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411’s Live Impact Wrestling Coverage

January 14, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 1.13.20

– Follow all of my reviews at this link.

– Don & Josh welcome us from the Nashville studios, hyping Hard to Kill; you can read my Hard to Kill review at this link.

Desi Hit squad vs. the Rascalz vs. Reno Scum vs. TJP & Daga: Josh says this is lucha rules. They all brawl right away, as Dez & Raju work into counters as Wentz joins in and the Rascalz take control. TJP in and cut them of, hits a head scissors and kicks. They cut him off and double teams follow on TJP. Shera cuts them off with clotheslines and then trades with Luster. Adam joins in for double teams, Daga in, cut off and Scum dumps him. Dez in and more double teams follow and Luster covers for 2. They then take TJP up top, into the tree of WHOA and Daga joins in, fights them off and dumps them until Raju and Shera attack. They double team Daga and celebrate. Dez in and dumps Shera, the Rascals take control and double teams connect. TJP flies in with a high cross, he trips up Shera and follows with the wrecking ball dropkick. It breaks down, we get dives and Raju attacks Dez. Dez fires back, gets dumped and Daga is in. follows with kicks double stomps and a doctor bomb for 2. Wentz hits a swanton, final flash by Dez, Luster attacks, Shera dumps him and DHS hits double teams and the sky high finishes it. Desi Hit squad defeated the Rascalz, Reno Scum, and TJP & Daga @ 7:40 via pin

– Moose cuts a promo, talking about beating Rhino on Sunday and running down his opponents tonight.

– Don & Josh welcome us back and talk Hard to Kill. They praise Tessa winning the world title, and hype the rest of tonight’s show. We get highlights of Trey vs. Ace Austin from the PPV. You can read my Hard to Kill review at this link.

– Ace Austin comments on his PPV win, and is on the phone booking a wife swappers sequel.

– We see footage of Rich Swann’s injury at Bash at the Brewery 2020, which left him out of the PPV. Mack had to go it alone against the North, did well, but ultimately failed. You can read my Hard to Kill review at this link.

– We see footage of Swann and Mack following that match, Mack feels he let Swann down, and Swann refuses to listen to this bullshit. He praises Mack and says to relive this moment down the line to feel better because Mack is the man. When he’s healthy, they will take those tag team titles.

– Eddie Edwards comments on his win at Hard to Kill (great match). He still has the call your shot trophy and tonight plans to win the four way match. we get highlights of Elgin vs. Edwards. You can read my Hard to Kill review at this link.

– We shoot to footage of Elgin in Japan, working for NOAH. He faced Nakajima and picked up a win. He wants championships and will come for revenge on Edwards.

-Next is footage of RVD beating Cage and then Daga at Hard to Kill. You can read my Hard to Kill review at this link.

– We go to a hotel room for RVD & Katie Forbes’ celebration as RVD gloats about being a winner. Every day is a party, he’s happy to put a stop to the Machine. Forbes arrives and she’s ready for action. They pop some champagne and drink as they have to blur out part of Katie’s boobs. RVD puts himself over, gloats about his pay, and Katie’s girlfriend arrives to join the festivities. They all make out as the ladies get naked. He runs down the marks, proclaims is greatness and is covered in lipstick kisses. The ladies are now covered in whip cream and smother RVD with kisses and the ladies demand he strip down, and want him to whip out that Rob Van Dick. They head under the covers as RVD drinks and smiles.

– They announced the following.

– Josh & Don talk about Shamrock’s Impact return and we get highlights of Shamrock’s feud with oVe and his PPV win over Fulton. You can read my Hard to Kill review at this link.

– Ken comments on his PPV win, which went according to plan. He praises Fulton’s skills but says he out game planned him. Fulton’s mistake was being with Sami, and he won’t find his potential as long as he’s with him. He’s going home sand will consider what’s next.

– Swinger runs down today’s wrestlers for gaming and hits on Gaby as he plays a Ted Nugent pinball machine.

Swinger : Joey wants Swinger to touch his dick, Swinger refuses. They lockup, working into counters and Swinger fights off the dick spot. Joey tries it again, Swinger escapes and Joey keeps trying to make him touch it. Swinger teases touching it and attacks with strikes. he tries anatomic drop, which hurts his own knee and then lays the boots to Joey. The fist drop follows, he rakes the eyes and follows with clotheslines. He chokes out Joey in the corner and Joey fires back, delivers strikes and Swinger cuts him off. The elbow drop gets 2. He grounds things with a chinlock. Joey fires back and Swinger then delivers strikes. He head butts Joey’s balls and almost knocks himself out. Joey hits a dropkick, but Swinger cradles him for 2. Swinger tried t use the ropes, gets caught by the ref and Joey makes him touch it, hits the dick flip and the ref goes down as Swinger grabs him. Swinger low blows Joey, hurts his hand and Joey shoves the lollipop in Swinger‘s mouth, hits the superkick and wins. Joey Ryan defeated Johnny Swinger @ 6:40 via pin

– We get highlights of Taya retaining at Hard to Kill. You can read my Hard to Kill review at this link.

– Next are highlights of Tessa winning the world title on Sunday at Hard to Kill (great match). You can read my Hard to Kill review at this link.

TAPED AT HOUSE OF HARDCORE: Champion Ace Austin vs. Moose vs. Fallah Bahh vs. Eddie Edwards: They all brawl at the bell, Moose delivers strikes and chops and then a run up high cross. Edwards cuts him of with an overhead belly to belly. Ace cuts him off and Moose dumps Ace. Bahh is back in and Moose delivers strikes, Bahh Bahhs up and he follows with chops. Moose eye pokes him and they trade clotheslines and work into a double down. Edwards rolls back in and Ace joins him but eats strikes. Edwards follows with chops on Bahh and then Moose as he machinegun chops them all in the corner. He dumps Ace onto Moose, Bahh tops his dive and Bahh hits a suicide dive. Edwards heads up top and follows with a high cross onto the pile. Post break and back in, Edwards is cut off by Ace, but Edwards counters back into the backpack stunner for 2. Bahh in, takes out Ace and hits corner splashes to Edwards & Ace. Moose attacks, hits dropkicks and dumps Ace. He takes Bahh up top, and the superplex connects. Ace hits a swanton and covers for 2. Trouble in paradise connects on Edwards for 2. Moose cuts him of, Edwards attacks, Bahh joins in as it breaks down and Moose hits a spear as everyone is down. Post break and we have Moose and Edwards trading chops. They light each other up, head butt by Moose, and the lariat follows. Ace joins in, lights up Moose with kicks until Bahh cuts him off. Moose stops the banzai drop, Boston knee party by Edwards and Bahh cuts him of with a powerbomb. Ace hits the fold on Bahh off the ropes and retains. Champion Ace Austin defeated Moose, Fallah Bahh, & Eddie Edwards @ 18:50 via pin

– We get footage of Tessa celebrating after her title win with family, wrestlers, and Impact officials. We see Tessa crying backstage as D’Amore puts her over.

– We close with a Tessa Blanchard interview. Tessa says she is on top of the world and for eight months, she’s been battling oVe. She knew who she was facing, but Sami wasn’t ready for her, and didn’t have help and she won. She knows it’s not over with Sami & oVe, but she wants to continue to break barriers, and knows she’s the hunted one as the face of the company. None of this happening was by accident, it was always meant to be. Josh says she’s the best third generation wrestler today and Tessa says she’ll wrestle anyone. Sami appears on the screen behind her and says he’s sick about hearing about how Tessa made history. he’s the one that makes history, he took Impact where it never was before and became the rightful champion. Congratulations Tessa, you all got what you wanted. Tessa may be the champion they want but he’s the champion they need. He will come at her with everything he has and Tessa challenges him any place, anytime. Sami reveals he’s in the studio and Tessa goes after him. He reappears on the screen and mocks Tessa for thinking I’d be that easy. Sami says she won’t know when or where it happens, and she’ll never see him coming. That was a really good closing segment.

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