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411’s RAW Talk Report: Nikki Cross on Her New Look, Riddle and Morrison on Qualifying for MITB, More

June 22, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Nikki Cross Raw Talk WWE

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 06.21.21

-Kevin Patrick welcomes us to the show and he is joined by former 24/7 Champion, T-Truth. Truth isn’t happy about KP referring to him as a former 24/7 Champion. They show a photo from Tozawa’s Instagram as he is decked out in a suit sporting the 24/7 Title. Truth questions why Kevin never texted him when he saw Tozawa.

-They move to the end of RAW as we got our 4th Cell Match of the weekend. I mean, if the Cell is set up and there why not use it and it made for a great visual ending as Kofi had to watch Woods get destroyed by Lashley to add some juice to their WWE Title match at Money in The Bank.

-Speaking of MITB, Riddle, Ricochet and John Morrison have qualified on the RAW Men’s side. I like it as it is some new faces for a change and all three of those men are going to kill themselves in a ladder match with fans back in the building. For the women, Naomi, Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and Nikki Cross all qualified.

-Next they talk about Charlotte getting her rematch at Money in The Bank.

-Our guest list tonight is Miz and Morrison, Riddle and Nikki Cross.

-SummerSlam tickets on sale now!

-Money in The Bank commercial as we are done with The ThunderDome!

-Riddle is out as our first guess and he has gifts as he is Bro Santa! He gives Truth an RK-Bro shirt and he is rather accepted. Riddle is pumped as he pinned Drew McIntyre on RAW tonight and did it all by himelf. Riddle winning the briefcase while Orton seethes and plots against him would be fun. Riddle throws out the idea that he can challenge for any title, and man, I hope they didn’t go that route as a cash in on a Tag Title or secondary Title would suck. Riddle talks about how nice of a Father’s Day he had while Drew was in the fight of his life inside The Cell. He knows he just picked up the pieces tonight but it’s what needed done. Riddle doesn’t know if has the same ability to pick his spot like Miz did when he had the briefcase. Truth and Riddle talk in circle about KP being from The UK, or Ireland or Australia and its what you would expect from these two. Riddle knows Randy was emotional tonight because he lost his match. He went home to decompress and Riddle says he knows Randy better than people think. They are taking their relationship week by week and this week was bad for Randy, but great for him. Truth and Riddle just get each other and it’s just fascinating watching them interact and play off of each other.

-WWE is back on the road again in July.

-NXT on Tuesday commercial as Joe is back and has injected new life into the brand.

-John Morrison is out next and Miz in is wheelchair is out with him. They are excited as you would guess due to Morrison getting the win over Randy Orton to qualify for MITB. Morrison asks who knows more about MITB than Miz and I would argue Edge does. They bring gifts as well and Drip Sticks are passed around and Morrison makes jokes about getting women moist and Truth reminds him they are PG. “You are with Johnny Drip Drip, everything gets moist when he is around.” Morrison is going to use Miz and his experience to win MITB and become WWE Champion. They mock KP and his accent and Morrison calls him a leprechaun. Miz reminds Truth that they did great stuff as Awesome Truth and Morrison also points out he teamed with Truth as well. Miz lets us know he isn’t sure when he can return, but his knee is getting better. He mentions that he still comes to work when he is injured while everyone else stays at home. They all start talking over each other and Miz and Morrison want Truth to talk about what happened to him in Europe, but he says he can’t do that. Miz and Morrison take their leave.

-Roman conquered Rey inside Hell in a Cell on SmackDown and has an open challenge for this Friday.
-WWE Superstars want you to get vaccinated.

-Nikki Cross is out with her superhero look and like everyone else tonight she is excited about the win tonight that punched her ticket for Money in The Bank. For tonight her and Alexa were back on the same page and achieved their goal. Now it is every woman for themselves and it seems she will be “Nikki in The Bank.” Nikki knows she doesn’t have superpowers, but when she puts on the cape, and mask she feels like she can try anything. She may fail but she is going to keep trying and keep getting back up. All anyone can do is believe in themselves and that is what she wants to share with The WWE Universe. Truth wants to know if Nikki brought any gifts and she says she is the present. Truth says you can’t ask for anything better than that. Truth spins her on her chair and nearly knocks her off the set as we end this show.

-This one was all over the place, but it wasn’t boring. It’s also nice to see from fresh faces get wins and a chance in the MITB. Thanks for reading!

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