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wrestlingBlue Meanie Hopes WWE Acknowledges ECW Before WM 40

WrestleMania 40 is headed to Philadelphia in 2024, and Blue Meanie hopes WWE acknowledges ECW at the PPV...

wrestlingBlue Meanie Believes The AEW World Title Has Lost Some Shine Due to All Out

Blue Meanie is among those who believes that the drama surrounding All Out hurt perception of the AEW World Championship...

wrestlingThe Blue Meanie Thinks CM Punk’s Comments On MJF At AEW All Out Were a Work

CM Punk's AEW All Out media scrum comments obviously drew a lot of attention, but The Blue Meanie thinks the...

wrestlingBlue Meanie Set to Return to MLW at Kings of Colosseum

Blue Meanie coming to MLW...

wrestlingBlue Meanie & JBL on Their Bloody Fight

The Blue Meanie was a guest on Stories with Bradshaw and Brisco, where he and JBL spoke about their fight...

wrestlingThe Blue Meanie Remembers Talking With Tony Khan In 90s AOL Chats

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, The Blue Meanie revealed that during the 90s, Tony Khan was present in wrestling...

wrestlingTracy Smothers Hospitalized

An update on Smothers...

wrestlingThe Blue Meanie To Provide Alternate Summerslam Commentary

– FITE TV has announced that the Blue Meanie will provide alternate commentary for this year’s Summerslam. It will begin...

wrestlingBruce Prichard Discusses JBL Throwing Legit Punches At Blue Meanie At ECW One Night Stand 2005

On the latest edition of Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard discussed the infamous situation at ECW One Night Stand 2005...

wrestlingBlue Meanie Talks Favorite Travel Partner, Potential BWO Reunion

– Blue Meanie recently did an interview with Wrestling INC where he discussed his favorite travel partner and more. Highlights...