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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 10.16.09

October 16, 2009 | Posted by Joseph F. Martinez

> Oh God. Tonight our commentary team consists of Michael Cole and Todd Grisham.

> Theodore R. Long out. He talks about the upcoming pay-per-view, Bragging Rights, and the main event of said PPV. He brings out the captain of Team Smackdown, Chris Jericho. Jericho says Long has finally done something right and calls himself the face of Smackdown. Y2J talks about the John CenaRandy Orton match at Bragging Rights and lets Cena know that he is not welcome. Jericho re-focuses on the Bragging Rights tag match and says he needs people who will pay attention to everything he says. Y2J bashes Degeneration X and their new book and talks down to the crowd for purchasing DX merchandise. Jericho tears the DX book to shreds and says he will do the same to Team Raw at Bragging Rights. Jericho tries to go off on a tangent but Kane comes down to the ring. The Big Red Machine names himself co-captain of the Smackdown Seven to cheers from the crowd. Jericho claims he was about to announce Kane as co-captain. Kane says Team Raw can go up in flames.

> It is announced that the next match is a Qualifying Match for the Bragging Rights tag team bout. Grisham and Cole bicker a bit over the Raw V Smackdown deal.

Finlay versus Mike Knox versus Dolph Ziggler
Bragging Rights Qualifying Match

Dolph Ziggler asks Mike Knox to team up with him for the match but Knox gives him a clothesline. Knox attacks Finlay but the Irishman sends him over the ropes. Finlay gives him a kick to keep him out and attacks Ziggler with an uppercut. Fit Finlay takes Ziggler to the corner and attacks with the shoulder. An uppercut from Finlay is followed with a whip; Ziggler kicks Finlay before he can cause any damage and throws Finlay out of the ring. Ziggler goes to the ring apron and Mike Knox rushes him, causing Ziggler to fall down. Knox tries to attack Finlay with an axe hammer but Finlay uses the ring apron to mess up the big man’s equilibrium. Finlay smashes Knox’s head against the ring until Dolph Ziggler enters the fray with a beautiful drop kick. Mr. Ziggles takes Mike Knox into the ring and pins him for two.

Ziggler immediately continues his offense with some mount punches. An elbow drop is followed with a pin that is interrupted by Finlay. Finlay goes for his own cover but only gets a one. Finlay clotheslines Ziggler down and gives Knox an elbow drop. An uppercut to Dolph Ziggler is followed by a body slam and a pin that gets a two count.

Finlay gets Ziggler up and hits him with a head butt. Ziggler strikes back with a low kick and a punch but Finlay takes him into the corner. Finlay lifts Ziggler onto the turnbuckle and climbs up. Ziggler punches him until Knox enters the scene and takes Finlay out with an electric chair. Ziggler nails a big body splash on to Finlay but Mike Knox breaks up the pin at two.

Knox keeps his attention on Ziggler and gives him a vertical suplex. Knox’s pin gets two but he immediately pins Finlay for another two count. Ziggler comes in with a legdrop bulldog but Finlay breaks up that pin. Finlay and Ziggler trade blows with Ziggler getting the advantage. He brings Finlay down with a dropkick. Pinfall gets two. Ziggler whips Finlay into the corner but some show boating by Ziggler gives the Irishman some time to recover. Finlay hits his Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam. He then does the same to Mike Knox. Finlay rushes Knox but Knox weakly takes him into the corner. Ziggler follows it up with a corner splash to Finlay. Knox hits both of them with a splash and brings Ziggler down with a big boot. Knox goes for a crossbody on Finlay but Finlay responds with the Shaleighleigh. Finlay pins Knox but Ziggler interrupts the pin. Dolph Ziggler quickly pins Mike Knox and gets the win.

> After the match, Todd Grisham and Michael Cole run down the Tag Teams for Bragging Rights. Cole lets us know that all of the Smackdown Seven will be known after the evening is over.

> Graphic for the return of the Dirt Sheet. Both John Morrison and The Miz will on Smackdown.

> Tony Chimel is in the ring and informs us the next match is another Qualifying Match for the Bragging Rights Main Event.

Cryme Tyme versus The Hart Dynasty
Bragging Rights Qualifying Match

Shad Gaspard and David Hart Smith are the two men in the beginning of the match. DH Smith starts off with a cheap shot to JTG. Natalya Neidhart distracts Shad for a bit, allowing Smith to strike the big man with a dropkick to the leg. Smith works over the leg and tags in Tyson Kidd. Kidd twists Shad’s legs around the turnbuckle as we get a shot of Teddy Long and Chris Jericho in the back. Tyson Kidd tags DH Smith back in and Smith gets Shad in an Indian Deathlock. Gaspard gets out but David Hart Smith immediately wraps his legs around Shad’s. Smith turns that into an ankle lock. Shad tries to roll out which prompts Smith to try an elbow drop. Shad gets out of the way and tags in JTG while Smith tags Kidd back in.

JTG gets the better of Kidd early. He attacks Smith when Kidd is down and avoids a lariat from Kidd by sending him into the corner. JTG rushes Kidd and nails the Mugshot. Pinfall gets two. JTG hits Kidd with a low kick and Smith gets JTG’s attention. Tyson Kidd gets a quick pin but JTG kicks out by sending Kidd into Smith’s midsection. Shad launches himself onto the outside onto David Hart Smith. Inside the ring, Tyson Kidd maneuvers himself into a pin over JTG but the count only reaches two. Kidd stuns JTG with the ropes but before he can do anything else, Shad grabs onto his leg. Kidd eventually shakes Shad off but the springboard assault misses. JTG quickly hits Tyson Kidd with The Shout Out and gets the three count for the win.

> Backstage, we see Chris Jericho telling Michelle McCool he’s the captain of Team Smackdown. Teddy Long lets us know he’s there by reminding Jericho that he’s only a co-captain. Jericho tells McCool that the qualifying matches are important because he needs a great team. Jericho says he can’t count on Morrison beating the Miz and asks McCool if he can count on her. Michelle McCool says she can beat any diva on any brand and Mickie James enters the scene. James is excited to be on Smackdown and makes her case to be Smackdown’s representative in a divas match against Raw. McCool tries to leave but is stopped by Beth Phoenix.

> Vince McMahon is on the phone backstage. CM Punk interrupts his phone call and says the fatal four way is unfair. Mr. McMahon says he agrees with Punk and says he likes CM Punk’s idea of a rematch against the Undertaker in a submission match with Scott Armstrong as the ref. Punk asks Vince to call the four way off but McMahon doesn’t oblige. He does let Punk have his rematch with the Undertaker next week on Smackdown. They shake hands and Punk leaves.

> Chimel announces another Smackdown Qualifying match is on the way. He asks us to welcome the beautiful Vickie Guerrero into the arena. The crowd is angry as she shouts “EXCUSE ME.” She introduces her boyfriend, Eric Escobar, and the crowd seems to not care anymore. Escobar’s opponent is Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy versus Eric Escobar
Bragging Rights Qualifying Match

The two opponents grapple, Escobar attempts a punch but Hardy ducks and launches some punches to Escobar’s head. He transitions into a headlock but Escobar shrugs Hardy off. Hardy gets a backslide pin but it only gets two. Escobar gets up and tries an attack but Hardy turns that into a rollup. Count gets one. Matt Hardy goes back to the headlock, Escobar tries to punch his way out but Matt Hardy blocks a punch and lands some punches. Hardy tries to whip Escobar but that’s reversed into a clothesline. Escobar attacks the downed Hardy and pins him for a two count.

Escobar lifts Hardy up again and brings him back down with a clothesline. Escobar pins Hardy again getting another two count. Escobar immediately locks in a chin lock. Hardy works his way up to his feet but Escobar punches him. Eric Escobar body slams Hardy to the ground and follows it up by attempting a splash. Matt Hardy moves out of the way. The two trade punches for a while until Matt Hardy brings down Vickie’s boyfriend with the Side Effect. Escobar kicks out of the pin after two. Matt Hardy goes up on top of the turnbuckle and comes down with an elbow. Matt Hardy motions for the Twist of Fate but Vickie Guerrero distracts him. Escobar sends Hardy into the steel part of the turnbuckle and rolls him up for the win. The tights were held.

> After the match, Vickie and Eric Escobar are ecstatic. They hug and kiss and we get another update on the Bragging Rights’ Main Event.

> We’re back with Chimel introducing us to The Dirt Sheet. Cole says he doesn’t want to root for The Miz but he has to PROTECT THE SHIELD! Morrison out next and Grisham recaps the happenings of WWE Superstars.

> Morrison starts off by downplaying the importance of the United States Championship. Miz lays down the basics of the Bragging Rights PPV and Morrison says at the show, they will determine who was the stronger member of the team. Miz says he was the star of the tag team and brings up tag teams of the past; Regis and Kathy Lee and The Rockers are among the teams mentioned. MorriMiz again bash Marty Jannetty and praise Shawn Michaels with Miz claiming he is the HBK of the team. Morrison responds by plugging his new t-shirt. John Morrison and The Miz call each other Marty Jannetty. Morrison eventually transitions into the Miz’s ring attire. He calls the Miz a combination of Michael Phelps, Mr. Ed, Big Dick Johnson and Pink. The Miz says he looks good and will prove it at the pay-per-view. John Morrison suggests they fight tonight but The Miz refuses to fight on a second-rate show. John Morrison calls Raw a cheap version of Saturday Night Live and makes fun of Al Sharpton’s star power. He puts over Smackdown and calls the Miz boring. Miz takes offense and calls himself the reason people watch Raw. John Morrison says talk is cheap and stands up. He tells Miz to get up and prove his worth. They stare down for a few moments until the Miz backs out of the ring. Morrison ends the segment by saying “See you at Bragging Rights, Jannetty.” Good stuff. Might have been a little too long but it was entertaining.

> Chimel is back with another Bragging Rights Qualifying Match. R-Truth is the first guy out. His opponent is again, Drew McIntyre.

R-Truth versus Drew McIntyre
Bragging Rights Qualifying Match

Truth and McIntyre grapple. McIntyre tries a kick but Truth catches the leg and nails McIntyre with a flurry of punches and kicks. McIntyre kicks Truth and gets him in a headlock. Truth shoves him off and hits an arm drag. He sends McIntyre out of the ring with a dropkick and launches himself out with a crossbody that sends the show to a commercial.

Back “live,” McIntyre has R-Truth on the ground. Truth works his way to his feet and tries to elbow his way out of McIntyre’s grasp. McIntyre replies with a punch to the back. McIntyre whips him but Truth avoids rebound by holding the ropes. McIntyre tries to rush him but R-Truth sends McIntyre outside again. R-Truth joins Drew McIntyre outside only to bring him back In the ring. Back in the ring, Truth smashes McIntyre’s head against the turnbuckle. McIntyre avoids another blow by sending Truth into the same turnbuckle. McIntyre pulls Truth to the center of the ring and pins. The count gets two.

McIntyre mounts R-Truth and launches a ton of punches to the head as we see Chris Jericho and Teddy Long backstage discussing the match. McIntyre gets a chinlock on R-Truth. Truth elbows his way out but McIntyre knees R-Truth and body slams him out of commission. McIntyre goes on top of the turnbuckle and comes down into an R-Truth boot. McIntyre rushes Truth in the corner but Truth avoids. McIntyre whips Truth to the other side of the ring but misses an attack because of an R-Truth cartwheel. Truth brings McIntyre down with a kick to the head and pins McIntyre for two.

Truth tries to axe kick but McIntyre counters. He tries for the double armed DDT but Truth sends McIntyre into the corner. R-Truth sends McIntyre to the outside of the ring and grabs McIntyre’s hair. Drew McIntyre sweeps the legs of R-Truth and it sounds like that hurt. McIntyre gets back in the ring with the ref’s count at 7. The referee counts to ten and Drew McIntyre wins via countout.

> The final Bragging Rights update is shown. The 14 man tag team will feature DX, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, The Big Show, Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry taking on Cryme Tyme, Kane, Chris Jericho, Eric Escobar, Dolph Ziggler and Kane.

> We’re backstage with Rey Mysterio and Batista. Batista says the match doesn’t feel right because Rey is his little brother. Mysterio teases Batista by saying he’s scared. They talk about the four way at Bragging Rights. Mysterio says he plans on walking out of the next pay-per-view as World Champion.

> Apparently we’re getting a message from the Undertaker next as Cole and Grisham talk about the Deadman.

> Yep, Taker is in a purple room and says history repeats itself. The Deadman says it doesn’t happen in his yard and the trio that screwed him will pay. Taker says once you enter Hell’s Gate there is no turning back. CM Punk is going to lose his soul at Bragging Rights. In one week, he is going to give the Straight Edge Superstar his Last Rites.

> Back on Smackdown, Cole pimps the upcoming episode of Raw. Rey Mysterio is out first for the main event. Batista is out second and Michael Cole says it was and is an honor to call the matches of The Animal.

Rey Mysterio versus Dave Batista

They shake hands and Mysterio goes behind Batista wrapping his arms around Tista’s waist. Mysterio tries to catapult himself off the ropes into a crossbody but Batista catches him and brings him down softly. Mysterio wrenches the arm of Batista but Batista sends Mysterio across the ropes. Mysterio slides under Batista avoiding any impact. Batista whips Mysterio out of the ring and Mysterio runs back into the ring for a stare down that sends the show to a commercial.

Back from the break, Cole lets us know that the match has evolved from a friendly duel to a somewhat serious mood. Batista shoves Mysterio into the corner. Back up, the two grapple in the center of the ring. Batista shoves Mysterio down again but Mysterio fires back with a couple of low kicks this time. Batista shoves Mysterio against the ropes and runs after him. Mysterio trips Batista into 619 position and attempts it. Batista ducks the move and fires back with a kick to Mysterio’s stomach. Batista tries to deliver a back body drop but Mysterio escapes. To the ropes, Batista tries to flip Mysterio over. Mysterio notices Batista’s position and delivers a kick to Batista’s face. Mysterio quickly bounces off the ropes and into a big Batista spear. Mysterio rolls himself out of the ring. The referee reaches a count of 9 before Mysterio returns into the ring. Batista meets him and pins him for a two count. Batista immediately follows with another near fall.

Batista lifts Rey up but Rey delivers some punches to the Animal. This does nothing but anger Batista who sends Mysterio into the corner and attacks with several shoulder strikes. Batista brings Mysterio up and whips him into the ropes. Mysterio bounces off the ropes into a Batista knee. The Animal pins Rey Mysterio for a two count. Batista lifts Rey Mysterio and positions his opponent into a reverse bear hug that eventually grounds Mysterio. Mysterio elbows his way out of the hold and almost gets Spinebuster’d by Batista. Mysterio maneuvers his way out of the Spinebuster and almost gets Batista with a Sunset Flip. Batista lifts Mysterio up but Mysterio again slips out. Mysterio follows that up with a chop block. After the block, Mysterio kicks Batista in the head and then into 619 position. Mysterio goes for the maneuver and nails it. Mysterio tries a springboard attack but Batista catches him in the air. The Animal tries to Powerbomb Rey but that is countered into a hurricanrana pinfall that ends the match.

> Batista argues with the ref by claiming his shoulders were up. After The Animal gives that up, he goes up to Mysterio and shakes his hand. Batista is visually frustrated by the loss but still gives a hug to Rey Mysterio. A replay shows that Batista’s right shoulder was up. Shortly after, CM Punk comes out of nowhere and delivers a Go To Sleep to a celebrating Rey Mysterio. Batista runs into the ring while CM Punk runs away. The show ends with Batista attending to an injured Mysterio.


• Dolph Ziggler def. Finlay and Mike Knox via pinfall (Ziggler pinned Knox)
• Cryme Tyme def. The Hart Dynasty via pinfall (JTG pinned Tyson Kidd)
• Eric Escobar def. Matt Hardy via pinfall
• Drew McIntyre def. R-Truth via countout
• Rey Mysterio def. Dave Batista via pinfall


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