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Chuck Liddell Breaks Up Fights, Calms Crowds Amidst Protests

June 2, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
Chuck Liddell

UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell took to the streets of Huntington Beach this week to talk to business owners who have been trying to protect their businesses against rioters, as well as talk to protestors. While out there, he ended up de-escalating several physical conflicts.

“It’s good to see people defending their city,” Liddell told ABC 7 (h/t MMA Weekly). It’s terrible. Violence begets violence. Violence doesn’t help anybody. We all know what happened was wrong. Everybody I know thinks it was wrong. It’s hard to watch,” said Liddell. “But destroying cities, destroying people, hurting people, does not do any good for anybody. Hey, protest all you want. Do it peacefully.”

Liddell also told TMZ that while everyone has a right to their opinion and to peacefully protest, nobody has the right to cause violence or steal. He also clarified that he was not against the protestors and he just tried to prevent people from getting hurt.

Another UFC star, Jon Jones, has also been confronting vandals and helping clean-up efforts.

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