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100 Percent Fordified: AIW Jack Of All Trios Tournament

May 16, 2010 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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100 Percent Fordified: AIW Jack Of All Trios Tournament  

Night One
Cleveland, OH – 4.9.2010

Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match
Hobo Joe, Gregory Iron, & Robert Paulson [The Homeless Handicap Connection] vs. Luis Diamante, Joey The Snake, & K. Fernandez [Da Latin Crime Syndicate]

Diamante lays in some shots to Iron, and Iron comes back with a hip toss. He takes the Snake down with a headscissors, then takes Diamante over with a hurricanrana. Iron beats on Fernandez and tags in Joe. Joe and Iron slam all three members of DLCS in the corner. Iron splashes them, then Joe wheelbarrows Iron into a spear in the corner. They do this once more. Joe and Paulson give Fernandez a double pit stop. Diamante doubles clotheslines them down, then takes Iron down with an STO for two. Iron gets trapped in the corner of DLCS and beaten down by all three guys. Iron hits a tornado DDT on Diamante, but Fernandez cuts Iron off and drags him back to their corner. Iron rolls through a clothesline and tags in Paulson. Joey kicks him and hits a flipping DDT. Fernandez hits a splash, and Diamante hits a top rope knee drop. Essentially, DLCS have replaced Iron with Paulson. Paulson hits a BTS variation on Fernandez. Diamante and Joe tag in. Joe takes out all of DLC. Diamante and Paulson exchange punches on the floor. Joe comes off the second rope and misses a leg drop. Diamante and Fernandez hit a tandem powerbomb/backcracker on Paulson to score the win at 8:46. This was sloppiness all around and not many people got into this. Not a great effort to pop off the show. 3/4*

Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match
Marion Fontaine, Super Oprah, & Southside Sinclair [The Mustache Militia] vs. Bobby Beverly, Eric Ryan, & TJ Dynamite [The Young Studs]

The Studs are accompanied by their manager Aaron Bauer. The Militia get right in the faces of the Studs. They duck triple clotheslines from the Studs and nail them with headbutts. Beverly whips Fontaine in the corner. Fontaine trips him and Oprash hits a cannonball senton. Beverly begs for mercy from Fontaine. Fontaine punches him. Sinclair reaches him his tights and pulls out…ummm…fudge. He chops Beverly and the referee does nothing. No, I’m not joking. Fontaine and Oprah take down Ryan. Oprah shoves a tampon into Ryan’s face. Wow. Ryan tags in Beverly. Fontaine hits two flying assholes. Ryan hits a German suplex with a superkick assist from Beverly. The Studs then beat on Fontaine for awhile. Fontaine comes back with a flying double axe handle on Beverly. Oprah interjects and clotheslines Dynamite to the floor. She follows to the floor. Ryan tries a rana, but Oprah slams him into the guardrail multiple times. Beverly comes in and schoolboys Sinclair. He holds the tights to get the pin at 10:25. This was a strange match. I liked most of the wrestling, but the comedy took it away. If it was straight wrestling this would have been so much better. As it was, it was only okay *

Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match
Corey Winters, Ben Fruith, & Dave The Potato [Pleather Platoon] vs. Lamont Williams, Randy Smith, & “Kano” Josh Emanuel [Blackballed]
Shawn Blaze was Smith’s old ring name, but he insists on being called by his real name. Blackballed consists of people who were all kicked out of AIW at one time. Smith shoves Winters. Winters takes down Smith with a flurry of offense, but Smith cuts him off with a series of kicks. Smith wrenches on a headlock. Smith blasts Winters in the face with a hard right punch, and he goes to the floor. In come Fruith and Emanuel, however everyone’s checking on Winters on the floor. Fruith applies a headlock and Emanuel shrugs him off. Fruith dropkicks Emanuel in the back. He lays in some forearms and hits a flying knee strike. Fruith heads up top and lands a Thesz Press. He heads up top again as Emanuel looks annoyed. Emanuel catches him with a series of hard strikes. Emanuel goes up and drives Fruith’s head into the top turnbuckle. Potato tags in because Emanuel said he would kill him if he didn’t. Williams tags in and throws Potato to the mat by his neck. Potato doesn’t back down and armdrags Williams over. Williams blocks a drop toe hold but misses a boot in the corner. Potato lays in some shots to Williams’ back. Williams chops Potato hard in the chest. Williams sizes up the Potato and nails him in the head with a hard kick. Williams beats on Potato on the floor, including dropping him head first on the floor. The bell rings as the referee stops the match at 9:50. Blackballed takes it. Well I don’t know why this wasn’t a disqualification, or why AIW even let a team of guys who bad mouthed them back in the tournament, but the match itself served it’s purpose well enough I guess. *

Blackballed has a noose around the Potato’s neck, but Alpha Beta Duke and John Thorne hit the ring and chase them away. This leads right into…

Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match
The Duke, Nick Belushi, & John Thorne [Alpha Beta Duke] vs. Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelestico, & Gary J. [Team LWA Showcase]

The same people who tried to ruin King of Trios 2009 are looking for a tournament spot this year. It’s a fun story. As the LWA guys are jaw-jacking with the fans, Alpha Beta Duke attack them. Davey Vega accompanied the LWA guys, and even he gets his fair share of shots. A female fan twists Gelestico’s nipples! The Duke brings Gary J back in the ring. He takes down Gary with a side Russian leg sweep. Duke takes Gary over with a double underhook suplex. Belushi brings in Gelestico. Alpha Beta Duke hit stereo spinebusters. They then Giant swing both guys into each other. Belushi drops Gelestico with a delayed vertical suplex. Thorne slams a beer into Abernathy’s head on the outside. Belushi hits another vertical suplex on Gelestico. On the floor, Gary throws Duke’s head into the ring. Abernathy whips Thorne into a jump-up ace crusher from Gelestico. Gary J hits a flip senton onto Duke on the floor. The LWA keep Alpha Beta Duke out of the ring by tapping Thorne in their corner. Vega gets in a few shots as well. Thorne sunset flips Gelestico, but Gelestico turns over into a crossface variation. Thorne trades forearms with Abernathy. Abernathy goes to the eyes, but Thorne drops him with a facebuster. The Duke tags in and lays out Gary J. and Gelestico. Abernathy screams when he sees Duke, and Duke punches him. Duke drops Gary J. crotch first on the top rope. Duke splashes Abernathy and misses one on Gelestico. Vega comes in with a flying kick. Belushi breaks up the pin. Thorne boots Abernathy. Duke scoops up Gary as Belushi scoops up Gelestico. They slam them right by Abernathy, and thorne hits a trifecta of double stomps on them. Belushi comes off the second rope with a quebrada and pins both Gary J and Gelestico for the pin at 11:02. This was a nice way to get Alpha Beta Duke and Thorne over, by decimating the team everyone hated. For the most part everyone did a pretty good job, but this wasn’t real exciting or anything. *3/4

Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match
Marshe Rockett, Acid Jaz, & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson [The Soul Touchaz] vs. Cameron Skyy, Tommy Treznik, & Dave Manzo [Team CLASH Wrestling]

Treznik cuts a promo says that Manzo has way more dance cred, and Manzo shows off what he’s got. Jaz starts to hype the crowd when Manzo attacks him from behind. Jaz. Jaz fights back and Manzo retreats to his corner. Skyy tags in as does Rockett. Rockett obliterates Skyy with chops. Rockett hits a few offensive maneuvers, and Skyy tags in Treznik. Richardson comes in and uses his size to take down Treznik. Treznik applies a side headlock and Richardson backdrops him. Treznik holds onto the headlock. Trenzik lays in some forearms. Richardson drops Treznik bottom first on the mat, and his partners break up the pin. Rockett and Jaz come in and take them down. Rockett dropkicks Manzo and lands a leg drop. Treznik kicks Rockett in the back and holds him on the middle rope. Manzo hits a bottom splash as Skyy distracts the referee. Rockett gets bullied by the CLASH team, but Rockett escapes with an enzugiri to Manzo. Richardson and Jaz both get tagged in and slap the crap out of Skyy. He gets knocked down. Jaz splashes Manzo in the corner, and Richardson follows with a Pounce. Jaz gives Treznik the Swiss Mist and an STO. Skyy breaks the pin and gives Jaz an inverted slingblade. Rockett drops Skyy with an ace crusher. Treznik gets nailed with a right hand by Richardson. Rockett hits a swanton, Jaz hits a frog splash, and Richardson drops a big leg drop form the top rope to score the win at 12:07. Really fun ending stretch there, and the match was pretty good otherwise. A refereshing change of pace from the otherwise drab first round thus far. **1/2

Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match
Jonny Mague, Chase Burnett, & Zane Silver [Team Beyond] vs. Jack Verville, Chest Flexor, Jefferson Saint [Jack of Love]

Jack of Love jump Team Beyond before the bell. Beyond ditch to the floor and hide under the ring as the Jack of Love celebrate their attack. They go to the floor wondering where they went. The Beyond guys come back in and hit double dives. Burnett fakes the dive, and Verville attacks him. Burnett attempts a roll-up for two. Verville knees in the gut. They leave and Flexor lays in knee strikes to Mague in the corner. Mague fires up by ramming his head into the corner. Flexor kicks him in the gut a few times, and Mague comes back with a splash in the corner. Mague drops Flexor with a Samoan drop. Flexor and Mague trade strikes. Silver trips Flexor and Saint trips Mague. Silver kicks Saint down to his knees and in the chest. Silver land an armdrag. Saint lands a Manhattan drop and takes Silver over with a big lariat. The Jack of Love isolate Silver in their corner. Burnett finally tags in and lands a double knee drop off the top rope. He kicks Verville in the corner, and Flexor drops him with a suplex variation for two. Mague and Silver look to double team Flexor but Saint stops them. Jack of Love hit triple DDT’s on Team beyond. Mague fires right up and clotheslines both Verville and Flexor down. Saint chop blocks Mague and applies a figure four leg lock. Verville and Burnett both springboard in with stereo splashes to different people. Flexor throws Silver to the corner. Silver comes back and throws Flexor into Verville. Burnett and Silver pull off a basement dropkick/hurricanrana combo. Saint and Burnett trade shots. Saint wheelbarrows Burnett into a powerbomb/lungblower combo. Mague breaks the pin and beats on Flexor. Silver gives Saint a spinning back kick and whips Saint to the apron. Silver springboards into a flip kick to Saint, sending Saint to the floor. Silver hits a chinbreaker on Verville and Burnett gets a skull buster. Mague hits a sit-out choke bomb and Flexor breaks the pin. Silver takes Flexor down, and comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Mague and Silver hit a wheelbarrow lungblower combo, and Burnett follows with a springboard double knees for the pin at 9:54. Real good match with the Beyond guys really looking good. I like Saint’s stuff, but I thought Flexor and Verville more time to shine which is good. **3/4

Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match
Toby Klein, Chris Dickinson, Tommy Mercer [Team No Mercy] vs. Madman Pondo, Zac Vincent, & Elkview Adam [Team IWA East Coast]

Klein knocks Vincent down, but Vincent comes right back with a hip toss and armdrag. Klein throws Vincent down with the same moves. Vincent and Klein reach a stalemate. They shake hands, and Klein bites Vincent’s hand. Klein hairmares Vincent into the No Mercy corner. Mercer helps Klein toss Vincent onto Pondo and Adam (who were knocked off the apron). Dickinson goes to the floor and lays in shots to Pondo. Mercer knocks Vincent down with a back elbow and stalling vertical suplex. Adam and Klein are also brawling on the floor. Vincent spears Mercer in the corner. Mercer swipes Vincent away when he attempts the dropkick, and smacks Vincent in the face with a hard kick. Mercer goes to the floor. Klein comes off the second rope with a back senton to Adam. Klein and Adam go the floor via a Cactus clothesline. Dickinson is whipped off the ropes by Pondon. Dickinson tries to knock down Pondo and does with a spinwheel kick. Adam looks to cut off Klein’s finger with wire cutters, and Dickinson knee drops a chair on Pondo’s leg for two. Pondo clotheslines Dickinson down and suplexes him on a set-up chair in the middle of the ring for two. Pondo sits Dickinson on the chair and goes up top. He comes off with a back splash onto Dickinson, and Klein breaks the pin. Dickinson escapes a side slam and gives Pondo an ace crusher onto a stop sign. Dickinson tags in Mercer. Pondo low blows him behind the referee’s back and blasts him in the face with stop sign. Vincent comes in and continues the beatdown on Mercer. The IWA guys beat down on Mercer until Mercer drops Vincent on his face with a spin-out facebuster for the pin at 11:22. Real fun, crazy tag match with all these guys doing some fun stuff. The fans ate it up as well, and I think the right team won. ***

For our next match, one of the participants is unknown. Team Oreo come out, and then Shiima Xion and Façade come out with a very attractive young lass. Xion says that Façade said they needed a third member, and since Xion thought he meant something sexual, he found this girl on Craig’s List. Façade then introduces their third member, AIW regular Corvis Fear.

Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match
Johnny Gargano, Flip Kendrick, & Louis Lyndon [Team Oreo] vs. Shiima Xion, Façade, & Corvis Fear [Psycho Sexual Panic]

PSP attack Team Oreo as they pose on the ropes. They take to the floor, and Kendrick stays in the ring with Xion. Kendrick takes him down with a headscissors and hits a standing cancun tornado splash. Kendrick springboards with a dropkick, sending Xion to the floor. Kendrick follws with a Foxberry Flop. Fear and Lyndon go in the ring. Fear blocks some offense from Lyndon, but Lyndon sends him to the floor with a headscissors. Lyndon pescado’s over into a hurricanrana. Gargano and Façade trade sole butts. They trade waistlocks. Gargano boots Façade in the face. Façade comes back with a leg lariat. Gargano kicks away a Façade and hits a jump-up neckbreaker. Xion comes in. Gargano kicks him in the face. Kendrick and Lyndon give him double dropkicks. Gear throws Lyndon and Kendrick to the floor. Gargano forearms Fear. Fear back elbows him down. Fear beats on Kendrick. PSP celebrate in the ring, and Lyndon comes off the top rope with dropkicks to Fear and Xion. Façade hits a spinwheel kick. Lyndon sends Façade to the floor. PSP continue their onslaught on Lyndon, keeping him from his partners. Kendrick gets the tag and takes down Fear and Façade. Xion dropkicks Kendrick to the floor. Gargano brings Xion to the floor and pops off the ropes with a clothesline. Lyndon hits an Asai moonsault onto his partners and Xion. Façade springboards off Fear to the top rope, and senton’s onto everyone. Fear looks for a dive, but Gargano cuts him off with a slingshot spear. Xion sends Gargano out. Lyndon gives him a jump up boot. Fear gives Lyndon a shoulder to the mid-section. Kendrick lands a tornado DDT. Kendrick goes up top, and Façade tight-walks the top rope and kicks Kendrick to the floor! Façade kicks Lyndon in the side of the head. Façade stomps away on Gargano. Kendrick and Lyndon hit a double enzugiri while Gargano hits a superkick. Fear and Xion break the pin. Xion tombstones Kendrick. Fear hits a moonsault dropkick onto Kendrick’s head, and Lyndon breaks the pin. Xion drops Lyndon face first on his knee, and Façade slingshots into a springboard bulldog. Fear splashes Lyndon for two. Kendrick pushes Façade into the crowd as he hops onto the guardrail. Fear headbutts Lyndon and looks for the Joker Driver. Gargano drops Fear into the Uniquely You. Kendrick capitalizes by hitting a sky twister press from the top rope for the pin at 12:51. Really great match to cap off Night one, with Team Oreo looking like the strong favorite to win. All three guys on PSP also brought the goods and made for a fun main event. ***1/2

Night Two
Cleveland, OH 0 4.10.2010

Jack of All Trios Quarter-Final Match
Johnny Gargano, Flip Kendrick, & Louis Lyndon [Team Oreo] vs. Jonny Mague, Chase Burnett, & Zane Silver [Team Beyond]

Gargano pushes Burnett down, and Burnett pops right back up. Burnett kicks Gargano in the chest, and comes off the top rope with an armdrag. Burnett blocks an O’Conner roll and rolls up Gargano into an armdrag. Gargano kicks Burnett’s legs out, and Burnett flies through the ropes and lands back and head first on the floor! Mague headbutts Kendrick’s palm. They exchange wristlocks. Kendrick takes Magues over with a headscissors takedown. Kendrick moonsaults into an armdrag. Mague snapmares Kendrick over and misses a basement dropkick. Kendrick misses a shooting star press, but dropsaults Mague to the floor. Silver and Lyndon come in. They go back and forth, blocking everything each guy throws at one another. Lyndon tries a German suplex to Silver off the apron. Silver knocks Lyndon down and hits a low DDT on the apron. Gargano hops in and whips Silver to the corner. Silver hops out and takes down Lyndon. Kendrick gets sent out. Silver looks for a dive. As Gargano comes in with a slingshot spear, all three members of Team Beyond dropkick Gargano. Burnett hits a flip plancha onto Gargano and Lyndon on the floor. Silver hits a twisting body press. Mague looks to dive, and Kendrick cuts him off. He tosses Mague to the floor, and then hits a top rope sky twister press on all five other participants. In the ring, Mague takes it to Kendrick with a neck breaker and a Rolling Thunder variation. Mague fires up when Lyndon kicks him, and Lyndon drops him with a Dragon suplex. Burnett breaks the pin and trades forearms with Lyndon. Burnet flips Lyndon, and then hits a kneecolepsy to Lyndon’s back. Gargano breaks the pin and sole butts Burnett. Gargano looks to lawn dart him. Gargano waistlocks Silver as he charges. Burnett wheelbarrows through both their legs and brings Gargano to the corner. Burnett hits a coast-to-coast dropkick. Silver covers and Aeroform break the pin. Silver sends Lyndon the floor. Kendrick hits a standing moonsault on Burnett for two. Kendrick gets trapped in the ropes, and Silver drops him with a flatliner for two. Mague wheelbarrows Kendrick into a lungblower from Silver. Burnett goes for a quebrada, but Gargano jumps off the backs of Silver and Mague and dropkicks him mid-air. Mague eats a trifecta of kicks and Team Oreo scores the pinfall at 10:00. Really hot opener with some awesome moves that I had never seen before. All these guys really brought and set the bar high for everyone else tonight. ***1/2

Jack of All Trios Quarter-Final Match
The Duke, Nick Belushi, & John Thorne [Alpha Beta Duke] vs. Lamont Williams, Shawn Blaze, & “Kano” Josh Emanuel [Blackballed]

Alpha Beta duke attack Blackballed in their street clothes on the floor. All six guys get in a brawl that officials and staff can’t seem to break up. Because of it, both teams are thrown out of the tournament, and the winner of the No Mercy/Young Studs quarter-final match will go straight to the finals.

Jack of All Trios Quarter-Final Match
Marshe Rockett, Acid Jaz, & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson [The Soul Touchaz] vs. Luis Diamante, Joey The Snake, & K. Fernandez [Da Latin Crime Syndicate]

DLCS attack the Soul Touchaz on the floor. The brawl takes to the ring, and the Soul Touchaz knock DLCS down with clotheslines. DLCS retreat to the floor. Richardson wrenches on Diamante’s shoulder. Diamante tries a body block, but Richardson doesn’t bulge. Joey comes in and his shoulder block attempts fail. He smack talks Richardson, so Richardson gives him an atomic drop and pounces him to the floor! Richardson dropkicks Fernandez to the floor. He peppers Diamante with punches before giving him the Dusty elbow. Richardson comes off the second rope with an elbow smash. Rockett comes in and slaps the crap out of Diamante. They give him a double flapjack and Rockett pins him for two. Rockett wheelbarrows Jaz and slams him onto Diamante for two. DLCS regain control and isolate Jaz from his partners. DLCS bully Jaz for awhile, but Jaz comes back with a knee strike and uppercut to Fernandez. Rockett tags in and knocks down all three opponents. De dropkicks Joey and follows with a high legdrop for two. Fernandez brings Rockett to the floor and rakes his eyes. Diamante lays in the shots to Jaz and places him on the top rope. Jaz comes off with a tornado DDT. Jaz hits a pair of legdrops, then spinaroonie’s into a fist drop for two. Joey looks for an inverted DDT, and Jaz gives him the Swiss Mist. Willie and Jaz hit a tandem sit-out powerbomb for the pin at 10:10. Good match with some good spots. Good to see that everyone loves the Soul Touchaz because they’re great fun. I’m excited to see them against Team Oreo in the Semi-Finals. **1/2

Jack of All Trios Quarter-Final Match
Toby Klein, Chris Dickinson, & Tommy Mercer [Team No Mercy] vs. Bobby Beverly, Eric Ryan, & TJ Dynamite [The Young Studs]

Dickinson and Ryan vie for the advantage. Ryan shakes his hips and Dickinson is not amused. Dickinson kicks away at Ryan’s chest. Dickinson responds with a hip swivel of his own. Ryan forearms Dickinson as he hits the rope. Dickinson big boots Ryan as he hits the ropes. Ryan knees Dickinson in the face. Dickinson sends Ryan to the floor with a back elbow. Mercer and Beverly tag in while Dickinson and Ryan still fight on the floor. Mercer brutalizes Beverly from corner to corner. Mercer back body drops Beverly out onto Dickinson and Ryan. Dynamite cautiously enters the ring. Mercer lays in the forearms and places Dynamite on his shoulders. Mercer drops him with a moonlight bomb and tags in Klein. Dickinson and Ryan continue to fight on the floor. Dynamite hits a leg lariat and a couple armdrags. Beverly helps Ryan with Dickinson on the floor. Mercer joins the gray on the floor while Klein takes it to Dynamite. The fight on the floor ends, and Dickinson and Klein hit a tandem back elbow on Dynamite. Dickinson gets mowed down with a clothesline from Dynamite, giving the Young Studs the opportunity to cut the ring in half and pummel Dickinson in their corner. Mercer comes in and beats on Beverly and Ryan, but the referee didn’t see Dickinson’s tag. The Studs go back to beating on Dickinson. Dickinson fires up with a barrage of kicks to Ryan. Mercer gets a legal tag and takes down the Studs. Mercer throws Dynamite to the floor and powerslams Ryan. Dickinson comes in with Mercer. Mercer wheelbarrows Ryan and Dickinson kicks him before hitting an ace crusher for two. Mercer gets tossed into the guardrails by Beverly. Dickinson drops Ryan with a Falcon Arrow for two. The other four guys are fighting on the floor. Dickinson heads up top and Beverly crotches him. Ryan sets up Dickinson into the Cop Killer, and Beverly assists with a top rope double stomp for three at 11:59. Good match, with quite the upset. But heck, you don’t kick out of the double stomp/Cop Killer tandem. Dickinson did good in this match as he was in the majority of the time. Really liked this, and the heel team getting the buy into the finals added some heat. **3/4

Jack of All Trios Semi-Final Match
Johnny Gargano, Flip Kendrick, & Louis Lyndon [Team Oreo] vs. Marshe Rockett, Acid Jaz, & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson [The Soul Touchaz]

Lyndon goes toe-to-toe with Rockett, throwing some crane poses in his face. Lyndon takes Rockett over with a hurricanrana, but Rockett comes back with a big boot. Jaz and Kendrick tag in and put up their fists. Kendrick and Jaz exchange wristlocks. Kendrick ducks a punch and rolls up Jaz for two. Jaz sends Kendrick to the apron. Kendrick takes Jaz over with a reverse rana. Jaz lays in some strikes. Kendrick backflips to escape a leg swipe and tags in Gargano. Richardson also enters. Gargano ducks Richardson’s punches and lays in some shots of his own. He can’t whip Richardson, so he lays in some more strikes. Gargano a couple clotheslines but eats a leg lariat and a trifecta of atomic dorps. Lyndon enters and takes Richardson to the floor with a satellite headscissors. Lyndon leapdrogs over Rockett and dropkicks him down. Team Oreo keeps Rockett from tagging in to maximize the efficiency of their damage. Rockett takes Lyndon over with a snap suplex and tags in Richardson. Richardson gives Lyndon an atomic drop and a hard clothesline for two. Lyndon comes back with a knee strike and top-rope assisted enzugiri. Kendrick tags in and tries some strikes. Richardson fights back with some of his own, but Kendrick takes Richardson to the floor with a hurricanrana. Jaz and Rockett come in, and Kendrick hits a springboard moonsault to take out both of them for two. Kendrick gives Rockett a tornado DDT and Jaz breaks the pin. Rockett spears Kendrick in the corner and Jaz knees him in the face. Gargano sole butts Rockett. Rockett pops up Gargano into a facebuster to Gargano. Jaz and Rockett both go up top of opposite corners. Rockett his a senton, Jaz hits a frog splash, and Lyndon kicks Richardson off the top rope so he can’t hit his leg drop. Rockett gets sent to the floor. Kendrick suplexes Jaz into a facebuster, and Jaz rolls to the floor. Team Oreo hit their double enzugiri/superkick combo on Richardson to get the pin at 11:10. Real fun stuff from both these tournament favorites, and it sucks both teams couldn’t be in King of Trios. ***

Jack Of All Trios Tournament Finals
Johnny Gargano, Flip Kendrick, & Louis Lyndon [Team Oreo] vs. Bobby Beverly, Eric Ryan, & TJ Dynamite [The Young Studs]

At the last AIW show, the Studs cost Kendrick and Lyndon the opportunity to be AIW Tag Team Champions in the Tag Gauntlet. Now is the time for revenge! The Studs attack Team Oreo while their backs are turned. They immediately triple team Lyndon. Kendrick tries to come in with a crossbody, but the Studs catch them. They hit an ace crusher/gut buster combo. Gargano comes in and gets taken out by a German suplex from Ryan. Lyndon comes back and lays in forearms to Beverly and Ryan. Lyndon comes out of the corner with a moonsault press on them for two. Lyndon sole butts Dynamite. Lyndon snapmares him over and then lands a slingshot senton. Kendrick comes in with slingshot double knees, and Gargano hits Beverly with a slingshot spear. Beverly eats an elbow from Gargano. Gargano baseball slides Ryan, and Lyndon lands on Ryan on the floor with a senton. Gargano takes down Beverly in the ring. Lyndon tags in and Beverly superkicks him in the back of the head in the corner. Lyndon is the chosen one by the Studs, as they beat him down in their corner. Lyndon fights back against Dynamite and tags in both his partners. Gargano and Kendrick take it to Beverly and Ryan. Gargano assists Kendrick with a 450 senton splash onto Beverly. Gargano wheelbarrows into an ankle lock. Ryan comes of the top rope with a leg drop, but Gargano moves and rolls him up. Dynamite breaks it and Gargano holds on the ankle lock. Dynamite breaks that, and Lyndon dumps him to the floor. Kendrick and Lyndon send Ryan to the corner. Ryanducks their attack, but they nail him with stereo missile dropkicks. Lyndon hits the Bermuda Triangle on Ryan. Kendrick hits him with a fozberry flop. Beverly catches Gargano’s slingshot spear, and DDT’s him for two. Kendrick and Lyndon come back in. They superkick Ryan and Dynamite off the apron. Team Oreo nail Beverly with the double enzugiri/superkick combo. Gargano drops Beverly with the Uniquely You, and Kendrick follows up with a sky twister press for the pin at 10:48. A fun way to end the tournament, and I am pleased with the choice of team to enter King of Trios. I liked the Young Studs as well and hope they get some more recognition. ***1/4

The show ends with Team Oreo being presented a trophy. Gargano cut a promo thanking the fans and saying they were going to go to CHIKARA and win the King of Trios 2010 tournament.

This show also featured non-tournament matches with CHIKARA talent. Specifically, Matt Classic & Sugar Dunkerton vs. Pinkie Sanchez & Lince Dorado, as well as Green Ant vs. Frightmare. I received the screener copy that just featured the tournament matches, but if you buy the legitimate DVD, you’ll get these matches as well.

The 411: The tournament starts of with four absolutely terrible matches. Thankfully, the rest of the DVD offers some really fun and great matches to cleanse your pallet and make this a worthwhile purchase. Many of the matches went above three stars and showcased a lot of talent you don't get to see most anywhere else. Not to mention the camera quality was impeccable, and a far step-up from previous AIW DVD released. I'd recommend this for sure, as most of the tournament matches were good and worth watching. And of course you get three or four non-tournament matches if you buy it. So head on over to aiwrestling.com and pick it up!
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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