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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 09.26.20 – AJ Styles and Joseph Park Do Steiner Math, Bayley Isn’t Scared of Alexa, and More!

September 26, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Talking Smack WWE

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 09.26.20

-It’s Clash of Champions weekend and I am very interested in what happens on the SmackDown side. RAW not as much, but I always go into a show hopeful for something good. Now to Talking Smack! Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to Talking Smack and she is joined by her co-host, Xavier Woods. They discuss the end of SmackDown and Woods states he was waiting for that to happen. He knows Roman doesn’t like what Jey had to say because he knows Jey has a chance on Sunday. This is all about who is the Alpha of the family and Woods puts over Jey’s credentials. He feels this is Jey’s time and that Roman is scared. As I mentioned in my 205 Live review, heel Roman is the best Roman and Jey is making the most of this chance.

-Our first guest is AJ Styles and yes, Joseph Park is out with him. Park is very excited to be back on Talking Smack. Woods wants to talk to Park and AJ tells him he isn’t one of the boys. They bring up Grandma Jenny and AJ can’t go over there because he is on a non carb diet and she makes the best gravy. Greatness now as Parks puts the numbers in the computer and AJ starts with a 33 1/3% chance of winning and after all the calculations the new IC Champion will be….Tito Santana. That was amazing and God bless them for referencing Steiner math and giving Tito a shout-out. AJ is annoyed by the wrinkles in the data, but Joseph promises he will fix it. Joseph invites Kayla and Xavier to Grandma Jenny’s house, but AJ shuts that down as Grandma Jenny is in bed by 6 PM. AJ has his eye on Jeff because of his history in ladder matches. He isn’t as concerned about Sami because he is out of shape and has been eating a lot because his wife was recently pregnant. He’s only been rubbing feet and eating. Park breaks Kayla as he mentions he turned out okay after years of rubbing feet and eating. AJ loses it as well and can’t even look at the camera. This is amazing! They get things back on track and AJ mentions that there will be no alliances in this match. His plan to take Jeff out first, Sami will be gassed, and then he just has to climb the ladder. Woods wants Joseph to bring Grandma back next time. Joseph gives a shout-out to Grandma Jenny and promises they will be over tomorrow, but again, AJ says no.

-That was amazing and they should probably just shut the show down, but we continue with The Lucha House Party. Woods brings up their tag title match on Sunday against Cesaro/Nakamura. Kalisto promises there is no tension and that his boys have been doing great while he was gone. He is back to lead them on to victory. They are kind of bothered by the inclination that Kalisto is their leader. Woods brings up again that there is a rift he sees and they don’t have the same chemistry. They argue a bit over who gets to talk, so Kayla asks how they will co-exist on Sunday. They argue a bit more, but they assure us they are hungry and will do what it takes to win the Tag Titles on Sunday. Kalisto goes back on the idea that he is going to lead them and as Latinos they can get a little passionate. Metalik gets to answer the last question and Kalisto translates as it doesn’t matter who is in the ring and they will walk out as Tag Champions on Sunday.

-Kayla and Woods do the Lucha chant as the trio take their leave. Our final guest is SmackDown Woman’s Champion: Bayley. She bring a steel chair out with her and Woods asks her about it. Bayley tells Kayla that you never know when you are going to need a steel chair. Kayla brings up this is her first title defense since the breakup of The Golden Role Models. Bayley mentions that was never their name and blames Michael Cole for it. She has beaten Nikki every time they have wrestled no matter if Sasha was there or not. Bayley brings up she did pretty dang good without Sasha when she was in NXT or on RAW. Woods puts her over as one of the most decorated performers ever in the WWE and that makes Bayley happy. She won’t put it past Nikki to have Alexa cheat for her. She isn’t scared of Alexa and knows the whole trance thing is a lie as she knows what she is doing. Bayley is the longest reigning champion for a reason as she is coming up on 1 year as champion. Woods tells Bayley her logic is sound and he can’t fault anything she is saying. She hopes Sasha is watching for her hospital bed. Bayley daps up Woods, but leaves Kayla hanging as she takes her leave.

-This show peaked with Park/AJ and never really got back on track. Still, that interview segment made this show and I need to somehow see Truth and Joseph Park interact with each other. Thanks for reading!

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