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Greg Hardy Takes Responsibility for UFC on ESPN+ 1 Illegal Knee, Says It Wasn’t Intentional

January 20, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy spoke with reporters after his disqualification loss at UFC on ESPN+ 1 against Allen Crowder. Highlights are below per MMAjunkie:

On his illegal knee in the fight: “I take full responsbility. It’s not something I did on purpose. Anybody that’s ever met me, or been around me, knows that’s something I wouldn’t do. I just wish we could go back and go into the third round.”

on accusations that the knee was intentional: “Show me one time I’ve ever cheated in my life. Show me one other lineman or one of their favorite quarterbacks in history that I’ve ever cheated against. Go ask Tom Brady if I cheated when I sacked him. I’m not a cheater. That’s not on my record. That’s not on my resume. Thirty years of life, not one time. Not one time have you ever asked me a question, and I’ve lied to you. Not one time have you ever seen me stand up here, and I told you it wasn’t my fault. I was there. I did it. It’s my responsibility. I’m a grown man. That’s my character.”

On the damage to his reputation the knee could cause: “People put their name on the line for me. That may not mean a lot to you regular people; it means a lot to me, man.”

On what’s next for him: “I’m a part of the machine, man. My attitude doesn’t change with wins or losses. It’s part of being a boss. I’m ‘The Price of War.’ This is what I do. When the man says let’s roll, I’m rolling. I want to get up as soon as possible. In seven days, I’ll be back in the gym. I’m going to fix my timing … and I’m going to be back with bad intentions for whoever wants to step in there with me. Allen Crowder, please come back and let’s do it again if he wants to. If not, I understand, just like I understand everyone has their opinion of me.”