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411’s WWE RAW Report 1.13.20

January 13, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Asuka Becky WWE Monday Night RAW

WELLLLLLL…It’s The Big Show, and if he turns heel tonight, everyone wins a prize.

We are promised a fist fight tonight where they will “literally destroy” each other, so says Michael Cole Jr. Brock is here, as well as a Black vs Murphy match later tonight.

Orton starts the show with a smirk and a pose. Orton was asked to come out and excitedly welcome everyone to RAW. But, “excitedly” isn’t really his style. Instead, he’d like to invite a specific WWE Superstar out to the ring. Orton calls out AJ. Once he’s out, Orton will show why he’s a favorite to win the Rumble, and while he’s out here, he might as well hit him with an R K —

AJ makes his grand entrance, even though they don’t want none.

Why was he called out here? To brag? To pretend to be injured again? Out of the goodness of AJ’s heart, he believed Orton was really hurt, and he gets repaid with an RKO. As for Orton winning the Rumble, it’s just not true, and it’s because AJ hit the sweetest RKO anyone has ever seen for the win. AJ says many people called it the best RKO they’ve ever seen. Most even said it was phenomenal. It was so good, maybe that’s all he needs to throw 29 other men over the top rope; including Orton, Brock, and —

Drew McIntyre must have sensed his name being called, because his Just for Men beard comes out to add his name to the list. He reminds us of how he overcame the Conga Line, but now he wants a bigger and better opponent, and look who is in the ring… Drew then says his Claymore is bigger.

Drew wants to prove who is going to win the Rumble tonight. He gives Kentucky two options; see them talk all night, or shut up and have a Triple Threat. Kentucky is down for the threesome.

Match 1: Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton vs AJ Styles

Drew starts with a kick. Orton sends Drew to the outside. AJ on the apron, flies with a right hand then springboards, but Orton clips the leg. Orton grabs the head and sets up for the DDT. The OC is here, though, and Anderson enters the ring, misses a clothesline. RKO to Anderson! On the outside, Drew hits a Claymore Kick to Gallows.

We return from a break, and Drew has AJ up in the corner. He wants a superplex, but Aj crotches him. Aj with a chop to the chest, then a right hand over and over. AJ gets a right from Orton, while Drew dangles upside down. Orton kicks the chest then stomps the hand as Drew lays. Orton gets on the 2nd rope and grabs AJ. He sets up for a Superplex. Drew shoots himself up, locks the hips, and hits a release German while Orton still has a hold of AJ. We ALREADY get a This is Awesome chant.

Orton with a right hand. Aj kicks Orton. Drew kicks AJ. He kicks Orton into the corner as well. Right hands but AJ throat thrusts Drew, then Orton hits him with a clothesline. Drew with a headbutt, drops Orton. Another headbutt to AJ. Double underhook. Future Shock DDT! Drew kips up. Drew calls for the Claymore, but Orton hits him with a dropkick. Drew is on the outside. He pulls Orton out, then sends him into the barricade and the apron. He backs Orton up into the barricade again, but here comes AJ flying from in the ring with a forearm. Orton drops Drew onto the barricade, Aj sends Drew into the ringpost. Orton grabs some steps. Drew turns. Orton with the steps to the face! AJ rolls into the ring. Drew is out.

AJ calls Orton into the ring. Orton the apron. AJ grabs his head. He hits the Orton DDT. AJ goes for an RKO. Orton dodges. AJ with a pele kick. Orton is down. AJ waits, Orton turns, AJ goes for it again, gets shoved, and Orton kicks him right in the stomach. Orton grabs the head of AJ, he sets up for Stlyes Clash. Orton lifts, STLYES CLASH TO AJ!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Orton smirks as the crowd chants for the RKO. Orton hears voices.

AJ Turns, Orton goes for it, but AJ rolls him up for 1..2..NO!!!! AJ is up! RKO!!! Drew is in! CLAYMORE KICK! Pin to AJ for 1…2….3!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre
Personally, I loved the start and the match quality. Solid effort, with the only contrivance being the tower of doom spot.
Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***3/4

So the Fist Fight is basically a NO DQ qith the only way a team winning is by ref stoppage.

Backstage, Seth tries to motivate his tag team with excitement, saying opportunities like this do not come along very often. The Fist Fight will be an opportunity and a demonstration, and if people are not with them, they are against us, and it would behoove us to be with them. Nothing and no one can stop them. Owens can’t. Joe cannot. Big Show can’t either. Seth says this is unstoppable; the destiny of RAW, and he has sacrificed everything and more than anyone will ever understand to ensure that this destiny remains intact. So tonight, they must stand up and impose their wills and show the entire world what happens when you do not embrace the vision of the Monday Night Messiah.

Match 2: Mojo Rawley vs Ricochet

Ricochet starts off hot but Mojo hits a knee to stop him. Mojo sends Ricochet over the top rope, Ricohet slides in the ring and lifts Mojo, sending him over the top rope while King tells us just what that means come the Rumble. Ricochet hits the ropes and flies over the top one to the outside. Ricochet sends Mojo back into the ring. He heads to the apron, springboard, flies, Mojo hits the ropes, pounce and a cover for 1..2..NO!! Mojo slaps Ricochet one time then gutwrench powerbombs Ricochet. Right hand, then he hits the corner and flies with a splash in the corner. Mojo grabs the legs, looks for the Alabama Slam, but Ricochet knees the head, dodges a run, ducks a right, and hits a shoulder, then kicks the buckle into the face of Mojo. Springboard crossbody, but Mojo caches him, sets him up for the fireman’s, Ricochet lands on his feet, Recoil!

Ricochet to the top rope. He flies with the 630 and covers for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Ricochet
K sure
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **

Backstage, Street Profits say things.

We are reminded that last week, Sarah Logan and Charlotte didn’t have an actual match, but Sarah definitely did mess with Charlotte’s robe.

Match 3: Charlotte Flair vs Sarah Logan

Charlotte attacks as soon as the bell rings with a boot to the face. Charlotte grabs the feet, but Logan grabs the ropes and pulls herself to the outside of the ring. Charlotte heads to the outside and hits a right, then a chop. Another chop. Sarah with a ight, Charlotte with one, as well, they brawl. Charlotte attacks the back then goes for a t-bone, but Sarah won’t have it. The ref hits 5. Sarah locks the head and rags her down, attacking the back. Logan hits some knees, grabs the hair of Charlotte, and sends her back into the ring at 8. Logan gets into the ring, Charlotte grabs her with a backbreaker.

Charlotte with a Figure Four in the middle of the ring. She locks in the eight. Sarah taps.

Winner: Charlotte Flair
Even with last week, the winner wasn’t in question, thereby denying any real drama.
Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *

Charlotte takes her time putting her robe back on in front of Sarah. Charlotte looks to leave the ring, but heads over to Sarah instead, grabs her, and tosses her over the top rope.

Backstage, Joe tells Owens that the more vicious it gets, the more they will like it. They don’t have to worry bout rules. They will be in a fight, and their opponents don’t have to worry about a damned thing. Big Show comes in and says not to stress. They got the WMD. Show needs to re-introduce itself to Rollins. Owens says this is a good plan and thy are glad Show is on their team.

Brock is here. People don’t care. Heyman mocks the Kentucky drawl by callin them y’all. He introduces himself to the ladies, the gentlemen, and things that live in Kentucky. Heyman wonders how stupid they are to allow him to make fun of them then sing along with him to his intro.

YOU SUCK chant.

Heyman and Brock decide to leave.

They stop at the bottom of the ramp. Heyman tries again, this time garnering more heat. His client doesn’t suck. Brock goes back to the ring and holds the title up. Heyman starts again for the third time. Boos is showering heavily for Lesnar as Heyman hits his introduction.

Heyman says that last week, they broke the biggest news of 2020, that Brock was entering at #1 and would win. Heyman says there is a streak going on in the WWE, perhaps the greatest of all time. The new streak is his spoilers because they all come to life, because they are written and implemented by Brock Lesnar. Brock will dominate at the Rumble. His spoilers will set you free, because only the truth comes out of his mouth, and that truth….

Oh, here comes R-Truth to die. In his defense, he likely thought someone was calling him out. Heyman seems annoyed at Truth’s confusion.

Truth is glad he was called out here by Heyman. He’s going to set it off. He saw something on TV about the Rumble. Brock may be the most favorite, but his childhood hero, John Cena, taught Truth to never give up. So, for the first time ever, our 24/7 Champion is officially declaring the Royal Rumble. With that being said – sort of – it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, and the biger they come, the harder they fall. Brock may be a big…biiiiig, biiiiiiiig man, but Truth knows he will go flying over that top rope…Paul Heyman!

Brock chuckles it off as Truth finally makes eye contact with someone. Heyman calls Truth “bong hit,” and says if Truth is in the Rumble match, he’s going face to face with Brock Lesnar. Truth questions Heyman, then says his bad. For the first time ever, the 24/7 champ is officially undeclaring the Royal Rumble match. He wasn’t listening to Paul. He talks a lot. He goes on and on and Truth fell asleep. AND, Heyman be giving away all the spoilers. Truth don’t like spoilers.

Truth doesn’t want Brock to take him to Sioux Falls City. HEYMAN pronounces SUPLEX CITY and tells Truth that nobody likes him. Truth looks at Brock, says he has a question….


Truth does the splits and dances a bit to his song. Brock is chuckling as Truth turns…into a clothesline. Brock says “that’s’ what’s up”

We return to RAW to see Truth being ushered up the ramp…from a clothesline…ok.

Well, Mojo comes out of nowhere to knock Truth on his ass and covers for the 1..2…3!!!

He says if anyone wants the title, he’s here. He ain’t runnin from anyone.

Earlier tonight, Lashley shows up with sunglasses at night and Lana shows up with horrible makeup.

We are reminded of the wedding two weeks ago. Lana says they have two resolutions, and the one that matters and makes sense is that they are going to crush Rusev.

Lana looks like Marv from Home Alone after the iron dropped on his face…

No really, look:

Match 4: Rusev vs Bobby Lashley

They start with rights back and forth. Lashley keeps hittin hard till he locks the hiops form behind. Rusev tries for an elbow, stomps the foot, hits an elbow, then a shoulder tackle. He hits the ropes, dives over, under, spinning heel kick from Rusev. Cover for 1…NO! Lashley with the throat thrust. Rights in the corner. Foot to the neck of Rusev. Lashley corners Rusev, hits a back elbow, scrapes the face. Rusev sends Lashley to the corner and attacks with the right hands over and over. Ref tries to hold him back. Rusev whips, reversed, hits a clothesline out of the corner. Rusev rushes the corner with a splash. He locks the head. Suplex to Lashley. Rusev sends Lashley against the ropes, kicks Lashley hard across the back. Rusev grabs the trunks and hits an elbow to the back. Shoulders in the corner. Suplex to Lashley. Kick to Lashley. He shoves Lashley’s face, calling him Bob the entire time. Right in the corner, another to the face. Whip to the corner. Boot from Lashley. Rusev with a cannonball into the corner. Rusev covers for 1…2…NO!!! Lashley rolls to the outside. Rusev grabs him by the head. Thumb to the eye from Lashley. Lashley enters the ring and clotheslines Rusev to the outside. Lashley leaves the ring, too. He runs around it and hits a spear!

WE are back, and Lashley hits a hard body slam to Rusev. He stands tall for Lana. Rusev picks the ankle. Lashley gets to the ropes. Elbow to Rusev. Lashley sends him into the corner. Lashley leaves the ring and grabs the boots. He splits them then sends Rusev into the barricade leg first. Ouch. Back into the ring, Rusev hits a kick to the face. He dodges a shoulder, and Lashley posts himself. Rusev with a right. Another. A third. Short clothesline to Rusev. Another. He ducks, lifts, Samoan Drop! Rusev rushes the corner with a splash, locks the hips. Belly to belly over the head suplex! Rusev stomps. He runs, misses a kick, German from Lashley, but Rusev rolls out of it!!! He lands on his feet! Superkick to the face!!! Rusev calls fo the Crush, but Lana gets on the apron. Lashley sneaks out from underneath and clips the leg. Lashley hits the ropes. Double clothesline and both men are down!

Liv Morgan rushes down the ramp and heads straight for Lana. Lana looks confused. Liv….stares. Liv fares Lana to “do it.” Lana tells her to back up. Liv says she’ll snatch her wig.

Lana grabs a cup nearby and tosses Liv into the barricade, then screams loudly. Lashley spears Rusev in the middle of the ring. Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley
Match Quality: **1/2
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *3/4

Backstage, Lashley stumbles through a promo while Lana cuts a…something or other. She challenges Rusev and Liv in a Mixed Tag Team Match. Lashley is upset about this. Lana says no one intimidates her. Lashley has already beaten Rusev, and now he’s gotta do it again and take care of Lana.

The Viking Raiders squash the Singh Brothers.

Rusev and Liv accept.

After the break, King is in the ring waiting for Becky and Asuka to sign a contract. Becky has no words, and just wants to get this over with. Asuka comes out with Sane.

Asuka goes in, Japanese style, then chills in her seat while Sane walks around creepily. Becky stands, ready to defend her honor, as Kairia jokingly stabs at her with an umbrella. Becky steals the umbrella and tosses it out of the ring as Kairi leaves. Asuka signs. Becky hesitates, then does the same. It’s official.

Becky says “May the best woman win.”

Asuka sprays her with green mist and cuts a Japanese promo again, then leaves. I’m sure Seth has put worse in her eyes…

Seth screams, asking for the mic. She says that when they give you money, praise, the awards, it’s all poison, and her veins are full of it. Asuka is hungry and angry, and Becky has been happy and content. Becky has tried to find an anger to defend herself, but Asuka…when someone puts their hands on. Her, they arise a badness in her. She doesn’t care if they’d tried to erase or hide Asuka from her. She doesn’t care if she’s walking into the Buzzsaw, because if she goes down ,she’ll go down swinging, and she is taking Asuka with her.

Backstage, Zelina says there is a difference between Rey and Andrade. Andrade is a hero and deserves adulation of latinos everywhere. He was man enough to retain his title, and it was he who was man enough to rip the mask off the face of Rey. And what did Rey do? He attacked Andrade, then stole the title. They had no other option but to call the authorities and file a criminal report against Rey. Rey is a disgrace to Latinos everywhere. Rey is a really sad and terrible example for Dominic and all of his children. Andrade says Rey is a rat, and says he will beat dat ass in the ladder match coming up.

Rey has a reply, and he’s with Charley to give it. He is being accused of being a criminal and unworthy of representing Latino people. He ill not only take the title, he will take it from Andrade. Ok….

Match 5: Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy

Murphy talks some shit, so Black hits an elbow. Kick from Murphy out of the corner. Murphy sends Black into the ropes, and he bounces off and lands on his feet. High kick from Black. Again. One to the chest. Murphy holds the ropes after a whip, and goes to the outside. Baseball slide from Black. He chases Murphy around the ring with punches, but another hard kick sends him reeling. Black sends Murphy into the ring. He follows. Black grabs the leg, Murphy kicks away. He rolls to the outside. Black follows. Murphy rushes, and Black with a high kick. Black eats an uppercut. Murphy sends Black down head first hard. Murphy sends Black into a barricade, rolls into the ring, breaks up the count, and heads back out, sending Black into the barricade. Right hand to the face by Murphy. He sends Black into the timekeeper area. Kick from Murphy. Murphy to the top of the barricade, but Black trips him and Murphy falls face first into the edge of the barricade. He sends Murphy into the ring. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Black works the arm, Murphy chops the chest. Arm drag sends Black to the apron. Kick from Black, he dodges a right, another, kicks Murphy in the chest, heads to the top rope, dives off, lands on his feet, charges the corner, stops before hitting the post, but Murphy is there to dropkick him into the post! He grabs the head and suplexes Black to the outside!

Back from the break, and Black hits a double stomp then rushes Murphy with a knee into the timekeeper’s area next to a lady with an oxygen tank. Black sends Murphy back into the ring. He follows. Black with a right, another, didges a right, kicks, sweeps, hits the ropes, knee to the face of Murhpy! Blakc kips up. He hits the roesp, moonsault onto Murphy! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Black goes to lift Murphy’s head with his boot. Murphy holds the boot, Black escapes, goes for Murphy’s Law, Black is rolled up, Murphy holds the tights! 1..2…N O!! the ref sees! He sends Murphy to the outside. Murphy kicks through the ropes, hits the ropes, but Black runs back in and hits a knee for 1..2..NO!!! Black is up first. He heads over to Murphy, who is on the apron. Black grabs Murphy and attacks the mid section. Back elbow from Murphy. Back elbow from Black, he sends Murphy into the post. Black grabs the head. High kick from Murphy. Murphy on the top rope Black hops up! Black sends him down. Black hops back up. KICK TO THE FACE!!! Murphy flies backwards into the barricade below! Both men get into the ring, face to face, and the crowd loves it. Both men to their feet. Back and forth, rights, blocks, kicks from Murphy, knee from Black, swinging elbow, kick, running knee dodged, kick to Murphy, who bounce off the ropes, kick to murphy! Springboard Moonsault, but Murphy side steps. KICK!! MURPHY’S LAW!!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Dumb ass Murphy puts his feet on the ropes and the ref sees again. He drags Black into the center, rolls hi onto his knees, looks for a second Murphy’s Law. Black drops to his knees. Murphy grabs the head, lifts it with his foot. Swings,, misses with a Black Mass. Black with Black Mass of his own!!! Pin for 1…2…..NO!!!!

The ref said the shoulder was up!!! Black grabs the head, Murphy is on his knee, he runs, spins with another Black Mass to the face! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Aleister Black
Hot damn! Solid match, great story-telling, bad ass bad asses. A bit of a messup there at the end, but I’ll let it slide.
Match Quality: ****
Personal Enjoyment: *****
Total Rating: ****1/2

We return to Rowan coming down for a match. Murphy is still upset against the barricade. Chrley tries to question him, but he says not now. Meanwhile, Rowan tries to grab his pet, but it apparently bites him, so he goes back into the ring and hits the Iron Claw slam to the jobber in the ring. Cover with a boot for 1..2…3!!!

After the break, The Big Show makes his entrance only to get jumped by AOP and Seth!

But out come Owens and Joe with kendo sticks!!!! They attack AOP a bit until Show makes it into the ring. Joe lifts the apron. Rollins in the ring. Show stops him immediately, and the bell rings.

Match 1:

Show with a kendo stick to the gut then the back. In comes a table. Sho sets the table up in the corner. Up top by the stge, Razar and Owens are going at it while Joe is busy with Akam. Show is at the barricade, chopping Seth Rollins across the chest. AOP double team Joe near some stage lights. Owens runs UP THE FUCKING STAGE AND FLIPS ONTO AOP!!! Joe sets one of the AOP onto a pad and hits a running senton off te stage onto him!!!

Ringside, Seth Rollins sees Buddy Murphy. He tells Murphy to help them. Show grabs Seth into the ring. He calls for a chokeslam. Show Seth with a chokeslam! Show calls for the WMD. MURPHY WITH A LOW BLOW!!!! Seth sets up the table in the corner. They send Big Show into the table!

Near the top of the ramp, Joe saves Owens from some punishment, but AOP is there to double team. They set Joe up on the table. AOP grab Owens. They set to powerbomb Owens onto Joe! They do just that! Seth waits for Show to get up. Ge calls for a stomp. Show sends Seth into the corner he sends Murphy over the top rope to the outside! Show climbs the corner. AOP IS HERE! They powerbomb Show down! Murphy rolls back in. AOP is up in the corner. Seth is favoring the back.

Murphy grabs the head. Let’s go Big Show chant. Seth hits the roeps. STOMP to show. The ref calls it.

Winners: Seth Rollins and AOP
Much fewer fists than I expected, to be honest…
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: ***
Total Rating: **1/2

End Show

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