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Mark Hunt’s Lawsuit Against UFC and Brock Lesnar Dismissed

September 29, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Brock Lesnar Mark Hunt UFC 200 Image Credit: UFC

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that a Nevada Federal Court has thrown out Mark Hunt’s lawsuit against Dana White, UFC and Brock Lesnar. The case was dismissed this past Tuesday.

Hunt sued over Lesnar being on performance-enhancing drugs before their fight at UFC 200, which he said was assault and not a fair fight. UFC was included as he said they knew about Lesnar when putting the fight together. Lesnar had previously tested positive for Clomiphene, a drug used when coming off steroids, before he won over Hunt by decision on July 9, 2016. Lesnar’s test happened before the fight but UFC and the Nevada commission didn’t get the result until after. Hunt claimed White was aware of it and allowed the fight to happen anyway.

Hunt previously sued in 2017, but it was thrown out two years later. He appealed in 2021 and the case was reinstated. It was US District Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey who threw the case out this time with a 27-page ruling.

She wrote: “In sum, each of Hunt’s fraud theories requires far too many inferential leaps and ignores too much contrary evidence for a jury to reasonably find in his favor, particularly by clear and convincing evidence.

Dorsey stated that Lesnar didn’t test positive for steroids and she didn’t believe that it gave him an advantage at UFC 200. She noted that Hunt consented to fight Lesnar in a combat sport, so it was not battery.

She added: “There is no evidence that Lesnar’s performance was enhanced by a banned substance. While Hunt lost the fight, he was not knocked out and did not suffer any injuries beyond those typically expected.

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