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David Rickels on Facing Michael Page at Bellator 200

May 19, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Michael Page - Bellator 200

MMAjunkie Radio recently interviewed MMA fighter David Rickels on his upcoming Bellator 200 bout with Michael Page. The fight is set for next weekend in London. Below are some highlights.

His thoughts on Michael Page: “I fall right in the middle. Do I think Michael Page is a good fighter? Yes. Do I think he’s great? No.”

Rickels on what he wants to do in the fight: “I want to show his heart. I want to see what Michael Page is made of. I want to bring the fight to him. I want him to feel punches. I want to make him fight. I want to see how much he’s going to be able to give back. How much heart does Michael Page have? Does he have the heart of a champion? And I really really feel like I’m going to be able to test that. I’m going to be able to put that pressure. Let’s see how long he can fight and how hard he can fight.”

Rickels on why he thinks he will challenge Page: “I think that the problem with everybody that I watched him fight, they’re (expletive) scared. They all fight with fear. They’re worried about what he’s doing. They’re watching his show. He does the little show where he dances and does all that (expletive). They’re not worried about fighting and whooping his ass. And I’m a one-track mind when I get in there. I’m hunting you down, and I’m going for the kill. That’s exactly what it is.”

Rickels on why he’s dangerous: “I just feel like I’m dangerous right now, period, but I’ve always fought my best when I’ve been happy, healthy, when I can take the pressure off of myself. It’s kind of cool to realize that, now that I’m not fighting in my own hometown anymore, how much pressure I had on myself then. I used to love going into guys’ backyards and fighting and beating them up.”

Rickels on not being a wrestler: “I’ve never been a wrestler; I’m not going to start wrestling tomorrow just because everyone thinks that’s what I should do. Dude, I can barely take a dude down in the gym. I’m not going to start wrestling some dude who likes to throw jumping knees and (expletive). … I’m going to keep my head up, I’m going to keep a good defense, and I’m going to stalk him down and put my pressure on like I always do with everybody.”