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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 10.10.20 – The Final Round of Day One Of the WWE Draft!

October 10, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Talking Smack 10-10-2020

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 10.10.20

-“They” arrived 10 years ago today. Welcome to WWE Talking Smack as the WWE Draft is apparently going to continue with this show this morning. I mean, we are kind of at the bottom of the barrel with this pool, but let’s see what happens. Also of note, Xavier Woods has been drafted to RAW so where does that leave this show for a co-host? Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to WWE Talking Smack and is joined by her special co-host, IC Champion, Sami Zayn. Awesome! Sami is heartbroken that AJ Styles has been drafted to RAW, but then tells us that he won’t be missed. Kayla brings up Seth Rollins coming to SmackDown and that one caught Sami by surprise as Seth has been RAW since the initial draft in 2016.

-Kayla hypes Hell in a Cell where it is official that Bayley/Sasha will take place inside Hell in a Cell. That gives us 3 Cell Matches for the show and that should be enough.

-Our first guest is The EST of WWE, Bianca Belair. Queen of Main Event and part of me is sad I won’t be seeing her on that show anymore, but it’s nice to see her getting a better spot. Sami makes sure she is holding her mic high enough. Bianca is excited to be on the Blue Brand and is ready to fight everyone on SmackDown at this point. Bianca wants a match with Sasha since she was drafted a pick before her and thinks they can create magic. She would also like to see Charlotte drafted on the brand as they have unfinished business. Carmella is another one she wants to face.

-Sami calls Bianca the complete package and thinks SmackDown is a perfect fit for Bianca as it is the brand that gives most opportunity. Kayla puts over Bianca being in the Rumble for 33 minutes and eliminating 8 women. Sami wonder if 33 minutes is the record and I’m pretty sure it’s not. I think Sasha holds the record (I checked and is actually Natalya at 56:01 in 2019 which broke Sasha’s record of 54:46 in 2018. Bianca sits at 5th longest with Ember and Charlotte above her and both going over 50 minutes.) Kayla mentions that Bianca is married to RAW Tag Champ, Montez Ford who is part of the Draft Pool for Monday. Sami asks if Bianca wants to be away to make a name on her own. Bianca is ok either way as love is love and Sami is cool with that.

-Otis and Tucker are out next and Sami wants a little space as they crowd him. Otis brings up his nickname for Kayla, “spicy pepper,” and Sami laughs as he wonders who talks like that. They discuss Sami being a vegan as Otis apparently offered him a 40 lb ham at one point. They touch on Miz and his lawsuit against Otis, but Kayla interrupts as we have the final round of the draft.

-Humberto Carrillo: RAW
-Murphy: SmackDown (the entire feud was moved to SD)
-Drew Gulak: RAW
-Kalisto: SmackDown
-Tucker: RAW

-You had to know that was coming and Sami is in his glory making that announcement. Fantastic! Sami says he isn’t happy about this and Kayla wonders if Miz is behind any of this. Tucker isn’t happy as they have had a 4 year partnership and Sami calls him out for saying they are “literal” brothers. Tucker is sorry, Sami doesn’t have anyone he is that close too….kind of wanted Sami to give KO a shout-out there, but I understand why he didn’t. Tucker knows this is a big opportunity for him and will make the most of it.

-So, the rest of Lucha House Party, Mickie James, and Shorty G are free agents.

-Sami mentions that people are sleeping on Tucker and thinks getting away from Otis is a good opportunity for him. He just found it funny that they found out in this manner.

-The New SmackDown Tag Champions, New Day are out next. Woods wants Sami out of his seat, but I will side with Sami here as Woods is now a member of RAW. Kayla wishes Woods the best and tells him that she is going to miss him so much. Woods calls Sami out for having dry hands. Kayla brings up that New Day (Woods and Kofi) are heading to RAW and Big E is staying on SmackDown, ending the trios impressive run. E mentions they have been together for 6 years. He is tired of always being on Talking Smack with the sad stuff. It hurts on a real level as he isn’t sure what this means as if the group is done or just on pause. He was happy to see his boys earlier and now they are going to be gone again. He knows Kofi doesn’t have many years left and that cracks everyone up. Kofi tells us that he doesn’t want to be here in 10 years. Woods takes the approach that they are still New Day and now we get to see them on Monday and Friday. Sami has a lot of love for New Day and is sad to see this run end after six years. He brings up that Big E has had a ton of momentum and puts over the win over Sheamus tonight. Sami saw something in E tonight that he hasn’t seen before and he knows there is a monster here. Woods says that E wants something and they start eye balling the IC Title and Sami smartly grabs the title and holds it tight.

-Kayla brings up that next week will be New Day’s farewell match on SmackDown as they defend the titles against Nakamura and Cesaro. I would think they either drop the titles back or The Profits get moved to SmackDown, but who knows. They all agree next week will be emotional, but the goal has been for New Day to dominate and now they can on both brands.

-A more newsworthy show this week obviously with the final round of night 1 of the Draft happening. Heavy Machinery separating is the bigger story as we apparently can’t have Tag Teams in the WWE. Unless Broetry in Motion is going to stay a thing. I held out hope Murphy would stay on RAW, but I guess this who Seth/Murphy/Mysterio story has to continue. As for this show overall it was fine and Sami was great as the co-host and I kind of want to see him stay in that spot, but this show seems destined to rotate through co-hosts in short order. Thanks for reading!