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Roxanne Modafferi Says Fines Aren’t Enough To Punish Those Who Miss Weight

November 17, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Roxanne Modafferi

In an interview with MMA Junkie, Roxanne Modafferi said that fines aren’t enough to punish the fighters who have been missing weight before UFC fights. Here are highlights:

On fines not being enough: “I think that 20 percent is money, but it doesn’t affect the actual fight, so when a fighter that misses weight comes in rehydrated, they’re stronger and heavier than the other fighter, and the fighter who actually missed weight has an advantage over the fighter who made weight. I feel like it’s an unfair advantage over the person that did their job, so therefore there should be some kind of consequence in the actual fight to even it up a little bit.”

On how some promotions force fighters who miss weight to accept a no contest if they win: “I think that’s fair – or fair-ish. As much penalty is allowed, I think would be great, so if it can go to two points (for a bad miss), great, but I’m just going to start out asking for one point.”

On fighters missing weight: “I feel like nowadays, we have a lot of athletes who are training hard and putting on muscle like they should, so maybe it’s harder for them. Maybe people are outgrowing their weight classes. I’m not really sure. Maybe they’re just waiting until the last minute – I don’t know, but whatever the reason is, more and more people are missing weight, and it’s not because of the early weigh-ins. Early weigh-ins are great. We love those. I’m glad the talk to get rid of those has stopped.”

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