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411’s TNA Impact Report 12.14.06

December 14, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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    TNA Impact Begins…NOW!

    -Angle attacks JB in an effort to find Joe.

    -We get a PPV recap video to open the show, really well done at that.

    -Roode is out, he isn’t happy. He then says he knows EY is here and he wants EY to sign the contract to join him.

    -Angle now comes to the ring and tells Roode to get lost or suffer some bone breakage. He then tells Brooks that he’ll break off a bone in her. Angle is crazy and cannot believe he lost to Joe, never taps out and demands the rematch. He just cannot stand he lost to Joe. Joe then appears on the screen and says Angle said win, lose or draw it was the last match. As far as Joe is concerned Angle lost and was broken, and they are done.

    -Don West states the obvious, which pisses off Angle. He tosses West down and applies the ankle lock. ANGLE HAS SNAPPED! Don West is awesome as he claws for Tenay to help and security try to break it up.

    -We get the show opening video.

    -Tenay is somber as he tries to tell us what happened and the show must go on he is being told, which apparently upsets him.

    NON-TITLE MATCH: Abyss © w/Mitchell vs. Ron Killings

    Ron attacks quickly with right, avoids Abyss and tries to whip him. Fails and an Enziguri rocks Abyss. A clothesline sends Abyss to the floor and he then hits a great plancha on Abyss as Sting watches on from the rafters. We will head to commercial @ 1:05.

    Back from commercial and they are brawling on the floor. Abyss is in control and slams Ron to the steps. West was helped away during the commercial, after the attack by Angle. Abyss beats down Ron, slams him to the corner and then chokes him over the ropes. Abyss goes for the shock treatment, but escapes and gets a spinning forearm. Misses an AX kick, goozle by Abyss and Ron escapes, Irish whip, reversal and Ron gets the back flip combo deal he does and then a leg lariat to Abyss. Corner head butt by Ron and a cover for 2. Abyss to the floor and Mitchell berates him. Ron to the floor, chases Mitchell, back into the ring, Ron eats a black hole slam and that is all.

    Winner: Abyss @ 7:45 via pin

    -Abyss poses with the NWA title as Jim Cornette joins Tenay at commentary, which makes me happy.

    -It will be LAX vs. AMW for the tag titles, if AMW lose they must break up forever and Konnan will be locked in a mini-cage to prevent interference.

    -Christian is with Goldylocks 2.0. He is owed a 1 on 1 title shot, the shot he never got when he lost the title. If not, Tomko will let out the secret.

    -Now we see Miss Brooks trying to get Eric Young to sign the contract for Roode Inc.

    -Kurt Angle then appears, asks EY where Joe is at and then kills EY. Wow…that was a lot of shit in about 1-minute.

    -We get a video package for Serotonin.

    -Tenay talks about the PCS.

    -Now we see Nash and the X-Guys doing pushups. Jay Lethal goes first because he is black. They are using the Backlund method. This is all a mess. Um, Jay Lethal won and they got points again.

    NON-TITLE MATCH: Christopher Daniels © vs. Petey Williams

    Lock up and a wristlock, roll through by Petey and a head scissors on Daniels. They break, headlock by Petey, snap mare on Daniels and then a dropkick. Daniels rolls to the floor, back in and some counters and another dropkick by Petey. Spinning leg lariat and then a RANA on Daniels for 2. Roll up for 2. Daniels misses a charge, chops by Petey. More chops and Petey is in control. Irish whip and an STO by Daniels. Charging knee by Daniels, a slam and knees to the back by Daniels. More knees by Daniels, and then an elbow drop and cover for 2. Chinlock/arm bar deal by Daniels. Petey escapes and Daniels gets a slam. Split legged moonsault by Daniels eats knees. Petey slingshots in with a front lung blower. Sabin is out with the X-Title, Lynn is out to stop him and Daniels now sees Lynn with the title. Enziguri to Lynn! Roll up by Petey and he wins!

    Winner: Petey Williams @ 3:50 via pin

    -Daniels is pissed off now. He and Lynn argue and refs try to keep them separated.

    -In the back Kurt Angle is on the loose and has Slick Johnson in an ankle lock! Crazy Angle rules!

    -We see clips of the VKM at Turning Point. They heard Vince wasn’t happy, but when he was doing it, it was all good. They talk trash and they discuss the $1-million dollar challenge.

    -Cornette and Tenay discuss it and say the people in Stamford have no sense of humor.

    -Kurt Angle comes to the ring and attacks So Cal Val! He drags her into the ring and steps on her hair. He calls out Joe and says he will hurt Val if he doesn’t answer. Cornette tries to stop him. Cornette says Angle is better than this. He talks him into letting her go. He knows he wants the rematch, but even though he and everyone wants it, it is in Joe’s contract that he cannot force a rematch. But, tag matches aren’t covered. Next week, Angle will face Joe in a tag match. Cornette says if he gets Joe in the ring, maybe he can convince him, Olympic style. Angle agrees and says if Cornette doesn’t deliver, his ass is Angle’s.

    -We get a video history of AMW vs. LAX.

    -JB is with AMW. Harris, with an eye patch says they were embarrassed and let people down. What was worse than that was having his partner upset at him. They had a heart to hart talk and they are united tonight. Tonight nothing will stop them from taking the titles. Storm is happy to hear that and he never says he is sorry, but he did to Harris, Gail and to everyone out there. They are one of the greatest tag teams ever and they will only disband over his dead body.

    -AMW make their way to the ring.

    -LAX make their way to the ring.

    -Konnan is placed in his little cage.

    NWA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: LAX (Homicide y Hernandez) vs. AMW (Storm and Harris) w/Gail Konnan is in a little cage so he cannot get involved and if AMW lose, they must break up forever.)

    AMW attack as LAX enter the ring. They brawl to the floor and Hernandez is tossed into the cage. Cide and Storm brawl and we are going to head to a break @ 0:45.

    Back from commercial @ 4:00. Hernandez and Harris are in, Cide nails Harris and Hernandez levels him. Tag to Cide, and Cide gets a basement dropkick to Harris. AJ will tag with Joe and Rhino with Angle next week. Cide distracts Storm and Hernandez tags in, he picks him up on his shoulders and Harris escapes and tosses Cide off the top onto Cide. Storm tags in but the ref did not see it. Enziguri to Cide. Dropkick to Hernandez. Storm is shoved off to the apron after running wild. Gail tries to get Harris to make the tag again and Cide pulls Harris back to his corner. Storm has the beer bottle and chases Cide away. He helps up Harris and KILLS him with it. Storm looks down at Gail and leaves. Cide covers and LAX win the match.

    Winners: LAX @ 6:52 via pin

    -Konnan is freed and he and LAX celebrate. Petey is out and argues with Storm as we go to a commercial.

    -Back from commercial and Tenay discusses what just happened as Cornette is shocked. AMW will have to break up obviously due to the stipulation. Backstage Petey and Storm had a heated confrontation.

    -Cage and Tomko make their way to the ring. He says he told Abyss that he had to the end of the show to accept his challenge. It is like this, you jumped on the short bus on a one way trip to embarrassment.

    -Abyss and Mitchell come out. Abyss and Tomko brawl. Abyss clears him out and Cage is in. Huge flapjack on Cage. He slams him to the corner and Tomko in and clotheslines Abyss. Tomko beats on Abyss and refs try to clear the ring. Abyss attacks Cage again. Cage escapes as Tomko saved him. Abyss levels Earl Hebner and then give Rudy Charles the shock treatment. Mitchell gives the doomsday sign and Andrew Thomas eats a black hole slam!

    -Cornette heads to the ring and Abyss GOOZLES him.

    -Lights out.

    -Sting appears and tells Abyss not to do it. Abyss then GOOZLES Mitchell! Sting then grabs the NWA Title and leaves. Sting is wearing the old full singlet, maybe his abs failed wellness, wait, wrong company.

    -We close the show with the usual wrap up video.

  • Remember to send your thoughts on the show for the 3R’s!
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