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Len Wiseman Teases Underworld TV Series Is Still In The Works

September 19, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Underworld Kate Beckinsale Image Credit: Sony Pictures

An Underworld TV series was announced back in 2016, and Len Wiseman has teased that it may still be in the works. There hasn’t been much movement on the series since it was first announced, but Wiseman suggested it may still be coming during an interview with EW about the original film’s 20th anniversary.

“There is a fashion that is in the works,” Wiseman said about bringing the franchise back. “I can’t talk about it, but there is a future to Underworld for sure… [the TV show is] the one I’m referring to.”

Wiseman previously said back when it was announced that “The series will be a pretty big departure from the films. I don’t want to say it’s more adult, but it’s definitely less comic book in its tone and character.”

The Underworld franchise was launched in 2003 with Wiseman directing. It starred Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Michael Sheen, Shane Brolly, Erwin Leder, and Bill Nighy and centered on a world where vampires and Lycans (werewolves) were at war in the shadows of humanity. The franchise has grossed $542.9 million worldwide with the last film, Underworld: Blood Wars, releasing in 2017.