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411’s WWE Raw Report 04.19.04

April 19, 2004 | Posted by PK

411’s WWE Raw Report 04.19.04
Live from Calgary
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411MANIA by PK


Chris Jericho vs. Christian (w/ Trish)
Jericho’s tron video is new, and his music sounds a tad different. Jericho dominates to start. Back body drop, then pins him in the corner. Christian reverses it, and starts slugging away. Christian charges, Jericho nails a sidewalk slam for 2. Jericho with a missile drop kick for 2. Jericho locks on a headlock, but Christian punches out of it. They then enter a series of roll ups, and Jericho goes for the Walls. Trish runs in, and Jericho catches her and starts giving her a spanking. Christian saves her by pulling her to the floor, but Jericho then hits a plancha over the top rope on both of them.


We come back to Christian smashing Jericho’s head into the steel steps. Christian hangs Jericho on the bottom rope, and Trish chokes her. Jericho goes to the floor, and Trish nails him with the chin kick. Jericho is rolled back in the ring, and Christian locks on a sleeper. Jericho fights out, and rolls Christian up for 2. Christian then nails a huge clothesline for 2. Christian hangs Jericho on the 2nd rope, and goes to slam him, but Jericho explodes out, and both are down. Jericho fires up, nails the bulldog (just as good as last nights), then goes for the Lionsault, but Christian rolls out of the way. Christian up, nails a reverse DDT (called the Unprettier by JR) for 2. Christian goes up, Jericho follows, and nails a SUPERPLEX for 2. Jericho puts Christian in the corner, and charges, but Christian puts his boot up. Christian then nails a reverse Tornado DDT for 2. Christian goes for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Jericho rolls through for 2. Trish distracts Jericho, and Christian grabs Jericho, only for Jericho to duck and Trish slaps Christian. Jericho nails the running ezaguri, but Trish distracts the ref, and some huge dude runs in and kicks in Jericho’s teeth. Christian picks up the scraps after Huge Guy gets out of the ring.
Winner – Christian


Christian introducing Trish to Tyson Tomco, who is her new problem solver (i.e. Jericho is a problem, Tomko is the problem solver)

Benoit makes his way down. He starts talking about the Dungeon there in Calgary, and says that Stu Hart is the sole person that got him there. He then started to say how he proved everyone wrong. He beat 29 others in the Rumble, then made HHH tap out at WM, and HBK tap last night. This brings out HBK. HBK says that he has always known that Benoit was for real, and the only thing he questioned was his heart. The problem is, Benoit hasn’t beaten HBK one on one, so HBK challenges Benoit right here, right now. Benoit accepts, but Bischoff and Johnny Nitro come out. Bischoff says that there is no way he will waste a great match like that in Canada. He needs 2 weeks to promote that match, and then he asks Nitro where they are in 2 weeks. Nitro pulls out a PDA, and says they will be in Phoenix. The match is then set for 2 weeks from now in Phoenix. The fans boo, and King says “They should be used to disappointment, look where they live.” HAHA.


Victoria (c) vs. Molly Holly – Woman’s Title
The match starts in a clusterfuck, but Victoria straightens things out. She nails the standing moonsault for 2. Molly fights back, and locks on a chokehold, and the ref calls for the bell.
No Contest

It takes a few refs and some time to take Molly off of Victoria.

Evolution arrives. That new announcer dude who looks like Gideon Yago catches up with HHH, and informs him of the Title match in 2 weeks. He isn’t happy.


Kane’s face is on the screen. He says that he has made a mistake, and showed human compassion. Tonight that will change, and he will take a human sacrifice.

Bischoff and Nitro are dumbfounded. Regal comes in, and says that he can’t handle Eugene anymore, and he is not a babysitter. Bischoff says that he better do what he is told or else he will never work in the business again. He then wonders where Eugene is, and then gets worried, because Kane might get to him. And if Regal doesn’t find him, he will feed Regal to Kane.


Highlights from Orton/Foley last night.

He says that he wants to thank Foley for taking out all the stops. He knows the fans enjoyed seeing him being beaten with the trash can, tossed off the top of the stage, crashed down on him, and tossed him in the tacks. When he got in the ring last night, he was Randy Orton, Legend Killer, now he is Randy Orton, Living Legend. Edge comes out. He says that for the past 14 months, he has been watching Orton run his mouth, and the one thing he has realized is that he doesn’t like Orton at all. He then demands Orton to spit in his face. Orton says no, and that Edge isn’t worth it. Edge then cleans his clock, and Flair and Batista come out to take out Edge. Benoit comes down to make the save, but HHH comes down and destroys Benoit. HHH nails a picture perfect Pedigree on Benoit. Evo celebrates on the ramp, and Bischoff and Nitro comes out to announce tonight’s main event, Batista & Flair vs. Benoit & Edge for the Titles.


Highlights of Cade socking Tajiri last night.

Coach comes out and introduces his boy, Garrison Cade.

Garrison Cade (w/ The Coach) vs. Tajiri
Back and Forth action. Tajiri goes for the Tarantula, but Cade pushes out of it, only for Tajiri to hang him on the top rope. Tajiri goes for a springboard moonsault but Cade gets out of the way, lays out Tajiri then nails a huge top rope elbow for the pin.
Winner – Cade


Smackdown Rebound:

  • Big Show giving his word that he will beat Eddie or quit
  • Eddie beating Big Show
  • Big Show attacking Torrie Wilson, and tossing around her car
  • Big Show then choke slamming Angle to the concrete

    Back in the ring, Eugene is shooting T-Shirts into the crowd. Regal comes out, and wants Eugene to put the gun down. Eugene then fires a T-Shirt at Regal’s crotch! HAHA.


    Edge getting ready. Benoit comes in and they get hyped up.

    Lita & Val Venis vs. Gail Kim & Matt Hardy – Mixed Tag Match
    Matt Facts: Matt has 44 different action figures, Matt doesn’t waste time making the bed.
    Before Matt gets in the ring, Kane’s pyro hits and Kane comes down. Val tries to protect Lita, but gets choke slammed. Kane then goes to abduct Lita, but Matt tosses down his jacket and gets in the ring to get pummeled. Lita sits in the corner scared shitless, as Kane choke slams her former boyfriend right at her feet. Kane then leaves.


    Vignette for Hirohito.

    Batista & Ric Flair (c) vs. Chris Benoit & Edge – World Tag Team Titles
    Flair and Benoit start. A series of tie-ups leads Benoit to the corner. They go back and forth with the chops, Flair off the ropes, back body drop. Benoit stomps away, Edge in. Batista in. They go back and forth, Benoit in, and he slows down Batista. Edge back in, and gets overpowered again. Flair in, and he works on the broken hand. Batista back in, and starts biting the cast?!? Flair back in, they got chop to chop. Flair off the ropes, Edge nails the heel kick, and gets to Benoit, who chops away on Flair, another back body drop. Benoit with a suplex, then the sharpshooter. Batista breaks it up, but gets a German. Benoit then locks Flair in the Crossface. HHH comes out, and gets on the apron, Benoit breaks the hold. Batista with a huge powerslam, and Flair makes the 2 count.


    Batista and Benoit in the ring when we come back, and Batista is dominating. Batista locks on a bear hug. Benoit headbutts his way out, but Batista gets to Flair, who hits some series chops. Batista back in, and locks on a nasty sleeper. Benoit fights out and nails a suplex. Batista gets to Flair before Benoit can get to Edge, but Benoit gets a back slide for 2. They chop back and forth again, and Benoit nails 2 Germans. Edge gets the hot tag and cleans house. Batista catches Edge, and goes for the Demon Bomb (I wish they would really call it that), but Edge clocks him with the cast. Benoit comes off the top rope with a headbutt, but HHH pulls him out. HBK comes out of nowhere and nails chin music on HHH. In the ring, Edge nails a spear on Batista for the pinfall.
    Winners and NEW Champs – Benoit & Edge

    Show Over


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