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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.8.23

February 8, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite The Elite Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.8.23  

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Have any of y’all stopped and considered just how awesome it is to be a wrestling fan right now? Man, I get so hyped on Mondays and Wednesdays now. This time last year, I nearly quit doing RAW because I was dreading it so much!

Anyway, love y’all!

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

YOUR AEW Champion is in action NOW!

MJF makes his entrance for the upcoming match. Let’s fuckin gooooo!

MJF vs Konosuke Takeshita

MJF wants a handshake to start, but of course it’s all a ruse and MJF cheap shots him. Takeshita sends MJF to the corner and mounts for some punches, he stops at 10 and MJF hits an inverted atomic drop then flips off the crowd. He hist the ropes and Takeshita hits a jumping knee! He tries for another knee, but MJF pulls the ref in the way and Takeshita stops. MJF drives his knees into the left arm over and over. Then whips takeshita into the corner. MJF hooks the head and a hammer lock then hits a DDT and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!

MJF tries to whip out the corner, Takeshita stops him, so MJF drops an axe on the arm. Whip to Takeshita, MJF swings a right, Takeshita ducks. Exploder into the corner! Big boot form Takeshita. Another running boot from the corner! The third one misses and MJF rolls him up for 1..2.NO!! Whip is reversed, MJF tries to hop over but Takeshita kicks him in the chest! Nice! Brainbuster to MJF!!! Cover! 1..2….NO!!!! Takeshita to the top rope. Eddie Shimmy! FROG SPLASH!!! Cover for 1..2…….NO!!!! That was beautiful. Huge EDDIE chant. This crowd is lit. Takeshita lifts MJF, MJF spins Takeshita for a piledriver, but Takeshita reveres and hits a piledriver!!! He locks the hip, deadlift German with a release to MJF!! DEEEYUM!!! Takeshita turns for a knee and MJF rolls out of the ring! MJF rolls in just as Takeshita dives over the top, causing a crash and burn. Takeshita is favoring the wrist. MJF leaves the ring, grabs the hand of Takeshita and slams it down hard. He sends Takeshita into t—noooo, Takeshita reverses and sends MJF into the ringpost!

Back into the ring, and Takeshita kicks MJF. YOU DESERVE IT chant to MJF. Lol. Takeshita to the top rope. Moo—nooo!!! MJF hits the ropes and crotches Takeshita! MJF up, locks up from behind, Takeshita turns, big lariat off the top, but MJF lands on his feet! Kick to Takeshita! Elbow from Takeshita, but both men still stand, MJF hits an elbow! Takeshita with a lariat and both men down! Takeshita covers! 1…2..NO!!!! Reversal into SALT OF THE EARTH! MJF bites the fingers. Takeshita rolls up for 1..2.NO!!! Mjf hits the ropes, gets sent outside, Takeshita hits the ropes, tope over the top!!!! Takeshita sends MJF into the ring. Takeshit to the apron as MJF rolls into the center of the ring. Takeshita drops the knee pad. MJF on his knees. Takeshita goes for it and mJF rolls out of the ring! Takeshita to the out, MJF back in, he uses the ref as a shield, Takeshita enters and MJF kicks him in the shoulder. Knees over and over to the left arm. MJF spits on Takeshita. He drops a knee, Takeshita moves, MJF is hurting. Right to the arm of Takeshita, so he punches him square in the jaw. Forearms to the face over and over. Takeshita up! BLUE THUNDER BOMB!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!!! Running knee!!!! Cover! 1..2….NO!!! Foot on the ropes! Takeshita on the apron, climbs, struggles, goes for a senton, but MJF moves and gets in the Salt of the Earth again!!!! Takeshita reaches for the ropes!

MJF pulls him back into the middle of the ring and bridges! He pulls the lock hard over and over until Takeshita has no choice but to tap!

Winner: MJF
Y’all…that was amazing. A lot oing on here. First, they assuredly wanted to prove that MJF CAN submit people, CAN work a match working a limb, and CAN wrestle. While this was obvious, it did not deter from the reality that this was a great fucking match. Beyond what story they were trying to tell, this was just good ass wrestling. Kinda impressed…
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 13:15

MJF puts his ring back on and clocks Takeshita after taking out the ref. He mounts Takeshita, who is bleeding from the forehead, and punches over and over until…Daniel Bryan runs out to make the save.

A Samoa Joe video package/promo calls Darby a worthy and brave adversary, but Wardlow is not. Joe has taken his belt and scalp, what more does he want Joe to take from him? Men like Wardlow need to be put down immediately. He knows Wardlow has many secrets, and Joe is going to expose him. Joe will take everything from Wardlow.

Jamie Hayter vs Bunny

Handshake to start, then a side headlock takedown from Jamie. Both girls up, shoulder tackle to Bunny. Another. A third. Bunny elbows out the corner, hops ot the top rope, locks the head and falls back over the legs, letting them thangs hang. She releases after the count, and Jamie locks the head and suplexes her into the ring. Bunny rolls all the way to the other side, Jamie tries to shoulder her, but Bunny hits a shoulder then hangs her up over the middle rope. To the outside and Bunny suplexes Jamie onto the steps!

WE are back and Britt Baker is holding a fan sign for Jamie, but here comes Penelope Ford to rip the sign. Lol. Ok.

In the ring, Jamie tries for a suplex, brutally messes up and drops Bunny hard. Bunny looks possibly hurt. Jamie stomps her a few times then ends it with Hayterade quickly. Pin for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Jamie Hayter
About half of this was during a commercial break, so not much to write about other than…Ouch. That ending looked rough, and I cant blame just one of the girls, as it seemed like both their faults. Hope Bunny is ok.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 6:04

Backstage, Saraya and Toni Storm are here to talk to Leva Bates. They bring her in, Saraya asks if her name begins with an L, which it does. Saraya tells Renee to back up, asks Toni if she wants to do the honors. Toni hits a forearm to the back, Saraya drops her, they stomp Bates a little, then spray paint an L on her back.

Yeesh, that was rough…

Backstage, a chick named Lexi is trying to talk to MJF. From in side the room, you hear MJF to let her in. He tells her to sit. He tells Takeshita that we all talked about him being the next big thing, and MJF gives him credit but he is not the next big thing. As for Bryan, he and the fans treat him like some scumbaag. He doesn’t know if he is twisted because we hate him or vice versa. He remembers the first time he was met with adversity. He remembers when he was in high school, he drove with his blue Camaro, and got ticket after ticket for speeding. Come Junior Prom, he and his homies were in Lettermans, walk in and he sees some chick named “Liv,” and he got to drive her in his Camaro. While driving, she gave him head. He drove fast, it was raining, they hydroplaned, they spun, he tried to brake, hit the accelator, and hit a pole at 90 MPH. When he woke up, he tasted pennies in his mouth. Hands covered in blood. Liv wasn’t moving at all, police sirens began to roar. There it was, adversity. What would he do?

MJF is the type of guy who grabbed the chick’s body, switched seats with her, and did this because he didn’t want to be the one driving. Bryan will be met with adversity, and everyone will see that Bryan doesn’t have the balls, the temerity to do what it takes. There will be no match, there will be no Iron Man Match. Yes, MJF is a scumbag, and he’s damned proud of it.



Up next, “The Garcia/Guevara Gaunlet Match”

Ricky Starks vs Angelo Parker

After some rope work, Ricky hits a spear and covers at less than a minute for 1..2…3!!!!

Menard is in next, he gets rolled up, 1..2…3!!!

Daniel Garcia’s music hits. He struts down, but Sammy’s music hits, and Garcia looks surprised. Sammy is out and gives Garcia a hug. Looks like maybe he’s taking on both?

Garcia and Sammy hop on the apron on either side. Starks tries to attack Sammy and Garcia attacks from behind. He stomps Starks in the corner, gives him the boot to the chin. Garcia whips Starks hard into the buckle. Chop from Starks. Another, a forearm. Another. Back elbow off th run from Garcia.

We come back to Garcia with Starks locked up on the mat. Ricky is able to lift the chokehold and turn it into a sitout powerbomb. With authority. Nice. Both men down and the ref starts the count. Garcia sends Starks to the corner. Superplex! Garcia holds on, but Starks holds on and counters with a Northern Light! Starks locks up, lifts Garcia onto his shoulders, Garcia to the apron. Locks the head, both men on the apron now. They hit rights back and forth. SPEAR ON THE APRON!!!

Starks walks towards the barricade, and a dude in a mask is there to….HIT RICKY IN THE FACE WITH A JUDAS EFFECT!! Garcia grabs Starks, rolls him into the ring. Covers for 1…..2….3!!!!

Winner: Daniel Garcia
A fine enough showcase for Starks to not win against the odds, but I’m sure he’ll get his match regardless.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 9:37

Backstage, Renee is with Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed. Renee asks Billy how he feels about all of this, being in the middle and all that.

Billy says he cares about all four of these guys. The decision he has made is that he will stay in the back.

Max says they are the best, the world’s favorite, and they support Billy’s decision. Bowens seems a little offended but still wants some scissors.

We return to Bryan Danielson with Takeshita while Renee asks him about tonight. The door to the locker room closes, and we hear Spanish on the outside.

Back ringside, Rush makes his entrance.

MJF’s music hits, and out he comes limping a bit, asking to cut his music. He tells Aubrey that they need to talk. Considering the AEW rule book, Bryan is scheduled for a match here and now and he isn’t here. Crowd calls him a CULERO, and MJF hilariously says, “No Habla Espanol.”

MJF tells Aubrey to ring the bell and start the count.

Bryan uses his shoulder to break down the door. Vance and Jose are outside, but he makes his way to the ring. Aubrey hits 5 stares MJF down, takes her time, hits 6 as the crowd chants for Aubrey.

Bryan Danielson vs Rush

Bryan enters the ring, and Rush is there to hit him with boots. Whip to the corner, hard clothesline, another whip, a splash, and toss to the middle of the ring, followed by a dropkick. Stomps in the corner. MJF on commentary. Chop from Rush. More. Bryan fires back, Rush hits another, they go back and forth until Bryan hits headbutt after headbutt. Big kick, whip, Rush side steps, GERMAN! Running knee to Bryan! Bryan to the outside. Rush out too and sends him into the baaricade. Another, focusing on the shoulder of Brryan. Rush sends Bryan into the chair. Rush gets back into the ring then rolls right back out. Aubrey follows and tries to get the guys inside. Rush hits a chop to Bryan. Shoulder to the barricade. One more time! Rushe with knee after knee to the forehead. Bryan is busted open, and blood is pouring from the head. Rush chops Bryan again. To the apron and both men are chopping each other away. Bryran with hard slaps across the face over and over. Fists to the top of the head. Rush drops to his back. He is up. GERMAN TO BRYAN AND BLOOD SPLATTERS ONTO THE SCREEN!!!

We are BACK and Bryan is bleedin more than Jesus in Passion of the Christ.. Bryan hits a suicide dive out of the ring. He then sits Rush against the barricade, gives himself plenty of room, and runs with a knee. Bryan sends Rush into the ring, still favoring the arm heavy. Bryan to the top rope. Bryan dives with one arm in the air. Shotgun dropkick! YES KICKS! He goes for the killshot, Rush stands and chops Bryan, Bryan chops.Rush chops. These chops are HARD! Kick from Bryan, another, another to the chest. Rush sends him. To the corenr. Chop after chop. They trade hard ss hits in the corner over and over. Like legit it looks like Rush is beatin that ass. Bryan runs out of the corner with a dropkick in the corner. Another kick! AN—NO!! Elbow from Rush!! He straightjackets, lifts up, piledriver! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Rush corners Bryan, hits some hard forearms. Aubrey tries to hold him back. Rush backs up, hit the corner, runs in a…rush. Lol. BRYAN WITH THE KNEE!!! ITS OVER!! COVER!! 1….2….NO!!!!

SI SE PUEDE Chant! Lol.

Both men up. Right from Rush. Right from Bryan. NO v SI chants. Lol. Bryan headbutts!! Rush headbutts!! Bryan staggers back, he HULKS UP!!! They grab each other! Headbutt over and over!!! GOOD GOLLY.

Open handed slap from Bryan! One from Rush, and Bryan falls to his knee! They both hit one, the ropes, GERMAN from Rush, but he rolls through!!!! Boot out of t he corner!!! RUNNING KNEE!!! COVER!!! 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson
HOLY FUCK! WE GOT A BRISCOE!!!! It’s one thing to get some color in the match, and a whole other to see someone realize we might have an issue. But to see Bryan seemingly just go way more violent after the fact was a sight to behold. Rush BEAT. HIS. ASS. Bryan fought like hell. This was PPV main event worthy and proof positive that AEW just does things a lil bit differently. Some could argue that Rush has had next to no push or significant presence yet he didn’t need it for you to fall in love with the guy during this match. Good god, this was great.
Total Rating: ****1/2
Match Time: 14:49

MJF rushes down the ring. He enters, Bryan stands, Hard right from MJF and he’s got the ring on. Salt of the Earth to Bryan.

Backstage, some dudes from Impractical Jokers have stolen Jericho’s bat.

Trios Match
Top Flight and AR Fox vs The Elite

Dante and Nick to start. Lockup and Nick arm dragsDante. They hop over each other, both kick, whip to the ropes, Dante flips off of Nick, hits a dropkick, and gives The Elite the ol SUCK IT. Running clothesline and a tag to Darius. Suplex and a kip up from Darius. Senton from Dante. Drop toe hold to the entering Matt to both men. AR Fox with a senton. Dropkick to Kenny from AR, who just got the tag. He drops an elbow to the head of Nick, tag to Darius. He locks the head, Nick swings, atomic drop but Matt hgets the tag. Right in th corner to Nick, Nick flies over, drops him on the knee, and Matt comes in with a swnigng neckbreaker. Dante comes in, hiptosses The Bucks, they cartwheel, double kick to Dante! Omega in to dunk AR’s head into the amt. Nick with a right to Darius. Tag to Omega.Omega attacks the back, kicks. Omega with a right, another, AR tries to fight back but Omega hits a chop. Hi pto the corner, triple team from The Elite wit two kicks and a right. Backbreaker from Omega and a cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Back from the break, and Matt is in the ring with Darius. Matt waits for Darius to stand, then superkicks Dante and elbows AR off the apron. Oh you sneaky sneaky man. Matt superkicks, Daris escapes, gets sent into the ropes, SAPANISH FLY! Nick dives off the springboard from the pin, Kenny attacks AR. Tag to AR. Kenny in, gets clocked with a right, AR flips, Kenny rolls through, so AR hits a senton onto Nick. Kenny with a right, elbow to Kenny, roll through into a cutter from AR. Nick kicks AR, Matt limps in, they try to double team, AR whips Nick, hits a clothesline, back elbow to Matt, AR skins the cat, kicks Nick in the corner, cutter to Matt! Dodges a kick, another cutter! Good lord. AR hits the ropes and dives over the top onto The Bucks! He does it again on the other side onto Omega!! He rolls Kenny in, hits the ropes, ANOTHER DIVE OVER TO THE BUCKS!! Haha. Nice. AR to the top rope. Senton to Kenny! He hits it! Cover! 1….2…..NO!!!! Right from Omega. Kick from Omega. AR hops ot the top, bounces off the ropes and hits a SEATED SPANISH FLY. WTF! Tag to Dante. Tag to Nick. Dropkick to Nick! Jawbreaker. Tag to Matt, he rushes and Dante rflips over him, flips over Matt, dodges a right, hits the ropes, rana to Matt! He rushes the corner, sitso n the top, kicks matt, dives, Matt catches, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Another! He struggles for the third, Dante floats over, tagt to Darius, Matt rolls up, in comes AR and Dante, and we get a double suplex AND a pin to AR and Darius while Dante is on his shoulders! HOLY FUCK.

Tag to Nick. Kick to Darius, another, Nick spins, Darius spins a kick into Matt, tag to Dante, Darius runs off of Dante and hits a tornado DDT to Nick! Cover from Darius! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! AR to the top rope. He bounces off the top and FLIES BACK WITH A FUCKING SENTON!!

In the ring, assisted nosedive to Nick!!! AR in! 450 Splash!!! Cover for 1..2…..OMEGA STOPS THE PIN!! AR on the top rope with Nick. Omega with the Nelson! Dragon Suplex off the top! Flying clothesline from Dante. Darius dives in and hits Nick with a Flatliner! Superkick from Matt! Superkick to Dante, Standing sliced bread from Matt to Darius. AR UP! Enziguri!!! AR bounces of the tope but Nick and Omega catch him and send him upside down into Matt’s arms and we get a piledriver! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Top Flight break it up! Nick sends them to the outside. Tag to Omega, Nick flips from Matt into a moonsault to Top Flight ot the outside. Omega and AR in the ring. He hits the ropes, tries for V-Trigger, AR rolls him up!!! 1..2…NO!!! Knee to AR!!! Gutwrench form Oemga into a powerbomb! Cover! 1..2…….NO!!!!!

V-Trigger to AR! Sits him on top! One-Win—no!!! ROLL THROUGH FROM AR!! Cover for 1..2..N!O!!!

Omega tries for a clothesline, Matrix ducks from AR, tries for a kick, Omega dodges, crucifix pin from AR, reversal from Omega. 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Elite
Y’all….wtf! First, just on the basis of wrestling alone, this was a Briscoe, but when you couple in the fact that Top Flight was something that took time for some people to latch onto and yet they did this…just wow. I recall a time I’d call nearly every Young Bucks math Indyriffic, and although there are shades of that here, they have really honed in their skill set with the reality that shit should hurt (or at least give the impression that it hurts). They’re working with younger cats, and these younger dudes are putting on a hell of a show. Like what the hell, AR Fox, why you so good? Lordy, maybe I’m marking out but this was stellar. Even from a single show perspective, you had the more grounded and classic opener with MJ, the blood bath that was Bryan, and this shit right here to assure that there was something for everyone.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 14:36

Backstage, Stokely is asked about the cracks in the foundation in The Firm. Stokely blames everything that has gone wrong on Hook. Matt is asking for a raise because of Hook. Kassidy is out there moaning.

Hook is shown walking from round the corner. Stokely offers him some mac and cheese in Harlem. Hook hooks the left arm and gets in Stokely’s face and tells him to be cautious with those words, sir. He releases as Stokely asks for medical.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match
The Gunns vs The Acclaimed

Max and Colten to start. They tangle up a bit but the crowd is super pro Acclaimed. A shoulder tackle knocks Max on his ass, but he rebounds with a slick arm drag and an arm bar. Tag to Bowens, and he comes in with a chop. Another. Another. A harder one in the corner. Tag to Max, Max to the top rope. He dives and hits an axe to the arm. TAG and in comes Austin. He gets arm dragged across the ring. Tag to Anthony, and he hops up for some Scissor Me Timbers.

Back and Austin gets a cover on Max off of a double team. Max with a jawbreaker. He sends Austin to the outside. In comes Colten and he getes sent to the outside, too. Austin runs into the ring, sends Max away from the tag, but Max ducks under and tags in Bowens. Rights to both Gunns. He side forearms then dries an elbow back and forth to Austin then Colton! Kick, another kick, hits the ropes. FAMEASSER!!! Cover for 1.2….NO!!! Broken up! Max comes in, stomps Colten a few times then corners him. Bowens has his guy cornered, they whip, but Bowens hits a superkick, clothesline from a Gunn, Max and the other hit each other in the middle of the ring! Max rolls to the outside, leaving Bowens alone in the ring with Austin. Bowens with a rolling elbow, but Austin pulls the ref in the way!!! He hits Quickdraw on Bowens! Austin realizes the ref is out! He leaves the ring, grabs the title.

Billy Gunn is here! He enters the ring, stands over Bowens. Anthony is slow to rise. Gunn grabs him, helps him up. Austin looks to hit him with the title, but Gunn stops him!! He grabs the belt! Says not like that! Colten in the ring with the other belt! He attacks Billy with the title!!!

Bowens and Max are in the ring. They are mad. THEY ATTACK!!! Max sends Colten to the outside, Bowens with a rolling elbow! He3 calls for the end! The Arrival! MIC DROP! Still no ref! Max rolls out of the ring, grabs the ref. Austin is stirring. Max sends the ref in the ring, Colten grabs Max and sends him into the barricade. Ref starts the count for 1..2..NO!!!

Colten grabs Bowens leg. Bowens stands, rolls up Austin. Ref crawls for a 1..2..NO!!!!! Austin shoots Bowens off the pin. BELT SHOT TO BOWENS! Roll up and a stack to Bowens for 1..2….3!!!!

Winners: The Gunns
I’m secretly hopin The Acclaimed asked for time off or something, because I don’t think this win was needed, and I didn’t see anything during this match that proved me wrong. It was somewhat disjointed and not all that great, namely based on The Gunns. I suppose some could argue that this gives The Gunns some clout, but at what expense?
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 10:16

End Show

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
Excuse me while I Legion of Doom this, but what a ruuuusssshhhh!!! Tonight' s episode showcased everything that is great about AEW. You had three stand out matches, each with a distinctively different style and approach, yet all equally as great (for the most part). MJF's opener was a classic bout, full of old school chicanery and heel tactics, with the babyface just succumbing to the dastardly heel. Bryan and Rush was a PPV Main Event worthy classic that saw the violence go crazy all while confined within the technicality of wrestling in a way that only Bryan can truly do, while not even a little diminishing Rush's skillset. The Elite and Top Flight/AR showed you what people popped at for years at nearly every PWG here in CA, and with reason. What's more, is I find The Bucks to be even just a little bit more reserved since their return with some actual semblance of story and continuity within the ropes. For these three matches alone, this was an easy high grade, but with only two instances where I rolled my eyes ( the Gunn win and Saraya's...words), this show was an easy must watch, and an easy 9.

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