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411’s WWE NXT Report 11.9.16

November 9, 2016 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Samoa Joe WWE NXT Image Credit: WWE

Tonight, Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe sign the contract for TakeOver: Toronto.

Charly brings Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic updates from the Performance Center.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals: The Authors of Pain w/ Paul Ellering vs. #DIY

This was recorded in Los Angeles. Ciampa starts with Akam. Akam rams him into the corner several times. A tag to Gargano and some dropkicks cause Akam to stumble. He blocks a third dropkick and sends Gargano into his corner. Gargano avoids shots there and Razar gets tagged. They miss opposing clotheslines and #DIY level them with shots in the corner. They counter whips and hit a kick and high knee in the corner before sending AOP to the outside. As Ellering gives the Authors advice, Gargano tries a suicide dive. The Authors catch him so Ciampa tries to follow with one of his own but they just launch Johnny into him. After a break, Gargano is getting worn down by Razar. Ellering gets in a cheap shot just like he did last week. They pick Johnny apart with quick tags, cutting the ring in half. Gargano gets put in a torture rack variation until Razar tags in. He goes for a slam but Gargano counters with a tornado DDT. Razar holds Gargano’s foot to prevent a tag, but an enziguri allows him to get free. Ciampa comes in hot, knocking Akam off the apron and hitting all sorts of boots and forearms to Razar. Razar hoists him up but Ciampa gets free and sslaps him up. Razar comes back with one big slap of his own but Ciampa has about ten more in him. He kicks him down to size and delivers a knee strike. His German suplex attempt fails and he gets backed into the corner. Ciampa gets a boot up and then delivers a German for a big pop and a near fall. Tag to Gargano, who tries a cross body while Razar has Ciampa on his shoulders. Razar catches Gargano and hits a fallaway slam that doubles as a Samoan drop on Ciampa. It gets two. The Authors try to powerbomb #DIY into each other but they counter with ranas that send the big men into one another. Near falls on roll ups and AOP are sent outside. Ciampa takes one out with a knee off the apron and Gargano uses a blockbuster on the other. They have Akam lined up and drill him with their superkick/knee strike finisher. Ellering distracts the referee to save his team. The Revival show up through the crowd and takes out Gargano on the outside with a DDT. Ciampa is left alone to eat the Last Chapter.

Winners: The Authors of Pain in 9:53

Like the Authors tag match from last week, this was a lot of fun. AOP played great monsters to oppose the more talented babyface team and it worked well. Gargano and Ciampa are in some kind of groove right now. ***

“The Return” vignette airs again. It happens next week.

Earlier today, Tye Dillinger had a sit down interview. He talks about Bobby Roode breaking his word to Tye and Dusty during the Tag Team Classic. At TakeOver, there will be nowhere to Bobby to run and hide. He says that Toronto will no longer be the home of Roode, but the Perfect 10 City.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals: Sanity w/ Eric Young and Nikki Cross vs. TM61

We’re in Los Angeles again. Sanity attacks before the bell and Thorne takes a nasty bump on the apron. Even Cross and Young get in on the beatdown. After a break, Thorne starts for his guys since Nick Miller isn’t even up. He fights hard but Wolfe and Fulton beat him up and hit an uppercut Hart Attack for two. Young goes nuts outside. Fulton works the NERVE HOLD OF DEATH. He then wears him down with shoulder thrusts in the corner for another near fall. Wolfe gets tagged and thrashes in the ring like Seth Rollins’ old FCW entrance. Thorne gets worn down with a neck crank. Thorne’s one shot at a tag gets cut off and Miller is taken out again. Miller finally gets back up after Thorne takes a bit more of a beating. He’s hot and hits back suplexes and clotheslines. Some of the camera work here is off and there seem to be some iffy edits. Miller levels Wolfe on the apron but Fulton takes him out from behind. Sanity go for a double team move but Thorne dropkicks Fulton out and Miller rolls up Wolfe to steal it.

Winners: TM61 in 5:41

Decent match that told a pretty good story. **1/4

William Regal announces that due to the Revival interfering earlier, they will defend their titles against #DIY in a 2 Out of 3 Falls match at TakeOver!

The TakeOver card is run down.

We hear from Bobby Roode earlier today. He says that Tye Dillinger embarrassed the name of Dusty Rhodes and he isn’t even close to a perfect ten.

Ember Moon vs. Rachel Evers

Evers shoves Moon, who smiles at her. Moon rolls her up for two and goes to a headlock. She lands on her feet on a hip toss and pulls her into another roll up. She taunts Rachel as the camera zooms in on her eyes. Evers walks into a kip up headscissors takeover and a then a back elbow. Moon misses a springboard cross body. Evers gets two on a gutwrench suplex. She works a chinlock but Moon fires up and delivers a bunch of chops. She hits a big running kick and lets out a roar. Moon front flips into a big right hand in the corner. She goes up top and nails the sweet diving stunner to win.

Winner: Ember Moon in 3:12

Good squash for Moon.

Next week, Andrade Almas goes one on one with Cedric Alexander!

Time for the contract signing. William Regal hosts and introduces Shinsuke Nakamura, then Samoa Joe. A nice addition here as a bunch of security surrounds the ring. Joe comes out but turns around and heads to the back. He comes back out dragging a table and has a seat behind it, putting his feet up. He says that he will conduct his business up top since he doesn’t have faith in Regal’s security. Joe calls Nakamura a rabid animal and he may be forced to put him down. Joe runs down Nakamura for everything he did to him and says that he will give Nakamura a chance at revenge in Toronto. He yells at Regal to walk up the stage with his ridiculous accent and bring the contract. Joe mocks Regal’s accent before telling him to hurry up. Joe signs the contract once it gets to him. It gets brought to Nakamura who drops the contract and proceeds to beat the shit out of security. He finishes it by powerbombing one through a table. Shinsuke picks up the contract and signs on the dotted line.

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