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Disney+ Adds Hulu Hub In Beta Launch For ‘All In One’ Experience

December 7, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Disney+ Hulu Image Credit: Disney

If you have Disney+ and Hulu, you can now watch both within the same app. As THR reports, Disney has added Hulu to the Disney+ app for those who subscribe to both services. The new combination of services is described as a beta launch with a Hulu hub and a tile on the main page of Disney+ that takes you to Hulu-specific content.

(Yes, that means you can watch American Horror Story, 2022’s Hellraiser and even True Blood on Disney+ now. Parents, make sure those parental controls — which, by the way, are now enhanced following the Hulu launch — are in place.)

The content is automatically available to subscribers who are signed up for both services, as long as they used the same email for both services. The two services will deliver content based on what plans you are subscribed to. In other words, if you are signed up for the ad-free Disney+ tier but the ad-supported Hulu tier, you will see Disney+ content without ads and Hulu content with ads.

The plan is to launch a full version of the combined services in March 2024 which will feature Hulu content on the Disney+ homepage and in automated recommendations, sets and collections. Disney will market bundles directly within the service and add more promotion of Hulu content within the Disney+ app.

An added benefit of this is that content that was split between the platforms will now be combined such as The Simpsons, which has past seasons on Disney+ and current/latest season on Hulu. Subscribers to both will now have all episodes in one place.

Disney took full control of Hulu last week after buying Comcast’s stake out at a price tag of $8.6 billion. An evaluation process is being done that will determine Hulu’s true value at the time of the agreement that will likely see Disney pay more.

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