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411’s WWE This is Awesome Report: ‘Most Awesome Tag Teams’

July 6, 2024 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
AEW Rampage Hardy Boys The Hardys Image Credit: AEW

-The only series the WWE continues to produce new content for has a new episode out and this time it’s all about the Tag Teams. Let’s get to it!

-Run Time: 48:23

-Greg Miller, rocking a Dudleyville jersey, is our host and is in the WWE Studios!

-Opening Montage: Kofi Kingston calls Tag wrestling the best form of wrestling. The Miz always loved tag teams and had The Rockers as his favorite team. Bron Breakker calls The Steiner Brothers the greatest tag team of all time. No surprise there! Prison Dom loved The Mexicools and Chavo and Eddie. Natalya obviously loves The Hart Foundation and Xavier Woods gives love to Billy and Chuck. TEAM HELL NO! “I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.” They discuss being put in a team and how you can become best friends and form a bond together. Ron Simmons says there is nothing like the chemistry you can develop as a team. Miz goes over his various teams: Awesome Truth, Miz and Morrison, Show-Miz, Miz-Down. They bring up how WrestleMania Night One has closed with a Tag Team match the last two years.

The New Day

-I mean, there was no chance they were going to be left off this list. Megan Morant mentions their energy and excitement jump off the page. Kofi mentions it is about to be 10 years of New Day and they have never had a single argument and never even teased any issues on screen. Woods mentions the fans weren’t feeling them when they debuted, and they decided to be different. They didn’t need to pretend to be bad asses and went the other way with their shenanigans. Big E says nobody ever fought to be a leader and nobody ever pushed to be put above anyone else in the group. They discuss The Freebird Rule and how they are effectively 3 different tag teams. They broke Demolition’s record run and held the WWE Titles for 483 days. PANCAKES, TWERKING, UNICORN HORNS! Woods, Kofi, and Big E all talk about the bond they share and how much they all love each other.

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-HERE COMES THE AX AND HERE COMES THE SMASHER! Naturally, everyone talks about the awesome theme song and we get some karaoke. The Tag scene in the WWF in the 80s was insane and Demolition dominated the division in the late 80s. They were such great ass kickers, they had to turn them face. They mention the had a distinct look, well, in the WWF at least. You had the Road Warriors over in the NWA. Demolition won the Tag Titles from Strike Force and set the record for longest reign at the time as they held the titles for 15 months. Great stuff from my childhood!

The Dudley Boyz

-The most decorated tag team of all time! One of the few acts to get out of ECW and become even bigger stars. Woods says he first saw them when he heard about ECW. He was floored as he had never seen anything that violent. Bubba says there was no such thing as going too far in ECW. They discuss their finisher which became one the most over finishers in history. Speaking of over, the made tables famous in the WWF and we see them put MAE YOUNG THROUGH A TABLE. Mae was a beast! We see a photo of them with all the tag titles including the ones from TNA. Bubba notes they were attached at the hip for 20 years and are the most decorated team of all time. That’s what I said when this video started.

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The Rock N Roll Express

-Sam Roberts notes it is hard to explain how popular the RNR Express were. JBL calls them the greatest babyface tag tea of all time. Period! Just listen to the clips here and the high-pitched squeals of the women in the crowd. They could work with power teams like The Road Warriors and technical teams like The Midnight Express. We see highlights of their induction into the WWE Hall of Fame (inducted by Cornette). Disappointed they didn’t mention how Ricky Morton taking a shit kicking basically set the template for the hot tag in pro-wrestling.

Edge and Christian

-Good on them for including two guys that are currently in AEW. Still weird, to type that in regard to Edge. OFF BEAT SHENANIGANS! Zelina Vega loved them singing the theme songs of other wrestlers. MY TIME! They had the sense of humor New Day had, before New Day. 5 SECOND POSE! Edge says they both had the same mindset and could go in the ring when it was time. They include his Cope twitter/X handle. Obviously, that was old footage, but again, good on them for including the X handle. He says their goal was to be the best. Liv notes they could back up all their shenanigans once the ball rang. You could see they had a special bond before they ever stepped in a WWF ring. SODAS RULE! Edge closes by saying he will always remember looking at Christian at WrestleMania 2000 when they grabbed the tag titles on top of the ladder platform. “You just can’t beat it.”

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-We get a special package on Super Teams and it starts with THE GREATEST HANDSHAKE OF ALL TIME AS THE MEGA POWERS UNITE! I just reviewed that show last week, and you can find it here. Teams mentions: Two Man Power Trip, Rated RKO, Big Show and Taker, Austin/Michaels, Two Dudes with Attitudes. Priest gets in a good line when he laughs about how many partners Kane has had. Now to The Mega Powers! They are the definition of a Super Team and nothing will ever top that star power. Woods talks about the Taker/Kane dynamic and how Kane apparently was cool with Taker after the whole arson, and attempted murder deal. “I don’t know if he sent him a edible arrangement.” Funny! Rock N Sock Connection! “The Rock thanks you for that.” Again, too funny! Woods says for these super teams to get out of their division and go back to fighting for single titles.

The New Age Outlaws

-This was magic as they took two guys lost in the lower mid-card and decided to put them together. I mean, they turned Rock-a-billy and Road Dog Jesse James into one of the hottest acts in the company, when the company was printing money in The Attitude Era. They had a crazy amount of chemistry together and did crazy things like shave the mohawk of Hawk, push Foley and Funk off the stage in a dumpster. It was a natural fit to put them in HHH’s new version of DX after Shawn was gone. Here we are many, many years later and Gunn is still wrestling in AEW and James works for WWF backstage and as a commentator on Main Event. I was at that Royal Rumble show where they won their last Tag Titles in the WWE.

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The Hardy Boyz

-That completes the trio of teams that set the WWF tag scene on fire on the late 90s/early 2000s. We are still seeing the effect of The Hardy Boyz on the business today as a lot of young wrestlers will say they were influenced by the team. The highlight reel here is sick as it’s just crazy spot after crazy spot. It’s amazing Jeff can even walk today. Big E says one of his favorite moments of his career is hosting WrestleMania and being on stage when The Hardy Boyz made their WWE return. That crowd melted! Big E says it was one of those surprises that never got spoiled. I am sure it did, and I will say I figured out because it seemed really fishy they turned the Tag Match into a Ladder Match 6 days before the show. Kind of a dead giveaway there. Gargano calls them both legend and guys that deserves their flowers.

The Legion of Doom/Road Warriors

-These two terrified me as a kid growing up in the 80s. I still vividly remember then spiking Dusty Rhodes and my mom making me turn my head while by dad had to turn it off television. Big E brings up the Road Warrior pop and how guys still mention they want a “Road Warrior pop.” Priest notes they are his favorite tag tea team of all time. Just two ass kickers that looked scary! Priest was there at MSG when they won the Tag Titles at SummerSlam against The Nasty Boys. JBL brings up how they captured gold in the AWA, NWA, Japan, and WWE. Highlight reel of people taking The Doomsday Device and some of those landings are terrifying. Roberts notes they are the greatest tag team of all time.

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The Usos

-Woods says they are legit one of the best and Gargano credits them for raising the bar every time they step in the ring. Big E notes they are cheating as they are twins and can communicate without speaking. We have to discuss the Samoan Dynasty which gives them a chance to mention The Rock and Roman Reigns. We go back to the original incarnation of The Usos as they played more into their Samoan culture with the face paint and chanting/dancing. They went from there to The Uso penitentiary. That heel turn was a blessing for them as it made them cooler and had an edge. Then we get The Bloodline and they get to Main Event Night One of WrestleMania 39. Great moment for them! Big E notes they have both been able to break off and become Main Event stars. Sami Zayn says he can’t say enough good things about them, and Gargano calls them The Greatest Tag Team in WWE history.

-Miller wraps things up in the studio and next time we get Most Awesome Intercontinental Champions. Sweet!

-As always, this show is all about the nostalgia and will always work for me. The teams included were all worthy and there are others that should have been included but then you blow past the run time. For as great at the Tag Division was in the 80s it was kind of weird to only include Demolition (RNR and Road Warriors were NWA then). The biggest team left off the list would probably be The Steiners which I wasn’t expecting. They probably could have squeezed them in as ran this for another 3-4 minutes. I did enjoy the little package on Super Teams if only because it gave us The Mega Powers again. Thanks for reading!

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