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Acero’s AEW Dynamite New Year’s Smash (Night One) Review 1.6.21

January 6, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 1-6-21
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite New Year’s Smash (Night One) Review 1.6.21  

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It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.

What a freakin day! Let’s escape reality for a bit and watch wrestling, yeah?

The Acclaimed comes out with a freestyle comparing themselves to Cena, and Young Bucks to Marty Janetty.

Match 1: The Young Bucks and SCU vs The Acclaimed and TH2

Daniels with a cheap shot to start a melee of sorts! All eight men go at in the ring. Bucks and Daniels fly over the top rope to the other three. The legal men, Kaz and Bowens, go at it, until Evans runs in to hit Kaz. Young Bucks in to dropkick him out of the ring. Angelico is in, Nick locks the fingers, flies off with a head scissors arm drag, then he flies to the outside onto the heel team. Daniels on the apron, looks to moonsault onto Evans and Acclaimed, but Angelico is there to stop him! Bowens with the stomps to Daniels, and I don’t know what the fuck is going on. Angelico gets tagged in and stomps Daniels in the corner. He works the left arm, tags in Evans, and hits an assisted back suplex/stomp. Cover from Evans. 1..2…NO!!!! Tag to Bowens. Cover for 1..2..NO!! Tag to Angelico who locks in a submission. Evans fights back The Bucks, but Daniels gets to the ropes. Tag to Bowens, and both men collide then shoot for a tag. Kaz is in. Evans is in. He drops Evans and Angelico, again to both, caches a boot, flips Evans, and hits a chop! Evans shoves Kaz, Kaz hits a right hand to Angelico. Kick from Evans, he hits a standing sky twister press, as per Excalibur. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Clotheslnie to Kaz. Tag to Bowens who comes it to attack, but Kaz pulls Evans and Bowens into one another. Tag to Matt, who comes in, lcosk Evans and Bowens, and hits a double Norther Nights! Matt knocks the heels off the apron. He flies over the top rope onto Angelico!!!! He flips off the stage onto Castor! SPEAR TO EVANS!!! He runs back into the ring. Body slam to Bowens. Top rope. Matt with a NO!!! CROSSBODY TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!! Nick to the top rope. Matt near Bowens. Nick flies! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Kaz in. He grabs the arm of Bowens. They want the V-Trigger with Nick!!! They hit the knees, squashing Bowens!!! IN come Angelico and Evans! Angelico drops Matt, Evans ot the top. 630 senton, but Nick has the knees up!!! Tag to Matt.

SUPERKICK PARTY!!! They fake Evans out, DDT to Evans, SUPERKICK FROM NICK!!! They set up for the Meltzer Driver, but Castor is there to pull Nick off. Evans with a backslide. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to Daniels. Kick to Evans. Matt is up. MELTZER DRIVER!!!

Winners: The Young Bucks and SCU
Admittedly, I had a hell of a time recapping this, as the feed was spotty, and kept pausing on me. My rating likely isn’t fair, because this was high energy and non-stop, but from what I saw, it was also essentially a highlight reel for The Bucks.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:59

Kaz on the mic. THAT IS HOW YOU START OFF A YEAR! Kaz reiterates that the next time he and Daniels lose as a tag team, then they are done as a tag team forever. Kaz says that’s not happening on his watch. Daniels says if this is their last hurrah, they want a shot at the titles.

BACK TO THE SHOW AFTER A BREAK and Jon Moxley is here!

Moxley says life isn’t fair, and complaining is a waste of time. This is an unforgiving sport and sometimes you are on the bad end of a bad deal, and when that happens, sometimes, all you can do is endure, grit your teeth, and take it on the chin. But when that happens, you plant your feet, stare down adversity, and don’t back down an inch. So no, he ain’t going anywhere. But what to do with Kenny Omega and his Used Car Salesman friend. Moxley says he has a zero tolerance policy for shitty people. So, what he should do is beat them both with a crowbar, but tonight, the AEW World Championship is on the line, and he gave his heart and soul to protect that championship. Fenix has an opportunity tonight that he has clawed for for 13 years with reckless abandonment. It is not his right to interfere in another man’s destiny, but Kenny is not safe. He will never be safe. Just remember: Moxley will get even, and then some. When he does something, whe he says he will do something, he will do it. He upholds responsibilities and sees through his commitments. No matter how long it takes ,he will forever be in Kenny’s blindspot, and he promises that one day, Kenny will look into the eyes of the devil and beg for mercy when he realizes that Kenny crossed the wrong guy.

BACKSTAGE, Chuck and Orange update us on Trent, saying he’ll be out four to five months.

IN comes Miro to show his drip. Four to Five months sucks for Trent, but sucks even more for them because we know that Trent is the leader of their little group. Chuck must step up, but if he can’t, Miro can be his best friend. He can fold his clothes and wash his car.

Chuck says he’s wrestled in Japan quite a bit, and he won’t be Miro’s young boy, so how about he beats Miro’s big goofy ass in the center of the eing.

Miro wants to make it more interesting: after he beats Chuck next week, he becomes Miro’s Young Boy until after the wedding. Miro calls him stupid.

The Inner Circle are on the top of the stage.

Match 2: Wardlow vs Jake Hager

Lockup! Stalemate. Another lockup, rolling around the ropes and meeting in the center. Another stalemate. Hager with a go behind, lifts up, Wardlow breaks the hold, switches, arm drag from Hager, head scissors, and Hager pushes out of it. Both men up.Hager misses a right, waist lock from Wardlow, back elbow from Hager. Hager with huge punches in the corner. Whip to Wardlow, reversed, and Jake hits the corner hard. Right hands in the corner from Wardlow. Whip to the corner, They meet in the center with double clothesline!! Neither goes doen!!! Another shoulder tackle and neither drop. Hager hits the ropes, hops over, another shoulder tackle!!!! Hager runs under Wardlow, Wardlow turns. Clothesline to the outside.

Both men go at it with hard rights!!! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE IN THE OUTSIDE DROPS BOTH MEN!!!

Picture in Picture comes into play and Hager takes the advantage with some hard clubbing right hands in the ring. He whips Hager into the corner, then misses a shoulder. Hager with right hands to the head. He locks the arm around the ropes then chops Wardlow down hard. Hager has Wardlow hurting, and gloats about it. He hits a right hand. Whip to Wardlow, who hops over Hager, runs a shoulder into Hager, then a hard uppercut. Shoulder and an uppercut. Another combo. He lifts Hager. Spinebuster!!! Knee to Wardlow, then a suplex TOSS!!! Jessus. Another toss to Hager. Wardlow locks the head, another suplex!! Cover! 1…2..NO!!! Hager with a splash in the corner. Hits the ropes. Another splash. CLOTHESLINE TO WARDLOW!! WARDLOW GETS BACK UP!!! Hager grabs him, dead lifts, and slams Wardlow down hard! 1..2….NO!!! Hager goes for the Hager Bomb, Wardlow lifts the boot, Hager catches it! ANKLE LOCK!!!! Wardlow rolls to the back and kicks Hager in the face! Up and over the ropes, Hager on the apron. Right hand from Wardlow. He hits the ropes. HE SENDS HAGER FLYING!!!! Wardlow outside, sends Hager back in and follows. He locks up for an Exploder to Hager! Wardlow locks up from behind. GERMAN!!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Wardlow to the top rope! SENTON BOMB!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Hager rolls into a triangle hold!!! Wardlow with the rope break!!


Wardlow to the apron. Hager slams his head into the buckle. Hager to the top rope, grabbing Wardlow. Another triangle.

Wardlow drops down to the apron and sends Hager into the buckle. He lifts Hager up. F-10!!!! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Wardlow
Holy shit…that was WAY better than it had ANY right to be. Jesus.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 10:17

After the match, The Inner Circle get into the ring to applaud both men. Wardlow gives Hager some respect then leaves.

BACKSTAGE, Private Party is backstage with some gin that is totally not Tanqueray. Kassidy is wondering where the juice is. In comes Snoop with some totally not Ocean Spray.

IN comes Matt Hardy with what looks like is some new contracts. He wants them to trust him, and Matt says focus on winning. Don’t focus on the chair from last week. Matt will bring out the best in them. He knows 30% is a hefty fee, but it will pay off. They got some addendums they want Matt to look at. Matt says it’s all in the contract. Snoop stands by wanting the invite to The Private Party. Lol. Matt says he is no monster, he’s not taking away Cameo, Twitch, or any of that. They sign the contracts, and Matt bounces.

WE ARE BACK, and Team Taz is already in the ring. Darby has his new title in his hands, and there’s a scale in the middle of the ring. Apparently, there is a weigh-in. Tony is in the middle of the ring, and Taz wonders why Cage has to go first.

Cage hops on the scale. 272 lbs for Cage.

Darby hops on the scale, never breaking eye contact with Team Taz. 170 lbs.

Taz says of course this is a 100 lb weight difference, look at all the stuff Darby has on. Tony tries to respond, but Darby snatches the mic.

He talks to Taz, tells him this is 27 years in the making, because he’s dealt with shit like this all his life from people like him. We all know how this ends tonight, so lets get to the fun part. He grabs his board. Taz tells Tony to get out of the ring’ we’re bout to get busy. He tells Darby that he had a chance.

Out go the lights, and IT’S SNOWING! A New Years miracle! STING is here to back Darby up as Team Taz leaves the ring.

Tazz screams that next week, we crown a new champ.

Sting goes face to face with Darby and t hey talk with their eyes. I can read Face paint, so I’ll translate:

STING: Did you use my oil grease?
DARBY: You mean facepaint?

STING: Don’t get smart, boy. It’s a special brand that has anti-aging and is for sensitive skin.

DARBY: I have sensitive skin.

STING: Stop, your skin is flawless.

DARBY: Wow…thank you….

I’m not 100% sure I’m ok with the weigh-in as a concept, as it’s not done for every title match, and I usually assume they’re there to assure that people are the proper weight. If this was to make fun of Darby, I’d assume Taz would be excited for Cage to go first, and if this wasn’t to make fun of Darby, it came off a lil unnecessary.

BACKSTAGE, Hager is PISSED! He’s beating on a door. MJF goes up to him and says he knows he feels like a loser, but he’s a winner. He’s still Jake Hager, undefeated in the octogon. Be proud of himself. Hager says MJF almost got dropped, but he’s cool. Thanks for checking on him. Now get out. MJF leaves, saying he’s proud.

We get a recap of -1 cutting a promo on Marko Stunt.

WE come back to LIVE, and Stunt tries to talk about it before FTR run up on them to all Stunt out. Stunt flips out and says next week, he’s taking Lucha’s spot in the match, and he’ll take FTR on with Jungle Boy. FTR make a short joke, then leave, but not before Tully pats the head of Stunt.

Cody comes out with Snoop Dog, who added some lyrics to Cody’s entrance. Jericho shouts that Snoop “jumped” to AEW. Lol.

Match 3: Matt Sydal vs Cody Rhodes

They run the ropes a bit then lockup! Snoop is watching from afar. He’s got the coaching sheet that Arn Anderson usually carries, which seems odd, but ok. Sweep of the leg of Cody, Cody bridges out. Matt with a kick to the thigh. Kick to the leg again, then a high one to the head of Cody! Whip to Cody, reversed, Cody runs into an elbow. Sydal to the top rope, flies off with an arm drag. Sydal with a running kick to the corner. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Cody rolls to the outside. Sydal with the knees to the head of Cody! Snoop bounces out of the way and yells at Cody to handle that boy! Cody enters the ring. Sydal on the apron. He heads back in, Cody kicks, drops, and punches. Whip to Cody, and he skins the cat to re-enter, but Sydal kicks him in the face. Sydal runs with a dropkick through the ropes to the outside. Cody with a right hand to Sydal, but he ducks, and Serpentico is there to take the hit. Interesting.

Sydal whips Cody into the ring. Sydal to the top. Crossbody, but Cody rolls through and looks for the Cloverleaf! Cody works the arm as we go PIP. Cody hits the ropes, and comes off with a knee to Sydal. Body slam to Sydal. Codyis able to drop an elbow to the back of the head. He hypes himself up.

We are back and Cody with a suplex off the top rope, as Snoop watches in awe. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Cody to the top. He tries for a moonsault! Sydal stands! He pushes Cody mid-air. Knee strike to Cody! Sydayl to the top rope! He flies off with a shooting star press, but Cody had it scouted!! KNEES UP Reverse DDT! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Sydal with a surprise crossface! He eats an elbow, another. Right hand from Cody. Kick to Cody. Chop to the chest. Spinning kick to the chest. Cody follows the run and clotheslines Sydal to the outside. Cody with a kick, Sydal dodges, ropes. DISASTER KICK! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Sydal with aback elbow, hops on the shoulders, spins hurricanrana and a pin for 1..2…NO!!!! HIGH KICK TO THE HEAD!!!! SYDAL WITH A SPIRAL AND AP IN FOR 1..2…NO!!!!!! Sydal tries for a knee strike, but Cody dodges. CROSSRHODES!!! He’s not done! He lifts Sydal! Another Cross Rhodes!!! Pin for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes
I could have done without Snoop hitting a horrible splash and carrying Arn’s coach card. I also think that Sydal continues to show that he’s not as crisp as he once was. WWE gets a lot of flack for stunts similar to this, so we’ll call this a harmless misstep on the AEW’s part.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 10:03

Serpentico attacks!!!! Luther isn’t far behind!!! They double team Cody. Sperntico says fuck it and attacks Sydal, too! They double team Cody until Sydal hits a high kick to the head of Luther! Another one to Serpentico! Cody with a body slam to Serpentico! Sydal to the top! SNOOP TELLS HIM NO!!! SNOOP TO THE TOP ROPE!!! SNOOP FLIES WITH THE SHITTIEST SPLASH I’VE EVER SEEN!!!!

That was horrible, but Jericho’s commentary was amazing.



Match 4: AEW Women’s Championship Match
Abadon vs Hikaru Shida

Bell rings and Abadon blocks rights from Shida. She goes to bite the arm, Sida flips out of a wrist lock, hits the ropes, and arm drags Abadon, then hits a dropkick to the face. Shida on the apron with some stomps. Right hand to Abadon, draped over the apron. Shida runs with a knee ift, but Abadon catches the knee and SHE BITES THE THIGH OF SHIDA!!! Shid with right hands, Abadon still has the leg, GOOZLE, she sends Shida into the barricade. Abadon screams as Shida’s leg shows red. Abadon enters the ring at the count of 6 to break the hold then leave it to grab Shida and drag her under the ring!!! The ref tries to look under the ring. Abadon comes out rom under the ring, and Abadon’s mouth is full of blood! Shida is slow to crawl out, as Abadon sares down the ref. Shida comes out from under the ring, and her neck is leaking blood. Jericho wonders if this is even allowed! Abadon beats Shida down in the corner. She hits a few rights, then hits a huge X-Factor off the top rope! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Abadon grabs the head of Shida and slams it into the mat a few times, then beats down on her in the middle of the ring.

We come back, and Shida flies off the middle rope with a frog splash to Abadon outside. Shida grabs the head of Abadon and sends her head into the barricade then sends her back on the apron. Shida entesr the rin,g gets to the 2nd rope, brings Abadon up, then hits a superplex off the 2nd rope! Abadon brings up like The Fiend, Shida hits the ropes. Clothesline to Shida.

Abadon with a backslide attempt, but Shida rolls through, gets a 1..2..NO!!! Shida with Shining Wizard! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida
Well, it wasn’t pretty. I appreciate them triyng to go full force with the Abadon character, and it was a nice little mini-feud. Here’s hoping for some….fresh blood. *snickers*
Total Rating: **
Match Time:8:27

Tay and Anna are with Silver and Reynolds and they want to remind Serena that she will not be by herself come next week when she fights her for the NWA Women’s Championship Match.

PAC, Rey, and Petna get a quick square promo, calling themselves Death Triangle. Pac introduces the next champion, Rey Fenix. Tonight, Kenny’s collection is done.

Match 5: AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Rey Fenix vs Kenny Omega

We come back to the action! Rey sends Omega outside and flies off the apron with a hurricanrana. Rey attacks Omega with a right and sends him into the ring. Rey to the apron, heads into the ring, hops on the 2nd rope, tries to kick, Omega escapes, locks the head, swinging DDT. Rey lands on his feet. He hops up with a dropkick to Omega. Rey rushes the corner, lands on the apron, chop to the chest to Omega! Rey hops to the top rope, but Omega gives a chop right back to him!!! Chop from Omega on the outside, he sends Rey into the apron back first, then into the barricade. Another push into the barricade. Don rushes over to get Omega back into the ring. Omega with a chop to Rey. Whip to the barricade, Rey hops over it, hits a right hand toOMega. High kick to Omega!! Rey flies over the barricade, stands with a cutter attempt, but Omega locks the arms and hits a Snap Dragon Suplex!!! Omega stops the count, heads back out, hits a back suplex to Rey on the apron! Omega into the ring with Rey. Hits the ropes. Leg lariat to the back of the head! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Kick to Rey. Chop to Omega. Another chop. Kenny with a chop. Rey with another. Omega with a chop that flips Rey in the air! Omega lifts Rey up, locks the waist. Forearm to the small of the back. Omega locks the waist. Rey elbows out. Omega tries fo ra back suplex, Rey lands on h is feet, hits the ropes, flies off the ropes. Rey on the apron. Chop to Omega. He bounces off the ropes onto the ropes and hits a dropkick to Omega!!! Rey hits the ropes and flies over the top rope onto Omega hard! Sick.

BACK INTO THE RING! Rey with a chop to the chest. Omega pulls in for a fireman,s Rey flies off the back, eats an elbow, runs into the corner, dodges a roll, kick to Omega, MOONSAULT INTO A GERMAN!!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Rey rushes the corner. Omega on the apron. He gets to the top rope. STOMP TO THE BACK!!!!

PIP and Rey sends Omega into the barricade. He sends Omega back into the ring for a pin. We get a chopfest, with each man trying to break the blood vessels of one another. They stand, and Omega hits a hard chop, dropping Rey on his ass. Rey tries to fight, soe Omega hits some hard forearms to the head, drilling into Rey. Rey won’t stop fighting. Omega tries to rip the mask off his face. Rey stands into a hold, attacking the mid section, kicks the gut, chop, then a punch to the hin. Rey tries for a suplex, blocked it, SUPERKICK TO THE CHIN OF OMEGA!!! Omega sends Rey into the ropes, he holds on. V-TRIGGER! REY WITH A HIGH KICK IMMEDIATELY AFTER!! Holy shit!

Rey to the top rope! He flies! Omega with a knee!!!! POWERBOMB to REY!!! Stacked! 1..2….NO!!!! V-TRIGGER!! Cover for 1..2…..NO!!!! Omega hits the ropes, runs, ANOTHER V-TRIGGER AGAINST THE ROPES!!!! He sits Rey on the shoulders, but REVERSE RANA!!!! Don distracts, Omega hits a running knee. He has Rey on the stage, Rey high kicks to the face. Rey hops onto the bottom rope, OVER the top rope, INTO a cutter!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Rey with a fireman’s, holds the head, hits a knee. PILEDRIVER!!! FIRE THUNDER DRIVER according to Excalibur! 1…..2………NO!!!!!! SO FUCKING CLOSE!!! Rey pulls Omega into the center, grabs the arm and stomps Omega with kicks to the face. REY WITH A TRIBUTE TO EDDIE!!! FROG SPLASH!! Omega with the knees!!! Omega sits Rey on the corner. He locks up for a suplex. Rey with some punches. Omega hops off the corner,

Rey kicks him away, springboard into a hold, but Omega catches him and hits a Tiger Driver!!! Omega hits the ropes. V-TRIGGER! Cover for 1..2…………NO!!!! HOLYT SHIT!!!! Looked like Aubrey called it. ONE-WINGED ANGEL!! 1..2…3!!!!

Holy shit….
Total Rating: ****1/2
Match Time: 15:03

Callis on the mic. He says there’s a reason Pac isn’t here, Penta isn’t here. We head to the back, and Pac and Penta are being attacked by Kingston!!!

Callis promises Rey another One Winged Angel, but Moxley is here with a barbed wire wrapped bat. He walks into the ring and hits Omega in the stomach. Callis leaves the ring. Moxley points the bat at Omega. He looks to attack.

THE GOOD BROTHERS ARE HERE!!! They attack Moxley!!! They stomp Jon over and over. MAGIC KILLER TO MOXLEY!!!!

They hand the bat to Omega. He smacks Moxley. Over and over again, bat to the back.

PILLMAN AND GARRISON enter the ring!!! Gallows is too big, he sends Pillman out of the ring like nothing. We get some AEW jobbers hopping onto thee apron, but Gallwos and Anderson send them all off the apron. Gallows sends someone through a table, then drops Griff on the stage. They re-enter the ring as Jericho says that The Good Brothers screwed Young Bucks, screwed AEW, and they’re screwing Moxley. Omega with one more hard hit with the bat to the mid-section.

Omega talks to the camera, says Moxley made him flip the switch. MOXLEY HAS SOME MORE FIGHT IN HIM!!! He punches Anderson. Stomp from Omega. Bat to the mid section.

Out come Matt and Nick. They hold back The Good Brothers, trying to talk them out of the attack. They don’t understand what’s going on, and try and hold back Gallows and Anderson.

Griff and Pillman grab the arms of Omega from behind! Superkick from The Young Bucks!!!!

They continue trying o talk everyone out of what’s going on.

Kenny stops everyone. They hold up the TOO SWEET! Gallows and Anderson join Omega!


Callis blows several loads.

End Show.

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
I can't help but hear the South Cackalacky accent of Larry Csonka talking about how fucking awesome that ending was till The Bucks came out. lol. In all seriousness, tonight was just another one of those episodes where I felt, while watching, that I was witnessing one of "those episodes." You know, the ones that just feel historic and amazing? Yeah, that. Tonight wasn't a 10, but a damned near 10. The opener was crisp and hot, but did lean a little too heavy into the highlight reel-fest that the Bucks typically do (even though, I'll admit, it's been a while). Hager and Wardlow was amazing, and I don't know why I loved it. I just know that I did. Hoss as it ever could be, Larry. Cody and Sydal was probably the lowest point of the night, but even this could be argued that it was more sports-entertainment than anything else. Still, my personal opinion is that I could go without ever seeing Snoop Dogg attempt a splash ever again or before. I didn't need it, even if it was on Serpentico. The main event. I just don't know how anyone could watch that and not be all kinds of hyped. It's so hard to type out move for move with some of these guys in AEW, because I'm so urged to just sit back and enjoy. This was one of those matches. Amazing, breath-taking, even. Now, to the end. An invading company coming in and actually getting the upper hand may seem odd, but this was solid. The only weak point I saw was The Young Bucks attempting to act concerned, kicking some jobbers, then going right back to the face of being unsure. It's a little bit inconsistent, and I think it can be blamed on the fact that The Bucks simply can't emote all that well. This is minor, though, because this episode was another BIG TIME episode in AEW lore, and I had a blast tonight.

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