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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 11.03.06

November 3, 2006 | Posted by Ashish

Hey everybody. This is Sat here. Larry Csonka had a tough time finding somebody to recap this week’s SmackDown, so I decided to volunteer and provide my first ever recap. Csonka will also have a recap of SmackDown. Also, make sure to read this week’s High Road/Low Road. So, here we go.


Announcers are Michael Cole and JBL

Rey Mysterio comes out with a crutch, while Cole & JBL speculate about the retirement. Rey says this is what happened to him two weeks ago and footage is shown from the “I Quit” match two weeks ago. Rey says that he has to get surgery on his left knee. Rey says that before he gets surgery he wants to talk to everybody from the bottom of his heart. He says he isn’t going to make excuses and he is going to be straight up. He says that he quit that match because of the pain he was feeling in his knee. Rey say that he quit because he hopes that he can come back and fight Chavo again. Rey says that he did not quit on the fans because the fans never quit on him. Rey says that the fans helped him win the 2006 Royal Rumble. He says that the fan made him realize that dreams come true when he won the title at WrestleMania. He says that when he comes back from surgery, they will climb the mountain again. Rey is then interrupted by Chavo’s music and Chavo and Vickie come out. Vickie is carrying a chair.

Chavo says that he and Vickie heard Rey talking and Chavo said that he came out to ask Rey for a favor. Chavo says that he wants Rey to say it again. Chavo says that I quit coming out of Rey’s mouth is music to his ears. Chavo then says that he wants Rey to sign the chair (the same chair that Chavo used to make him say I quit). Chavo keeps telling him to autograph the chair. Chavo says that Rey has nothing to lose. Chavo says that he has already lost the world title. He says he also lost the “I Quit” match. Chavo says that he is already a cripple and Rey says who are you calling a cripple. Chavo continues to tell Rey to sign the chair. Chavo says that he will autograph it for Rey. He signs it I Ouit (I guess he meant to write I quit). Chavo says that these are the words that came out of Rey’s mouth. Chavo says that he has another way that they can remember their “I Quit” match.

Rey swings the crutch and misses and Chavo goes after the injured knee and starts to hit the knee. We get a classic line from JBL where he says that spelling might not be Chavo’s forte, but kicking people’s butt is. Then, Chavo starts to use the chair on Rey’s knee. Then Vickie grabs the chair and she prepares to hit the knee, but Chris Benoit comes out. Both Chavo and Vickie get out of the ring.

Commercial Break

Clips are shown of what just happened.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick with Ashley versus KC James and Idol Stevens with Michelle McCool.
This is a non-title match. London and Stevens to start. James distracts London and is jumped by Stevens. Slam by Stevens and tag to James. Double team and slaps by James. Punches by James and he throws London into the ropes. Back body drop and London lands on his feet and tags Kendrick. Double team on James and Stevens. Dropkick by London and James and Stevens go the outside. London and Kendrick both go over the top and they take out both James and Stevens. London throws James inside and Kendrick with a cross body of the top for a two count. Distraction by McCool allows for Stevens and James to take control. James sends Kendrick into the corner and he tags Stevens. Knees to the back by Stevens. Stevens covers Kendrick for a two. Chinlock by Stevens. Head shots to the back by Stevens. Knee to back and a cover for the two count. Tag to James and a punch by James to Kendrick. James goes for the cover, but Kendrick gets to the ropes. James drags Kendrick away from the ropes and covers him again for the two count. Into the ropes and a back drop onto the knee by James. Cover by James and it only gets two. Tag to Stevens and he kicks Kendrick. Back body drop by Kendrick and he tags London. Kicks to Stevens, but the referee pulls London back because he didn’t see the tag. This allows for a double team, but Kendrick gets away and he retags London. London hits James and Stevens multiple times. London then throws James to the outside. London slides under Stevens, hit a hurricrana and gets a two count. London throws Stevens into the corner, but Stevens moves out of the way. Stevens off the ropes, but gets hits with a dropsault. London covers, but it broken up by James. Kendrick is in and he punches James. Kendrick throws James over the top and Kendrick dives over the top rope onto James. McCool grabs London’s foot allowing Stevens to hit Kendrick with a cool looking move. Cover and the count is broken by Kendrick who gets away from James. Kendrick kicks James to the outside and a double team allows London to pin Stevens for the win.

Winners: Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Kendrick and London celebrate and Kendrick gets a kiss from Ashley.

Teddy Long is the back and he says that he has been waiting for the King Booker and Queen Sharmell. Teddy says that the World Title could be on the line at Cyber Sunday. He says that King Booker represents SmackDown and he wants King Booker to win the match. Teddy says that he has private room for King Booker and Queen Sharmell and he has protection for them. King Booker says that he doesn’t need protection. Teddy says lets go to the private room and he will show them their protection.

Commercial Break

Cole says next week it will be Batista versus Finlay.

In the private room, Teddy is talking to King Booker and Queen Sharmell and there is a knock on the door. Teddy says that it is the protection and it is Batista. King Booker isn’t happy. King Booker asks who Batista thinks he is fooling. King Booker says that Batista is here to protect King Booker. King Booker says that he will win the Champion of Champions match. King Booker also says that he has defeated Cena and the Big Show, something that Batista hasn’t done. King Booker says that he will always be better than Batista and Batista drives King Booker into the wall. Batista then says that we both know why you beat me. He says it is because of Finlay and if somebody wants to get to King Booker they have to go through Batista and he says that nobody goes through Batista.

MVP and Mr. Kennedy in the back. Mr. Kennedy says that this is the first time that Kane and the Undertaker are together in five years. Kennedy says that he has a plan and that he has beaten both of them. MVP asks Kennedy if he calls those victories and he says that he does. Kennedy says that MVP needs to listen to him because he has been here longer. MVP says that Kennedy isn’t aware of his credentials. MVP says he is the highest paid athlete on SmackDown and Kennedy says he doesn’t care. Kennedy say MVP needs to listen to him. MVP says he is the MVP of SmackDown and Kennedy says that they should tell that to the Undertaker and Kane. Kennedy walks off, while MVP says that he is the MVP. Kenned and MVP versus The Undertaker and Kane is next.

Commercial Break

Mr. Kennedy comes out. Mr. Kennedy does his usual intro. Clips of Kane/Kennedy from last week are shown.

Ken Kennedy & MVP versus the Undertaker and Kane
Kennedy and Kane to start. Kennedy tags MVP. Power Ranger chants. Kicks by MVP. Then punches by Kane and he throws MVP into the corner. Chop and punch by Kane. Kane throws MVP into the ropes and hits a back body drop. Kane then starts to kick MVP. Kane with a choke on MVP and then an uppercut. Kane throws MVP into the corner, but he gets hit with an elbow and MVP makes a quick tag to Kennedy. Punches by Kennedy onto Kane. Reversal by Kane, he kicks Kennedy, then clotheslines him and tags The Undertaker. Kennedy quickly tags the MVP and he is shocked. MVP dodges a punch and he punches The Undertaker, which has no effect. MVP quickly tags Kennedy. Kennedy with some punches by The Undertaker and then MVP gets a few cheap shots. The Undertaker breaks away and punches both of them and he brings MVP in as well. Kane comes in and he and The Undertaker send Kennedy and MVP into the ropes. Boots to both of them and double clothesline, which sends MVP and Kennedy to the outside. Referee starts the ten count out and Kennedy and MVP walk away. The Undertaker and Kane win, but Teddy restarts the match and makes it a no count out match after the break.

Commercial break.

Kennedy and MVP are still standing at the entrance. They both start to pump each other up and they ran to the ring. MVP gets in, but Kennedy stays on the outside. This allows The Undertaker to get a punch on MVP. Kane slams MVP and Kane tags The Undertaker. Slam by The Undertaker on MVP. Another slam by The Undertaker. The Undertaker tags Kane and he hits a slam on MVP. Another slam by Kane. A running power slam and cover, which is broken up by Kennedy. Kane then throw MVP into the turnbuckle. Punch by Kane to MVP. Kane throws MVP into the ropes and MVP kicks Kane, but Kane no sells and hits MVP with a clothesline. Kane then tags The Undertaker and The Undertaker kicks MVP. Takers throws MVP into the ropes and hits him with a high elbow. Punch by The Undertaker and MVP goes down. The Undertaker wrenches the arm of MVP. Old school by The Undertaker on MVP. The Undertaker then punches Kennedy off the apron. Tag by the Undertaker to Kane. Kane throws MVP into the ropes and hits a side slam. Kane goes to the top rope and clotheslines MVP. The count is broken up by Kennedy and The Undertaker goes after him. Kennedy is being chased by The Undertaker. Kennedy gets in the ring and low blows Kane to get disqualified. Kane and The Undertaker wins again by disqualification. Teddy comes out again and he restarts again, but this time no count outs and no disqualifications.

This time The Undertaker and Kane don’t wait and they attack them right away. The Undertaker throws Kennedy into the ring steps, while Kane throws MVP into the entrance and a part of the entrance breaks off. The Undertaker throws Kennedy back into the steps. Kane throws MVP into the barricade. The Undertaker punches Kennedy. Kane punches MVP. The Undertaker throws Kennedy into the barricade. Kane throws MVP throat first into the barricade and The Undertaker throws Kennedy into the bell stand. Man, this is a massacre. Kane throws MVP into the announce table and The Undertaker throws Kennedy headfirst into the announce table. Kane throws MVP into the ring and The Undertaker throws Kennedy into the ring. Kennedy and MVP are now in different corner and they get clothesline by Kane. Kane tells The Undertaker to do the same thing. He does it and then Kane does it again. The Undertaker hits Kennedy with a boot. Kane punches MVP and then slams MVP. Kane goes to the ropes, but Kennedy gets him on the outside. Kennedy hits an axe handle on Kane and MVP goes on the attack on Kane. MVP tags Kennedy and he goes on the attack. Dropkick by Kennedy and he throws Kane into the turnbuckle. Tag to MVP and he hits Kane with some punches. MVP to the ropes, but he gets slammed by Kane. Kane and MVP tag in their respective partners. Punches by The Undertaker to Kennedy and MVP. The Undertaker sends Kennedy into the ropes and hits a side slam on Kennedy. Punches and a head butt to Kennedy. The Undertaker hits the snake eyes on Kennedy and Kane hits a boot on Kennedy. Leg drop by Kennedy and MVP breaks the count. MVP runs into Kane and Kennedy hits a low blow on The Undertaker. Kennedy follows with a swinging neck breaker. MVP is being chased around the ring and he runs into the ring and gets caught with a choke by Kane. Kennedy also gets caught in a choke by Kane. MVP and Kennedy get away and they gets a DDT on Kane. Kennedy covers and MVP applies pressure, but Kane kicks out. Kane and The Undertaker both sit up and start to punch MVP and Kennedy. MVP and Kennedy are thrown in the ropes and both are caught with a choke slam and The Undertaker calls for a tombstone on Kennedy and hits it. The Undertaker covers Kennedy for the three count.

Winners: Kane and the Undertaker

Kane laughs at MVP and The Undertaker and the Undertaker do their usual poses.

In the private room, Batista asks if King Booker and Queen Sharmell are okay and King Booker complains. Batista says that he heard something about the RAW and ECW guys are gonna show up. King Booker says he’ll chill in here.

Up next Gregory Helms versus Jimmy Wang Yang.

Commercial Break.

Next week, Batista versus Finlay.

Jimmy Wang Yang has a new valet (Amy from the Diva Search).

Gregory Helms versus Jimmy Wang Yang
Lockup and Yang throws Helms. Lockup again and a headlock by Helms. Helms into the ropes and he shoulder blocks Yang. Yang stays away from Helms and hits a head scissor. A dropkick by Yang and Helms goes to the outside. Yang dives over the top rope and cross bodies Helms. Yang throws Helms into the ropes and cover him for one. Chop by Yang. Helms then drops Yang on the top rope. Helms with a clothesline. Helms kicks yang. Cover for one. Choke by Helms. Suplex by Helms on Yang. Cover for one. Helms put a headlock on Yang. Yang gets a jaw breaker and chop. Yang throws Helms into the corner. Elbow by Helms. Elbow by Yang. Clothesline by Yang. DDT by Yang. Cover for two. Suplex by Helms, but Yang lands on his feet and hits a wheel house kick on Helms. Cover for two by Yang. Helms into the turnbuckle. Sunset flip of the top by Helms, and a cover by Yang. But sylvan has the referee distracted. Yang hits sylvan off the apron, allowing Helms to get the win by holding the tights.

Winner: Gregory Helms.

After the match, Sylvan attacks Wang and Helms also helps out. Hardy comes out to even the odds and Yang and Hardy stand tall.

In the private room, Queen Sharmell gets up and King Booker asks her where she is going. She says she is going to powder her nose. She says she’ll keep her legs crossed. Is it just me or is it difficult to understand what they are saying.

Commercial Break

The Miz and Kristal versus Vito and Layla
Cole mentions Vito’s photo shoot with Playgirl. Kristal and Layla to start. Slam by Layla. Clotheslines by Layla. Kristal tags Miz, so Layla as to tag Vito. Vito prances around the ring. Punch by Vito and a kick by Miz. Punch by Miz. Miz throws Vito into the ropes and Vito hits Miz with a forearm. Clothesline by Vito. Back body drop by Vito. Miz tags Kristal and Vito waves his dress at Kristal. Vito tags Layla. Layla throws Kristal into the ropes, but reversed by Kristal. Kristal rolls up Layla and gets a three count.

Winners: Kristal and Miz

Vito checks on Layla, while Miz and Kristal celebrate. The Boogeyman’s music hits and Miz and Kristal freak out. Boogeyman crawls to the ring and gets up and does his usual act. Miz and Kristal are freaking out. Boogey enters the ring and Miz and Kristal go to the outside. However, they are thrown back in by Vito and Layla. Miz bails, but Kristal is caught. Kristal is scared. She begs for mercy. Boogey pulls out the worms and he eats them and he spits them on Kristal. Kristal bails and screams. Boogey does his dance.

In the private room, King Booker continues to complain. Batista says he is going to get a drink of water and King Booker complains. They show Batista drinking water. Batista starts to fake an attack scaring King Booker and Queen Sharmell. King Booker says they’re coming and he gets ready. Then Batista walks into the room, King Booker asks Batista if he is okay. King Booker says you have to get us out of here. Batista has a smile on his face.

Commercial Break.

Jamie Noble is in the ring.

Clips are shown of Tatanka’s attack on the referee and Lashley.

Lashley makes his way down to the ring. When he gets in the ring, Tatanka’s music hits and he has a new look.

Jamie Noble versus Bobby Lashley
Lashley tosses Noble. Lashley throws Noble into both corners and then hits a suplex. Lashley looks at Tatanka. Noble with some punches, but Lashley drives him into the corner and drives his shoulder into Noble’s midsection. Lashley throws Noble into the corner, Noble gets a leg up and he goes to the top rope. Noble with a cross body, roll through and Lashley hits him with a running power slam. Cover for three.

Winner: Lashley

Tatanka says that everybody wants an explanation. Tatanka says he doesn’t owe anybody an explanation, Tatanka says that his people are owed an explanation. Tatanka says he has suffered and so has his people. He says he is sick of it. He says he has called his spirits of his forefathers and they awoken a new warrior inside of him. He says that if anybody stands in front of him, they will be at war with him and a nation of warriors. Lashley motions for Tatanka to come to the ring, but he doesn’t.

Commercial break.

King Booker and Queen Sharmell are leaving and they are followed by Batista. King Booker tells Batista to open the door. Batista says he is here to protect him. Batista says good night and you are welcome. Midcarders from ECW and RAW attack. The RAW guys were Murdoch and Cade. Tough to see who the ECW guys were. King Booker and Queen Sharmell escapes. Teddy says he thanks Batista for protecting the world title. Batista says he will have the title soon. Then he says he is going to take care of something personal and there is no need to wait till next week.

Commercial Break.

Batista comes to the ring. Batista chants. Batista says he has been watching King Booker’s ass and he says that was business. Now this is personal and he calls out Finlay. He tells Finlay to get out here or he is coming back there. Finlay music hits and here he comes. Finlay comes out halfway and then walks back. Batista goes after him, but when he reaches the entrance, Finlay attacks. Just a straight up fight and here come the agents and referees to separate them. Batista breaks away. They are separate again. Then Finlay breaks way and the agents separate them again.

End of show.

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