We’re in Hershey, PA.

-Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, and Johnny V.

KOKO B. WARE vs. THE KING (with Bobby Heenan)
-This is the second week where Harley has been billed as “The King”, with no acknowledgment of his name. Mel Phillips notes that The King is escorted to the ring by his manager, then forgets Bobby’s name. Your referee is Danny Davis, so blah blah blah blah doesn’t matter doesn’t matter blah blah blah Bobby Heenan knocks Koko off the top rope and Davis gives him a fast three count. Harley goes home with the win.

-Junkyard Dog angrily comes to the ring to check on Koko and Davis reprimands him for showing up. JYD loses it and hiptosses Davis across the ring. The crowd gives a standing ovation.

-Outback Jack is at the Sydney Opera House. He invites Hulk and JYD to come down for a visit.

HERCULES (with Bobby Heenan) vs. DON DRIGGERS
-Hulk Hogan drops in to put over Hercules as the ultimate test and a man who can push you to the limit. Hercules suplexes Driggers and finishes with a full nelson.

-Billy Jack Haynes shows up, and Bobby Heenan ties the chain around Hercules’ neck to restrain him. Hercules leaves ringside without incident.

-Ken Resnick talks to George Steele, who is angry about getting hurt by Randy Savage. He promises to hurt Savage and take Elizabeth.

-Haynes shoves Funk into the ropes, but Funk retaliates and drags Haynes’ eyes across the top rope. Haynes reverses an Irish whip and clotheslines Funk. Series of punches and chops as Hercules & Bobby Heenan return to ringside to watch the bout. Press slam and a suplex by Haynes get a two-count. Atomic drop by Haynes, and he finishes with the full nelson. Heenan & Hercules are unimpressed.

-Ken Resnick talks to Colonel Jimmy Hart & Honky Tonk Man. Honky Tonk Man calls Hulk Hogan a backstabber because Jimmy did some research and found out that Hulk voted “Nay” in the Vote of Confidence.

-The Can-Am Connection show up at the locker room and watch each other take off their clothes as they pantlessly discuss all of the places where they’ve gone out to dinner together. This segment is like…it’s like the gender opposite of the scene in a Cinemax movie where they do plot exposition.

-Adonis & Garea start. Adrian pounds him down and tags in Hart for an attempted double-team, but Garea ducks and Adonis takes a dropkick. Hart, undaunted, gives Garea a backbreaker but misses an elbow drop. Roma tags in and applies an arm wringer and Parks tags in to work the arm. Hart fights free and drops a few elbows on him. Anvil comes in and slams Parks down. Adonis comes off the top rope with a forearm and finishes Parks with Good Night Irene.

-From “Superstars of Wrestling” the same weekend. Roddy has the trophies from both ceremonies and brings out Jesse Ventura. Jesse recaps the entire Andre the Giant reinstatement controversy. We move on to Jesse comparing the trophies from the ceremony, saying that Hulk’s huge trophy feels like gold, but Andre’s smaller trophy is made of lead. Piper basically tells him he’s full of crap and they tease getting into a brawl before Jesse makes a deal with Piper. He’ll bring Andre to the Pit next week if Piper brings Hulk.

-We go to Danny Davis, who looks like he just finished taking a shower with his clothes on for some reason. He demands that JYD be fined and suspended.

-Face pop for Roberts, but he still hasn’t turned yet. Jake pounds Starr down and hits the DDT immediately for the win.

-Jimmy Hart & Honky Tonk Man visit Graceland. It’s a nice house, but it’s not quite big enough for Honky and some of the paint is chipped. He promises to build a new mansion and call it Honkyland, which I believe was the original name for The Gap.

-Islanders’ entrance theme interrupts the Soviet anthem. Volkoff & Haku start. Haku rolls up Volkoff quickly for two. Atomic drop and a double-headbutt by the Islanders as Bobby & Gorilla speculate on Wrestlemania III’s location and card. Tama gets double-teamed and Sheik elbows him down. Suplex is blocked and reversed by Tama. Haku comes in with a dropkick and a slam. Splash off the top rope by Tama looks to finish, but a brawl erupts and Slick sneaks in with a cane shot to KO Tama, and Volkoff & Sheik take the win.

-Ken Resnick talks to Ricky Steamboat. He’s going to burn Randy Savage with his fire. George Steele returns to grunt and growl a little more.

-Gorilla Monsoon talks to Andre the Giant, who promises to meet Hulk Hogan at Piper’s Pit. Let’s see if he’s a man of his word…

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