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YouTubular: Eddie Jackie

October 24, 2010 | Posted by Leonard Hayhurst
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YouTubular: Eddie Jackie  

Based on a recent suggestion, we have mid-nineties WCW jobber Eddie Jackie. An internet search didn’t reveal much on him, but I did find a tape trader who had a best of Eddie Jackie collection, which comes in a four pack with the best of Jamie Noble, Mark Starr and Mike Sanders. One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong. Anyway, let’s look at some matches.

Eddie Jackie vs. Tex Slazenger
Video Length: 4:39


This is from “WCW Worldwide” with Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan on commentary. Slazenger is Dennis Knight, best known as Phineas Godwinn. Jackie is wearing a brown, I’m guessing, suede jacket, making him look like a college professor who rides a Harley on the weekends. Several YouTube comments also mention how hot he is, a subject which I have no opinion on.

Slazenger works Jackie over in the corner. He gets whipped to the other corner and comes off the second rope with a turn around cross body for two. Jackie works an arm wringer and puts Slazenger on the mat with a fireman’s carry takeover. Color me impressed so far. Jackie leg drops the arm and stays on it. Slazenger powers up and rakes the face to break. Jackie ducks one clothesline try, but not a second. Slazenger follows with a side slam. He gets some weird move where he puts his boots on either side of Jackie’s head and then just twists his noggin. Jackie gets a sunset flip for two and then races up top. Slazenger catches him up there and throws him off. Slazenger wins with an inverted DDT. Solid jobber match with some good offense from both men, but it didn’t feel like they gelled well. ½* During the replay Heenan calls Jackie a “ham and egger.” I would put that on my resume, “called a ham and egger by Bobby Heenan.”

Eddie Jackie vs. Horshu
Video Length: 3:11


This is also from “Worldwide” with Schiavone and Larry Z on commentary. Horshu might be remembered as Kurt Angle’s one time bodyguard Luther Reigns. Here, he has his hair cut to look like a Horshu, which couldn’t get you laid in a whorehouse if you had hundred dollar bills hanging out of your pockets. Jackie has a mustache here and his hair is darker than from the above match.

Horshu throws Jackie into the corner, but misses a charge. Jackie peppers him with punches. Jackie runs into a scoop slam. Horshu has trouble lifting Jackie on a choke lift and Jackie has to help Horshu to pick him up. Jackie is tossed into the corner. Horshu whips him to the opposite corner and he bounces out into a clothesline for two. They slug it out for a bit. Horshu gets mad and chokes Jackie on the mat. A clothesline leads to a body slam and elbow drop for two. Horshu pulls Jackie up because he wants the Horshu-plex, or butterfly suplex. Jackie then stumbles up to take a second rope clothesline for the loss. ¼* Horshu was greener than Kermit the Frog and I think Jackie was the main reason this wasn’t even sloppier.

Eddie Jackie vs. Squire David Taylor
Video Length: 2:21


This is from “WCW Pro” with Dusty Rhodes, Larry Z and Chris Cruise on commentary. Taylor was a running buddy of William Regal’s and came into WWE for a short time to reprise the Blue Bloods with him. I think these guys have a potential to put on a great match, but the video length would lead me to think they won’t have the time.

They grapple to start. Taylor gets a leg pick and works the ankle on the mat. Jackie brings his other leg over to flip out and Taylor sells it with a flip of his own. Taylor slugs back, but misses a charge. Jackie lays in the punches. He floors Taylor and covers for two. He snapmares Taylor over and dropkicks him in the back of the head. A crisscross sequence is a bit sloppy with Jackie leaping into a clothesline with his whole body. Taylor finishes with a fallaway slam with a floatover for the pin. A little short to really get anything going, but the potential was certainly there. ¼*

Eddie Jackie vs. Diamond Dallas Page
Video Length: 2:51


This is from “Saturday Night” with Schiavone and Heenan on commentary. DDP left Kimberly at home to scrub the toilet. He yells at the camera he wants the toilet so clean when he gets home he can see himself in it. I wonder if Kimberly holds his hair back when he vomits.

DDP turns around into a dropkick at the bell. DDP reverses a whip and Jackie whiffs on the turnaround cross body. DDP gets a gutbuster. He drags Jackie up by a headlock and finishes with the Diamond Cutter. Well, that was even shorter than the above match. DUD.

Eddie Jackie vs. Arn Anderson
Video Length: 4:22


This is from “WCW Pro” with Cruise, Larry Z and Rhodes. Anderson gets a headlock takedown to start and works off of that. Jackie works up and Anderson goes to a hammerlock. AA swings under into a fireman’s carry takedown while staying on the arm. Jackie works up again and backs Arn into the ropes. Jackie comes back with punches and grabs a headlock, but AA breaks with a side suplex. Anderson drops a measured knee then rolls Jackie over to grind his face into the mat. Anderson dismantles the arm. He hits a hammerlock slam. Arn lets up for a second and Jackie fires back with shots to the gut, making sure to use the good arm. Anderson cuts him off with a boot to the stomach. He drops a knee to the back of the head and rakes the face. Arn introduces Jackie to a couple of the turnbuckles. AA hits his awesome DDT for the win. I think after Jake Roberts, AA has my favorite DDT. Jackie got more offense in other matches above, but Anderson just put on a clinic. *

Eddie Jackie vs. Steve Austin with Col. Parker and Meng
Video Length: 2:55


It always blows my mind to see Austin with hair. This is from “WCW Main Event” with Gene Okerlund and Rhodes on commentary.

Austin just mauls Jackie. He picks him up off the mat with right hands in the corner. Austin throws Jackie to the floor and follows. Austin boots him from the apron then hangs Jackie out to dry on the guardrail. Back in the ring, Austin hits a front suplex for the win. Rhodes gets over that Austin was really aggressive, because he’s ‘auditioning’ for Parker to be his manager. Short, but Austin was crisp and nasty to make it work. ¼*

Eddie Jackie and Red Tyler vs. Harlem Heat with Sister Sherri
Video Length: 4:35


This is from “WCW Pro” with Cruise, Larry Z and Rhodes. Booker T opens on Jackie with the usual, including the wristlock into a back kick. A flying forearm gets two. Tag to Stevie Ray, who scores a spin kick to the gut. He hits a powerslam. Jackie ducks a clothesline and runs to tag Tyler. He springs into the ring, only to have his head taken off by Stevie. Stevie hits a snapmare and chokes Tyler out on the mat. Stevie with a scoop slam and he picks Tyler up on the pin. Booker T in for a spin kick. He chokes Tyler out on the top rope. Sherri hits the apron and slaps Tyler for something to do. Booker hits the scissor kick. Stevie Ray in for a big kick. He chokes Tyler out in the corner. Side slam. Harlem Hangover form Booker T wins it. Classic Harlem Heat. Sherri comes in to slap the spit out of Jackie’s mouth and then she tosses him to the floor. Rhodes says “Sherri is the meanest man in wrestling.” Can’t argue that. ½* Just good teamwork from Harlem Heat.

The 411: Jackie had a good look, good body, sold well and seemed to have a decent move set. If given a push and a character I think Jackie could have gotten over into a reliable mid-carder easy. Unfortunately, WCW was just overloaded with guys at the time and Jackie couldn’t make any cracks in the glass ceiling. The guy does come off as a bit generic, but it’s not like he was given a chance to be anything more. A lost opportunity for Jackie is a column for us. We salute you.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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