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411’s WWE Table for 3 Report: Divas Champions Club (Maryse, Eve Torres, and Kelly Kelly)

June 20, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Table for 3 Report: Divas Champions Club

-Original air date: 06/19/17

-More from Mania weekend as this time we get 3 ladies who held the Divas Championship in the Era post Lita/Trish/Victoria, etc and before the Bellas/AJ/Paige group that gave way to The Divas Revolution. Our 3 guests are Maryse, Eve Torres, and Kelly Kelly.

-The girls discuss what they are wearing and how long it has been since they have all been together. They then talk about how they are all married now and we see a picture of Eve’s baby boy.

-More small talk as they discuss the way Maryse gives compliments and then tell a story of Maryse ordering chocolate cake every time they were out for dinner. This is all fascinating stuff!

-Kelly updates things as she married former Anaheim Duck, Sheldon Souray. Their wedding was on a beach and was taped for a reality show called WAGs. I have never seen the show, so I looked it up and it is on E! Network and chronicles the lives of Wives and Girlfriend (see, WAGs) of sports personalities. She talks about how the show aired their first season right after Total Divas. She is hoping to have a baby soon and hopes it is a boy.

-Eve has a son that is 18 months old, and she teaches jujitsu programs to help empower women. Maryse talks about how Eve embarrassed her a few times when she tried jujitsu with her.

-Maryse says she wants 4 kids and Eve says she wants more as well.

-They discuss the Mixed Tag Match from Mania as this is taped before the show. Maryse never thought she would be in a ring tagging with her husband. They discuss the real life animosity between Maryse and The Bellas. The biggest positive for her is working with Mike. Kelly compliments Maryse on the fact that the crowd really hates her and Miz.

-Maryse loves being on the road with Mike and they never get tired of seeing each other. They bring up all the dogs that Mike and Maryse own. She says she would have more if Mike would let her.

-Eve brings up that the women now get a lot more opportunities. Maryse says she loves the Revolution, but they can’t forget the women that came before them. They talk about how every generation has fought for the women to get more opportunities and each one has chipped away. They are happy the women are getting 15-20 minutes now compared to when they would get under 4. The word “Divas” never felt authentic to Eve and she is glad everyone is called a superstar now.

-Eve wants to know who the other girls felt were their favorite opponents. They liked working with each other and Kelly brings up working RAW once in a segment with Jerry Springer. They compliment Kelly for playing a great baby face that was great at being the victim.

-They move on to talking about Beth Phoenix being inducted into The Hall of Fame and that is what has brought Eve and Kelly to Mania weekend.

-Now they discuss Maryse cutting promos when she debuted and how it was hard for her since she only new about 10 words of English. They show one of those early vignettes with the director helping her with proper English. Kelly laughs as it would sometimes take 30 takes before she got it right.

-Funniest female they worked with and Eve mentions Nattie while Kelly picks Vicki Guerrero. She tells a story of Vicki putting fake cockroaches in her bag. They tell a road story and Maryse butchers saying Waco (Texas) as she pronounces it like the Animaniac character. I wish I was watching that show right now instead of this, but you take the good with the bad when it comes to this show.

-Eve wants to know what’s next for everyone and hopes they don’t wait 4 years to get together again. Kelly wants to have a baby soon as that is next in her plan. Maryse also wants kids and thinks Mike will be a great dad. They all agree that Mike will be the dad that will embarrass his kids.

-This somehow turns into a story of Maryse calling Miz freaking out because the cat has burn marks on it’s chin. They rush the cat to the vet and it turns out it has chin acne. Miz was not pleased as he had to spend $350 for an emergency visit to find out he has a fat cat with chin acne. Eve is going to continue with her self defense classes to help women, and after ordering some chocolate cake we are done with this one.

-Nothing against these ladies as it did look like they were having a ball, but this was one of the weaker episodes in this series. I think this actually ran a few seconds longer than Cornette/Hayes/Bischoff which is insane as they were repeating a lot here. This 20 minutes felt like double while most of the time this show seems to fly by. Again, all the respect in the world to these ladies and what they have done in the WWE and in their post wrestling careers, but this bored me.

-See you tomorrow for Talking Smack, a show that Maryse used to be on and would kill it on a regular basis.

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