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HBO In Early Discussions On New Game of Thrones Prequel

April 3, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Game of Thrones Image Credit: HBO

HBO is in early discussions for a new Game of Thrones prequel series, according to a new report. Variety reports that the cable network is in very early stages of active discussions regarding a prequel series that would center on Aegon I Targaryen’s conquest of Westeros.

The prospective series does not have a writer attached, with sources stating that a search is underway as HBO wants to get it into development quickly. The sources also noted that it could be started with a feature film that leads into the series, though that plan is not solidified.

According to the report, the prequel would focus on how how Aegon and his sister/wives Visenya and Rhaenys conquered six of the Seven Kingdoms by virtue of their dragons and became first king of Westeros and the first to sit on the Iron Throne. These events take place about 300 years before the main series and 100 years before House of the Dragon.

House of the Dragon is a hit for HBO, with the first season scoring high marks with critics and audiences. A second season of the show is in production.