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411’s WWE Survivor Series Report 11.27.05

November 27, 2005 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Welcome to 411’s LIVE Survivor Series report. If only you had any clue how much I went through to get home to recap this. But that’s another tale for another day.

On Heat…

  • Juvi beat Simon Dean on the Heat show. Juvi dropped him on his head basically with the Juvi Driver and Dean looked hurt, or is the god of selling.

    Good PPV opening video, really putting over the Raw vs. SD battle.


    Joey Styles welcomes us to the Survivor Series! Coach and King are with him. The Raw announce team is at ringside! Hugo and Carlos are here as well for our Spanish speaking friends and Cole and Tazz for Smackdown.

    I dig Sharmell’s personal little intro deal.

    Match #1 Best of 7 Series: Match #1: Chris Benoit vs. Booker T w/Sharmell

    Benoit goes and slaps Booker to start and they tie up in the corner. The ref separates them and they circle each other. They jockey for position, lock up and a slam by Booker. Lock up and Benoit taken to the corner…they battle and knees by Benoit. Match #2 of this series will be Tuesday on the SD special. Benoit tosses Booker to the floor and he regroups. Benoit invites him back in, and Booker is in. Waist lock by Booker, take down and a reversal by Benoit. Benoit grabs a leg and Booker gets the ropes. He goes to the floor again and he talks with Sharmell, and goes back in. Test of strength now, and Booker with the advantage, Benoit bridges out and Booker kicks him down. Elbow by Booker and tries a suplex, but Benoit reverses it and gets one of his own. Charging forearm by Benoit gets 2. Knees by Benoit, rights now by Benoit. Irish whip and Booker boots Benoit, and then gets a side slam for 2. Arm bar by Booker, Benoit fights up and punches his way out. Knee by Booker and an abdominal stretch on Benoit. Benoit tries to escape, gets the hip toss and an arm drag. Off the ropes and a big boot by Booker takes Benoit down. Kicks by Booker and Benoit is down. Covers and gets 2. Booker punches him to the corner, then elbows away on him. HARD Irish whip to Benoit and he is down. Roll up by Booker gets 2. Hangman’s neck breaker by Booker gets 2. Rear neck vice by Booker now… Benoit fights to his feet, escapes and a knee by Booker. Suplex, countered and a GERMAN to Booker! Standing switches and Booker gets the heel kick and Benoit is down. Booker covers and gets 2 again. Rights to Benoit, off the ropes…boot by Booker and Benoit trips him, sharpshooter! Booker rolls him up and gets 2 off of that. Chops by Benoit now. Running charge by Benoit. Cover gets 2. Suplex to Booker, covers and gets 2. GERMAN to Booker, a 2nd…and 3rd! Benoit is up…cut throat! He goes up top…Sharmell is on the apron…Booker is up and nails Benoit. They are up top…head butts by Benoit! Booker falls! SWAN DIVE BY BENOIT MISSES! Booker up, roll up with the ropes, Sharmell helps and he wins!

    Winner: Booker T @ 14:40 via pin

    Cole and Tazz look at the replay and show how she cheated Benoit. Benoit is shown in the ring upset and he gets a nice ovation after the match.

    Eric is shown backstage warming up and VINCE is here! He wanted to wish both GM’s good luck. Eric says he feels great and says he will beat Teddy, Team Raw will decimate Team SD and history will be made. He brings up Bret and it was very 90’s. Tonight he will screw John Cena and all we will ever hear is “you screwed Cena.” Cena is here! He says Eric screws guys, he hopes that works out for him. Cena and Vince shake. Vince asks what’s good in the hood….HAHAHA and then says “nigga!” Booker and Sharmell are there and he says, “Tell me he didn’t just say that!” Oh my.

    Styles and Tazz will commentate for this match.

    Match #2 Women’s Title Match: Melina w/Nitro and Mercury vs. Trish Stratus w/Mickey James

    Trish charges in with a Thez press and takes her down. Melina goes to the floor and Trish up top…CROSS BODY TO THE FLOOR ONTO MNM! She goes back in and Trish with the hair toss. Hand stand head scissors by Trish. Forearms by Trish now, Melina with forearms and kicks away at Trish. Melina pulls her hair and chokes her now. Nitro mocks her and Melina with more kicks. She chokes her on the ropes again and finally breaks. Trish gets a choke now and an eye poke by Melina. Kick by Melina and she goes to the floor and her and James fight! MNM is in the ring…they try the snap shot and the ref sees them and kicks them out! Melina back in and is pissed! SPEAR by Melina! Forearms by Melina. Clothesline to Trish. She slams her face down and then gets a surfboard. Ref makes her break when she grabs the hair. Rights by Trish. Forearms now and a boot, Stratus-faction try…but Melina gets the flying face jam for 2! Melina gets another pin try for 2. Trish battles back with forearms, to the corner…elbow by Melina. Melina up top, Trish gets the hand stand RANA. Spine buster by Trish gets 2. Trish sets…misses the kick and then gets a stratus-faction try, tosses over the top and Mickey moves her and Trish then gets a bull dog off the top, almost misses and wins.

    Winner: Trish @ 6:40 via pin

    Trish and Mickey celebrate as we see a replay of the finish.

    We see HHH getting ready backstage.

    Match #3 Last Man Standing: HHH vs. Ric Flair ©

    HHH attacks Flair as he comes to the ring. Flair still has his robe on and HHH rams him off of the security walls. In the ring and HHH takes off the IC belt and throws it out to the floor. Apparently the title is not on the line they say. HHH boots away at Flair, and tosses him to the floor. HHH goes for a chair and Flair has a KENDO STICK! He takes out a camera man and HHH! Chops to HHH as they battle through the crowd. Back and forth action as they exchange rights. HHH backdrops Flair over the wall to ringside. HHH is back to his feet and goes after Flair. Suplex to Flair on the floor. The ref counts…HHH back in the ring and waits. Flair is up at 7, HHH suplexes him back into the ring. Ref counts…HHH with elbow drops and works the lower back of Flair. Rights by HHH in the corner, chops back by Flair but HHH tosses him to the floor. He follows, but Flair has some chops for him. HHH is able to ram him into the steel steps and HHH goes for the toolbox? He has a SCREWDRIVER! He stabs Flair in the head and Flair is bleeding badly now! AGAIN he stabs him in the head and the blood is flowing in Detroit. Back in the ring and he still has the screwdriver and stabs him again. Flair is on the floor and the ref counts. Flair is up and climbs back in. Rights by HHH, he drops the kneepad and then the high knee drop. Another knee drop. Flair fights back with chops…but HHH tosses him back to the floor again. HHH follows and punishes Flair with more rights. He dismantles the Spanish Announce Table now. Flair is a mess. HHH grabs him and Flair rams him into the steel steps! The ref counts…both men battle to their feet and are up. Chops by Flair, eye poke by HHH. SPINEBUSTER on the floor by HHH! HHH gets on the mic and talks shit on Flair! “COME ON FLAIR YOU OLD BASTARD! STAY DOWN OR I WILL PUT YOU DOWN FOR GOOD! STAY DOWN RIC! DO WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU!” Flair grabs his nuts! HHH nails him with the mic and breaks that. HHH dismantles the Raw Announce table now. He has Flair on top of the Raw table…pedigree try…but Flair BACKDROPS HHH ONTO THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE! DAYUM! Both men are down! 1…2…3…4…5…6…Flair is in the ring. 7…8…9…and HHH is up! Flair pulls HHH into the ring, chops to HHH. Rights now and Flair is lighting him up. HHH battle back and nails Flair and they are both down again. Ref is at 4…5…6…they are up and a right by HHH takes Flair down. HHH has the chair and then drops it. Rights to Flair now. Flair is up! HHH with more rights and Flair is down. HHH sets the chair, pedigree try…LOW BLOW! Flair has the chair…NAILS HHH! HHH is down and Flair is on his knees. 1…2…3…Flair is up. 4…5… Flair grabs HHH. He BITES HIS NOSE! Rights to HHH, chops now and a back elbow by Flair. Flair wraps HHH’s legs around the steel post and works the knees. Flair moves the steps…and then crotches him several times! HHH is barley up…CHOP BLOCK! Flair bites his leg now! Dirty bastard! Flair stomps on the knees of HHH. Knee drop by Flair. Chops by Flair, chop block again. Figure four try blocked by HHH, tries again and is kicked to the floor. Flair pulls HHH to the steel post again. Works the knees and gets a chair! BASEBALL SWING ON THE KNEES OF HHH! Back in the ring and Flair goes for the FFLL…NOW WE GO TO SCHOOL! Flair has the ropes too! HHH screams and fights. Flair continues to pull at the ropes and punishes HHH. HHH taps but it means nothing! HHH is flat on his back and Flair releases the hold. Ref counts and is at 4…Flair is up. 5…6…7…HHH tries to get up and does. Clothesline by HHH as Flair tried the chop block. HHH to the floor, limps around and grabs the ring steps. He tosses them in as the ref counts on Flair. Flair is up and HHH picks up the steps and KILLS FLAIR with them! Flair gets up…HHH has the steps but Flair gets the drop toehold! Both men are down and the count is on. 5… Flair is trying to get up. 7…Flair is up. 8…HHH is up. Chops by Flair. Rights by HHH. Flair tries a backdrop…PEDIGREE! HHH pulls himself up as the ref counts. Ref at 6…7… Flair tries to get up. 8…and he is up. PEDIGREE #2! HHH is up in the corner, as the ref counts. At 5…6… Flair is getting up. Flips off HHH. HHH attacks with crazy rights to Flair! HHH has him…PEDIGREE #3! Ref counts again. Ref at 5 and Flair is moving! HHH goes for SLEDGY! He nails Flair in the back of the head! King calls HHH a son of a bitch. Ref counts and Flair is done.

    Winner: HHH @ 27:00

    HHH stands over Flair, makes a gun motion and “puts Flair out of his misery.”

    EMT’s are out and they do the stretcher job on Flair.

    Mickey and Trish are at the WWE.com interactive deal.

    Randy Orton is with Team SD. They talk about Batista being hurt and JBL agrees. Lashley is quiet and Rey defends Batista. Orton puts himself over and Batista is here. JBL says Randy was talking the shit. Batista says there can be only one leader, and he says as champ it should be me. Rey is down with it. JBL says what about him? He then agrees. Lashley is with him. Orton says, “You’re the man, ok.” He doesn’t look pleased.

    Edge and Lita are here. They come to the ring. Edge says we all want to see a title match right now, but we have to wait. He says starting very soon, he and Lita will debut their new show, “The Cutting Edge.” No palm trees or TV’s, just a live mic and him. That may scare people and he will ask the questions that aren’t asked. Lita whispers to him and says they have a guest tonight, Dimitri Young from the Detroit Tigers. Edge asks if it is lack of talent or roids. He calls Young fatty. Edge says baseball is a crock and they are all crybabies on amphetamines. Baseball players hate the fans, especially people in Detroit. He bashes the Tigers and says the Pistons choked. Then he talks about the Lions, they play on Thanksgiving and they make Edge thankful because he can sleep knowing they will lose and he is thankful that he doesn’t have to live there. Lita says Young wants to talk, so Edge agrees and calls him MARK HENRY! Lita takes the mic to him and Young says he hits balls and Edge has none. Young says they have a lot of world titles, points to the banners and says Edge has NO WORLD TITLE! BOOOOOYA! Edge is pissed. He says they are leaving, SCREW YOU ALL!

    Cena/Angle video package is shown.

    Davari makes his way to the ring.

    They do the censoring thing for Angle, ok, NOW it is annoying.

    Match #4 Kurt Angle vs. John Cena ©

    Lock up to start, to the corner and Cena breaks. Take down by Angle, and then works the knee of Cena. Standing ankle lock deal, Cena kicks him off and Cena gets an arm drag. Shoulder blocks by Cena and Angle to the floor. Davari HOLDS Cena in the ring and refuses to count. He finally does and we have a HUGE dueling chant going. Elbows by Angle, then forearms. Rights by Angle and he beats down Cena in the corner. Boot by Cena takes Angle down, and then an elbow off the ropes. Fisherman’s suplex and he covers and Davari won’t count! Cena talks shit to Davari and Angle gets the ankle lock! Cena fights…but Angle pulls him back center. Davari teases ringing the bell, shouldn’t he just do it if they are trying to screw him? Cena gets the ropes and Davari kicks him off. Cena escapes, spine buster to Angle and then slaps Davari. Angle stops him from Dqing Cena, and then Cena rams them together! They fall to the floor. Angle pulls Cena to the floor and rams him off the steps. Belly to belly by Angle on the floor. Back in the ring and Davari is still out and we get a real ref and he counts 2 for Angle. Suplex by Angle, cover and gets 2. Waist lock by Angle, Cena fights…elbows out and a cross body by Cena gets 2. Rights to Angle, off the ropes and another belly to belly by Angle. Boots by Angle now, and then chokes out Cena. Backdrop suplex by Angle gets 2. Half crab/STF deal by Angle now. That looks painful. Rear choke by Angle now, Cena gets a jawbreaker to escape. DDT by Cena! Both men are down. To their feet and rights by Cena. Flying shoulder bock and a clothesline by Cena. PROTO BOMB TO ANGLE! 5-knuckle shuffle, Pump it up…and Angle clotheslines the ref! LOW BLOW to Cena! Angle calls for someone and here comes another ref. ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Sets Cena up top…rights to Cena. Angle up top…TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX! Angle covers 1…2…NO! Angle up top…MISSES THE MOONSAULT! Damn that was pretty. Cena has Angle up, he grabs the ref and then levels Cena. Forearm to the ref and he is out! Angle goes and gets Davari! Back in the ring and a SD ref is out! Cena DDT’s Davari! It is Charels Robinson, LIL NAITCH! FU TO ANGLE! 1…2…3!

    Winner: John Cena @ 14:00 via pin

    Cena celebrates.

    Cole and Coach commentate now. We have 2 refs as well.

    Match #5 Eric Bishoff vs. Teddy Long w/Palmer Cannon

    They talk trash and play to the crowd. Long runs and dances. Long sidesteps him and dances more. CRANE BY LONG! HAHA! Bishoff grabs his Karate belt and chokes Long as the refs yell at Palmer. Choke by Bishoff and they chant BORING. I agree. Sleeper by Bishoff…Long is down…and Long takes his shoe off and nails Bishoff. Bishoff blocks another shot and chops him. THE BOOGEY MAN IS HERE! At least his music. He sends the refs up the ramp and he is in the ring! He chokes Bishoff…I’M COMIN TO GET YA! Meltdown by the Boogey Man. He slides out and Long covers for the win.

    Winner: Teddy Long @ 5:25 via pin

    Long dances a bit and so does Palmer.

    We see Team SD walk as the SD locker room cheers them on.

    We see Team Raw walk and get cheered on.

    Raw vs. SD video package.

    Team SD comes out first. Batista is out first, JBL w/Mole Girl is next followed by Rey. Big Lashley is up next and finally Orton with COWBOY BOB~!

    The Raw and SD announce teams talk shit.

    Team Raw is out with HBK first, Carlito is out next, followed by Masters, who compared to Lashley is VERY small. Show and Kane finish things up.

    We have 2 referees. The SD ref on the floor and the Raw ref in the ring. The announcers continue to bicker.

    Match #6 Raw vs. SD: Batista, JBL, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and Lashley vs. HBK, Carlito, Chris Masters, The Big Show and Kane

    HBK and Orton to begin. Lock up and to the corner we go and a break. Lock up again and to the corner we go, and a slap to HBK. HBK returns the favor. Lock up and some good reversals here finishes with a slap by HBK. Chops by HBK, then a boot and more chops. Off the ropes and a boot by Orton, followed by European uppercuts and a cover for 2. Slam by Orton, misses a knee drop and a tag to Masters. Arm bar to Orton, but Orton rakes the eyes and clubs down Masters. Knee lift to Masters, but he rams Orton to the corner. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Masters. Cover and JBL breaks it up. Uppercut by Orton and a tag to Lashley. They stare down and ram into each other. Masters off the ropes and a powerslam by Lashley. Clothesline by Masters. Masterlock try… Lashley fights it off and elbows Masters. Belly to belly by Lashley and a tag to Carlito. Lashley grabs him and tosses him in. Rights to Lashley, and Lashley kills Carlito with clotheslines. Running powerslam by Lashley gets 2. Elbow by Carlito and HBK is in. Up top and Lashley tosses him off. Running clothesline to HBK. Scoop slam and an overhead belly to belly by Lashley. Carlito in…BLASTER TO CARLITO! One for HBK…he escapes and Kane chokeslams Lashley from the apron and HBK pins him!

    Lashley is gone now and Rey is in. Knee by Kane and HBK tags out. Masters is in and elbows to the back of Rey. Press slam by Masters and a tag to Kane. Kane misses the elbow and gets a basement dropkick and a standing moonsault for 2. Big boot by Kane and then rams Rey to the corner. Kane works the lower back now, and all of the announcers talking at once is ANNOYING! Sideslam by Kane gets 2. Kane rams Rey to the corner again and then locks in a bear hug. Hey assholes, CALL THE MATCH! I appreciate you adding some stuff, but it is annoying. Rey escapes and tags Batista. He beats down Kane, but then eats an elbow. SPEAR by Batista! Clothesline to HBK and boots to Masters and tosses him. Show is in and we all are brawling! SPINE BUSTER TO KANE! 1…2…3!

    Kane is gone and a choke slam by Show to Batista gets 2. Show kicks everyone and Kane is still there. DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM TO BATISTA! Show covers and that’s all for Batista.

    JBL in…cross body and Show catches him and slams him down. Chops by Show and then a boot to Orton. Catches Rey and tosses him to a corner. GOOZLE ON ORTON, stuns Show and CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Show gets up…Rey tags in and 619 to Show! Tag to Orton…RKO! Tag to JBL…CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Show is alive still! Tag to Rey, drop of the dime and Show is gone!

    Everyone is brawling now and JBL gets the fall away slam on HBK on the floor. Masters works over Rey and covers for 2. Tag to Carlito and a suplex on Rey for 2. Boots to Rey and then a choke. Leg drop by Carlito gets 2. Rear chinlock on Rey now. HBK is still down on the floor. Carlito gets a body scissors as well. Rey to his feet, battles out and off the ropes, boot by Rey and JBL blind tags in…CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL and Carlito is gone!

    Masters in against JBL. Suplex by Masters and a cover for 2. HBK is apparently dead on the floor. Rey tags in, Masters catches him but JBL helps and Rey covers for 2. Masters charges at Rey and hits the steel post! 619 by Rey! Drop of the dime 1…2..3!

    HBK is only left and SD has 3 guys left, JBL, Orton and Rey. JBL grabs HBK and rams him off of the announce table. HBK rolled in and rights by Rey. Off the ropes…chops by HBK. Drop toehold by Rey…619! Rey flies in…SUPERKCIK ALA SHELTON and Rey is done!

    JBL in, misses the Clothesline…SUPERKICK and JBL is gone!

    It is Orton vs. HBK! Orton stalks a beaten down HBK, calls him up…RKO, countered and Orton to the floor. PLANCHA by HBK! A huge, “we want Taker” chant now. Chops by HBK, flying forearm by HBK. KIP UP! Atomic drop to Orton. Clothesline by HBK. Another. Slam by HBK, and he goes up top…flying elbow to Orton! Both men are down now. JBL is at ringside and has a chair. HBK tunes up the band…JBL is in…but a SUPERKICK to JBL! RKO TO HBK! 1…2…3!

    Winners: Smackdown @ 24:05 via pin (Orton Survives)

    The Smackdown locker room comes out to celebrate and they raise Orton on their shoulders.


    Druid music!

    The druids have a casket and wheel it to the entranceway and set it upright. Lightning hits it and it goes on fire…it opens…hey it’s the Undertaker, who knew? Taker walks to the ring and then tosses Orton. He destroys the SD locker room! CHOKESLAMS FOR THE LOWCARD! TOMBSTONE TO REGAL! Orton watches on in horror as Taker does the cutthroat.

    Thanks for joining 411 for LIVE coverage of WWE Survivor Series!

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