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Jessica Andrade Thinks 2018 Is Her Year, But Isn’t In a Rush For a Title Shot

February 21, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jessica Andrade - UFC Fight Night 117

Jessica Andrade spoke with MMAjunkie ahead of her fight with Tecia Torres at UFC on FOX 28. Highlights are below:

On what happens after this fight: “Many people are saying that the winner of our fight would have the next title shot. I’ll be coming off two wins and Tecia, with a win, would be coming off four straight, and it would be fair for her to fight for the belt. But, since there’s Karolina (Kowalkiewicz) as well, who’s doing good in the division, the UFC might want to match my winner against the winner of that fight.”

On possibly having to wait for a shot: “I’m at this stage in which I’m feeling really good, you know? I’m well trained. My body is good. I feel like I’m at my peak with everything, with my body and my career. I wouldn’t have a problem with having another fight before the belt. I think the more fights you do, the more prepared you are for a title fight. I’m not in a rush. But I would love to be a champion this year. I think 2018 is my year.”

On her win over Claudia Gadelha: “It was funny, because it wasn’t a fight that was supposed to happen. When you come off a loss, most times a fighter wants to get a more in-the-middle opponent, so they can win. But not me. I know that considering my current position in the UFC and in the rankings, I don’t have an option to fight weaker and lower-ranked people. So, inside me, that win meant some overcoming, too. I knew Claudinha was a very difficult fight, but that if I gave it my best, I could win. I heard a lot of people saying it was a very tough fight. They asked why I took it. But I don’t run away from challenges. I said, ‘I’ll fight Claudinha, and I’ll win. She can be more technical than I am. She might have a longer road and more experience than I do. But my will power, my strength, my grit, and my bruteness will make a difference, and I’ll win.’”

On showing off her skills in that fight: “I like being an underdog. I like going out there and fighting the best. It’s a way of showing that I am evolving. I’m not the type of person who gets to the top and just wants to keep winning. I know at some point I may lose. I’m ready to win or lose. I like having the biggest challenges possible. Because if I lose, I know it was to someone at the top, like me.”

On Torres: “I think Tecia will move around a lot. She’ll look to hit and leave, like Joanna did. But now I’m much better prepared for this type of fight now than I was before. I now know I can chase my opponent at all times in the octagon. And, when she comes in to touch me, I have to counter. I think I’ll have an easy time there. When it comes to the ground – if I’m able to get her against the fence, I can certainly take her down and work the ground-and-pound. But I’ll do my best to knock her out in the first or second round. If it doesn’t happen, though, who knows a submission or a TKO from the ground-and-pound?”