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411’s DGUSA Untouchable 2011 Report

September 15, 2011 | Posted by TJ Hawke

The Scene (Scott Reed Caleb Konley) vs. Kentucky Buffet (Alex Castle & Matt Page): Well, the Buffet certainly are my new favorite name for a tag team (in other words, the exact opposite of Air Boom)…the Scene won a tag team match the night before to earn another match on this show…the winners of this match face Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann on the next show…there was some back and forth action, but The Scene quickly won after they used the finished they debuted at Evolve 9: an assisted drapting DDT and dead-lift German combo…SQUASH…BRODIE LEE IS HERE~! and he killed the Kentucky Buffet…Larry Dallas ran into the ring and quickly escorted the Scene away from Lee…Lee essentially made an open challenge to the entire arena
Match Rating: 3/4*

Jon Davis vs. Rich Swann: Swann is singing “Junction Baby” instead of “Ronin Baby,” which plays into Swann questioning which stable he is more loyal to after spending the summer in Japan…Swann got even more ripped in Japan…Swann did some flippy stuff early, but Davis cut him off and worked him over…Swann came back with some slaps and kicks…Swann hit a Code Red but Davis just kicked out before 3…Swann went for a hurricanrana but Davis caught him and gave him a HUGE Bucklebomb…Davis hit a big spinebuster but Swann hit a RKO and a standing 450 but Davis KICKED OUT!…Leaping FameASSer from Swann but Davis still kicks out!…another ace crusher but Davis again kicks out…a frog splash but Davis kicked out…(the kicking out was getting ridiculous by this point, which was evident by the fact that the crowd was getting quieter and quieter for each one)…Swann went for some wacky backflip move but Davis caught him and hit a torture rack spinning power bomb for the win out of nowhere…Swann sold that move like death…solid match that the crowd enjoyed, but i wasn’t a huge fan of the finishing sequence…Brodie Lee came out again and took out Swann with a boot and a powerbomb…crowd did not like that…Lee made his open challenge again and Gregory Iron answered the call!
Match Rating: **1/2

Brodie Lee vs. Gregory Iron: …Lee referenced CM Punk putting over Iron but Lee said he was put over by Kevin Nash…Lee taunted Iron so Iron punched him in the face…Lee powerbombed him and counted the pin for himself…Lee made another open challenge…Uhaa Nation entered the ring
Match Rating: n/a

Uhaa Nation vs. Brodie Lee: …Nation immediately started to toss around Lee like a rag doll (I shit you not) and hit a standing moonsault…Lee caught him with a Sky High powerbomb and then left the ring…a very impactful debut for Nation; Nation is immediately booked as someone to be taken seriously and someone that the fans will be interested in going forward…DGUSA/Evolve is leaps and bounds ahead of Ring of Honor for searching and developing new talent (fittingly I am writing this on the date that ROH announces Grizzly Redwood and Andy Ridge as the Dark/Free-for-All match for the Death Before Dishonor iPPV)
Match Rating: n/a

Ricochet vs. PAC: I’m surprised this match isn’t being saved for later…Lenny Leonard compared this matchup to Dynamite Kid/Tiger Mask in terms of changing the business…Ricochet was acting very heelish here (teasing big moves but not following through early on)…these two do the most incredible athletic moves with ease…the match was action packed from start to finish…PAC hit a corckscrew shooing star for the win at the 9 minute mark…wow, less than 10 minutes?….everything they did was good, but man I felt shortchanged by the match length

Blood Warriors pounced on PAC after the match…Blood Warriors held PAC on the outside and allowed Ricochet to a big move on him…Ronin than ran out and hit dives on Blood Warriors…AR Fox ran out and did the same…the D.U.F. then ran out, and set up for more dives, but Callihan and Cannon superplexed Pinkie to the floor on everybody instead…SABU then ran out and almost botched his triple jump dive, but he managed to pull it off…Pac finished things up with a Asai Corckscrew moonsault…a goofy everyone dive to the floor segment just to lead to…

Sabu & AR Fox vs. D.U.F. (Arik Cannon & Pinke Sanchez) [Relaxed Rules]: Sabu quickly busted open Cannon with a spike, as Fox and Sanchez battled it out on the outside…Fox back dropped Pinkie into some plunder, so Fox and Sabu double teamed Cannon…Fox did some RVD moves as a tribute presumably…Pinkie returned and he and Cannon worked over Fox…Sabu made the hot tag and threw a chair at D.U.F. over and over again (thankfully, they put their hands up)…Sabu pulled out a table, which still pops a crowd in 2011…Cannon hit a brainbuster on Fox but Sabu made the save…Sabu did a legdrop on Pinkie through a table…Fox followed that up by placing the broken table on Pinkie and hit a senton and 450 splash on the broken table, which was on top of Pinkie…a fun garbage match; Sabu was used very wisely throughout the match and Fox was rightly given the win…crowd gave Sabu some love after the match

Johnny Gargano vs. Akira Tozawa: Tozawa debuts his new Blood Warriors look in DGUSA (long shorts, blonde hair, and blond goatee)…Gargano got the best of the early exchanges but Tozawa was eventually able to get the advantage…Garagno sent Tozawa to the outside, but Tozawa avoided a plancha…Tozawa hit a suicide dive but he was met with a slingshot spear when he went for a second one…Gargano hit a Lyger bomb but Tozawa kicked out…Gargano followed that up with a suicide dive and a rolling senton off the apron…crowd was very pro-Gargano by this point…Gargano went for his submission finisher but Tozawa cut him off with some stiff kicks and a superplex…they traded big moves and reversals back and forth, until they both collapsed…Tozawa then killed Gargano with a German on the apron…Tozawa went for a Everest German in the ring but Gargano fought out of it, and gave Tozawa some kicks, lawn dart, and the Hurts Donut but Tozawa kicked out…after a great reversal exchange, Tozawa hit an Everest German but Gargano kicked out; Tozawa followed that up with an arm trap German for the win…another great match from Gargano who is absolutely my pick for Most Improved Wrestler of 2011

Masato Yoshino vs. Naruki Doi vs. Sami Callihan vs. Chuck Taylor: the winner of the match got to book a match for their stable…right before the match, JIMMY BOWER~! returned from the dead to announce Sabu for the Way of the Ronin iPPV…the four men tried to lock up at the same time but that failed…the four men did a ton of moves which would be way to futile to recap in any way…all you need to know was that it was ton of fun…match ended when Chucky T hit the Awful Waffle on Callihan…Taylor got on the mic and said that Ronin is coming for every title in this company…Brodie Lee came out again, but Yoshino and Taylor sent him from the ring…Yoshino said they can have a tag title shot at any time; Taylor superkicked him for his troubles…Rich Swann came out and was pissed about that because Swann is aligned with Yoshino in Japan…also of note, based on their interactions, I would expect Yoshino and Doi to have a singles match in DGUSA sometime soon

Yamato(c) vs. CIMA [Freedom Gate Title]: I actually feel that Yamato is a stronger heel and CIMA is the better face but with the Japanese talent, Gabe has got to go with the hand that is dealt to him…Yamato was getting the better of CIMA early, but CIMA started working him over eventually…they started battling on the outside and CIMA posted Yamato, and then followed it up with a suicide dive…CIMA worked over Yamato some more in the ring and hit some slaps and the Schweign, but Yamato kicked out…Yamato went for a sleeper but CIMA escaped; Yamato locked it in again and CIMA couldn’t escape…Yamato hit a sleeper suplex and brainbuster but CIMA kicked out…Yamato followed that up with a Galleria which gave him the win… solid match but Yamato has had better matches this year…CIMA told Yamato that BxB Hulk is coming back and he wants the title back in a no-rope match
Match Rating: ***1/2

Final Thoughts: Another DGUSA show, another Johnny Gargano match that convinces me the guy can be a star in the WWE. His timing and in-ring storytelling has shown incredible improvement in the last year, and he is my clear cut choice for Most Improved Wrestler in 2011. While the match is definitely worth going out of your way to see, I think DGUSA missed an opportunity by not letting PAC and Ricochet blow the roof off the place for 15-18 minutes. I think they could market a match like that as the Mysterio/Eddie from Halloween Havoc of a new generation. Just some Monday morning quaterbacking; it’s not that big of a deal. The show is fun and a breeze to watch; easily worth $15.

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