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411’s WWE The SmackDown LowDown Report: Sami Zayn Challenges Jimmy Uso to A Match on RAW, More

March 4, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
The Smackdown Lowdown Image Credit: WWE

-As I mentioned in my Level Up Review, we were hit hard by wind in Southwest PA and it knocked power out for over 30,000 homes at last check. My family lucked out as we were without power for 20 hours. We did have some considerable damage to property outside our home, but inside we were all fine. There are still thousands without power and apparently it can be another 2-3 days before it’s restored. Credit to all the utility workers, first responders that have been out there dealing with all the craziness.

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and she is joined by Matt Camp. This will all be fresh to me as I had no way of watching SmackDown last night.

-To the video as Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes have their first face to face. Cody says Roman is impossible to everyone, but him. Roman points out that Cody has never even wrestled for The WWE Title and says he has been groomed for this since he was a boy. He was even groomed by Cody’s dad. He puts over Dusty and drops that bomb that when they would talk, Dusty wouldn’t say anything about Cody. Ouch! They are doing a great job of making this more personal with each passing week.

-Camp and Jackie discuss all things Cody/Roman. Camp brings up that Cody got the final word and Roman walked out of the ring with someone else’s music playing. They discuss how Roman has to keep his focus on Cody and not the issues with The Bloodline.

-Next week on SmackDown it’s The Viking Raiders vs. Ricochet and Braun Strowman!

-Megan is backstage with Braun and Ricochet to discuss their upcoming match with The Viking Raiders. Ricochet says they are feeling pretty good and last week they made a statement to the VR and every other tag team. Braun says The VR have no idea what they are dealing with and last week they fooled around and next week they find out.

-LA Knight and Sami Zayn still to come!

-Peacock commercials!

-To the video as we see Rhea Ripley get another win (this time over Liv Morgan) as she marches towards her Title Match with Charlotte at WrestleMania.

-Camp mentions Charlotte has not faced this version of Rhea Ripley. He notes Rhea has the confidence level of Charlotte Flair and brings up each woman has only had Championship Matches at WrestleMania. Charlotte is 4-2 (including a win over Rhea) and Rhea is 1-2.

-To the video as Rhea plants Santos Escobar with a Riptide on the floor which leads to Dom getting the pin. Prison Dom rips apart the mask that Rey gave to Santos. Rey can’t pull the trigger on hitting his son, but Prison Dom isn’t soft and decks his dad.

-Jackie is quite heated about what Dom did and she wants to see Rey put Prison Dom in his place.

-To the video as Drew McIntyre calls out GUNTHER. Sheamus comes out instead and he is annoyed that Drew went behind his back to look for a match with GUNTHER when he knows how much The IC Title means to him. Drew points out Sheamus had his chance and lost twice. LA Knight out next and he would like a match with GUNTHER at WrestleMania. New Day next and Kofi seems to want GUNTHER. Karrion Kross would like the match as well and we get everyone hitting everyone.

-Next week it’s a Fatal Five Way Match with the winner getting the IC Title shot against GUNTHER.

-LA Knight is backstage and he wants to talk to us. Drew and Sheamus like to cry even with countless opportunities. He compares New Day to a turd in the punchbowl. WrestleMania in LA can’t happen without L A Knight. No mention of Kross!

-Camp goes through all five competitors and where they stand. He makes it clear that the winner gets GUNTHER at WrestleMania.

-Sami Zayn is next!

-Peacock commercials!

-John Cena returns to RAW this week from his neck of the woods, Boston, MASS!

-Jackie and Camp discuss The Absent Uso and Camp goes all the way back to the start in 2020 when Roman beat Jey on back to back PPVs to force Jey to acknowledge him. He notes that Jey holds a lot of power in The Bloodline because Roman needs everyone on the same page heading into WrestleMania.

-To the video as Sami Zayn has a match with Solo and takes the loss via a distraction from Jimmy. Sami loses the match, but is able to escape any further damage which has Roman rather annoyed.

-Megan is backstage with Sami Zayn and she mentions it was another emotional night. Sami has a lot going through his head and it’s crazy to see where he and Jimmy have ended up. That was his DAWG and tonight he tried to put an end to him. Sami challenges Jimmy to a match this Monday in Boston where the Bloodline came together as one at WarGames. Nice! “What do you say, my Dawg? Feeling Ucey?”

-Jackie is like OMG and says a lot has changed since the last time The Bloodline was in Boston. Camp says KO and Sami each have the same goal of ending The Bloodline, but KO is off doing it on his own. He doesn’t think it is personal between Sami and Jimmy and this is just the means to an end for Sami.

-Also, this Monday it’s Solo vs. KO and Seth Rollins and Logan Paul come face to face. Also as mentioned, it’s the return of John Cena and I am sure that will set up things with Austin Theory. Jackie is all for Cena giving it to Austin Theory. “The legendary John Cena knows how to put a punk in his place.” CM PUNK TO WWE CONFIRMED BY JACKIE REDMOND! That’s how that works, right?

-Jackie wraps up the show and we are out this week. Thanks for reading!