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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.15.20

June 15, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Randy Orton Christian WWE RAW
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.15.20  

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I got about halfway through Backlash before having to get some other work done, but I read the fabulously star-studded report by Slimmer, so I’m somewhat up to snuff.

We start with Orton talking about beating Edge. We are informed that Edge tore his tricep. Orton says he won the Greatest Match Ever, which makes him the Greatest Wrestler Ever, and he doesn’t need a title to prove it. What he does need is to thank Edge for reigniting the fire in his gut. Edge helped him remember what it feels like to be the Legend Killer, and he wishes Edge was here so he could thank Edge man to man and face to face, but he knows why Edge isn’t here. Edge isn’t here because he tore Edge’s tricep clean off the bone. Orton knew when it happened, but he had to keep going to make Edge suffer so that he would be sent back home to be a husband and a father. Edge isn’t here because he’s in some hospital, being operated on by a team of doctors.

He says Edge will be cleared in July…2029. Hopefully their paths cross again…in nine years.

Here’s Christian!


Christian wonders what kind of a man is Orton. He’s a cold and calculating and a son of a bitch. Orton tells Christian this is not about him, and Christian is just jealous. Orton knows what Christian wants. He wants ONE. MORE. MATCH.

Christian says no, he’s out here to defend Edge. Orton ays no, he cant stand the fact that this was all taken away from him. Orton says he knows Christian isn’t medically cleared, but he has a way around that: Christian v Orton: Unsanctioned.

Christian hesitates. Orton says that offer expires by the end of the night, and if he doesn’t accept, it just proves what we already know. Christian is nothing more than a coward.

Match 1: Kevin Owens vs Angel Garza

Garza tries to dropkick Owens, but Owens side steps and attacks! Just as he gets going, Andrade’s music hits and he comes out to distract Angel. Owens attacks off the distraction. Go behind by Owens, reversed and Owens reverses agia. Owens rips the pants off. He tosses them into Angel, then goes for a Stunner, but Angel rolls to the outside. He hangs Owens up, Owens blocks a kick, Owens sends Angel to the post. Angel and Andrade argue on the outside. Zelina rushes up to them, tells both that she is sick of this, and walks away. She’s heading to the back.

We return to Angel trying to Bronco Bust Owens. Owens kicks him in the back after Angel misses, then chops his chest a few times. Owens hits his own corner then run for a cannonball. Angel moves, Owens stops, High kick from Angel. He gets to the top rope. Missile Dropkick and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Angel attacks from behind.

Andrade tries to distract Owens. Kick! WHAM! Stunner to Angel! Pin for 1…2..3!!!

Winner: Kevin Owens
One of those “par for the course” matches that was neither bad nor great.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 6:31

Andrade enters the ring to scold Angel. Zelina returns ringside, then heads into the ring. She tells both of them that they want the same thing. They need to stop fighting against each other and start fighting together.

MVP is backstage with Lashley. They get interrupted and MVP goes awf! MVP says the focus should be on the fact that Lashley waited 13 years for a shot at the title and was cheated out of that opportunity. Don’t worry, though, because they are going to address that right now.

MVP says he wants to cut to the chase; last night, after thirteen years, he had his night ruined. Drew had the gall to capitalize on the circumstances. Lana, always thirsting for attention, came down to the ring to catch her precious Bobby’s eye. It is exclusively Lana’s fault that Bobby is not champion, and if Drew had any integrity at all, he would have given Bobby a rematch on the spot. Instead, he hides behind Lana.

Here she comes. Lana wants to be clear; it was Bobby’s idea to banish her from ringside. He knows Lana would never do anything to hurt him, and to be honest, he’d do everything for him. She put his career over hers. She got divorced for him. All the positivity and love came to him because of her, and everything went wrong when MVP showed up.

MVP calls her a thot, and says she has no right to bask in Lashley’s spotlight.

Lana calls MVP as snake. MVP says before he showed up, Lashley hadn’t even been around the title.

Lana demands respect, says she is a woman, and says that MVP is the problem. They were on a hot streak.

Lashley wonders when the last time Lana wrestled was, or cared about anything other than likes on Instagram. He had a shot at the title, but he lost because of Lana. She ruined everything. She went so low as to broadcast their sex life so that she could become famous.

Lana calls Lashley delusional. She wants to be clear. If she wanted to use her sex life, she would have slept with someone way more famous. She probably should have slept with Drew.

Lashley wants a divorce.

Lana is left stunned in the ring.

Last night, there was a street fight between The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders and Motorcycle Ninjas.

Backstage, the blonde is all smiles and welcomes The profits and Raiders. Is ther an end plan to break the tie? Ford says they couldn’t find out last night because they had to join forces and become Viking Profits.

Akira is here with the Rocky, Colt, and Tum Tum.

He then goes full Asian mockery as he summons Tall Bruce Leroy into frame.

There is zero redeeming qualities about this segment.

We come back to The Street Profits practicing anything but Social Distancing Guidelines.

The Viking Raiders are teaming up with them.

Match 2: The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits vs Ninjas

Erik rushes and hits Donatello with some knees. In comes Michaelangelo, and Erik body slams Dawkins onto him. Tag to Ford, and he dropkicks Raphael. Tag to Ibar who drops Ford onto Raphael. Tag to Leonardo! Ninjas rush, Ford and Montez hit their finishes.

A Frog Splash ends it with a 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders
This was crap.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:00

Master Splinter Tozawa calls the big guy in, and he stands tall behind Akira. Akira calls for action, Vikings and Profits huddle. Ford holds his cup up in the air and summons…

The Big Show.

Show makes easy work of the jobber ninjas then stares down Akira and the big guy.

Bakstage, Charley catches Seth and wants his thoughts on Dominiq/Dominik/Dominick/Dominiqueaua

Seth needs him here because he’s going to the ring to deliver a message to Dom and his father.

Seth talks about inviting Rey last week, and how he wanted to clear the air and confusion.

Someone sings “Why you always lyyyin” in the crowd. Lol.

He says Rey has taken the coward’s way out, but fortunately, Rey’s son has not, and has chosen to come out to speak on behalf of the Mysterio family.

Rey is on the screen “via satellite.” He says he didn’t now Dominic was on his way. Rey, apparently, couldn’t stop him. Rey gives Seth one warning.

Seth says he wants to help Dominic, not hurt him. Seth wants Rey to encourage Dominic to join Seth and Murphy and Theory.

Rey calls Seth crazy, but in Spanish, so – like – it’s much more serious.

Seth says if this is the case, Seth has very few options. Theory and Murphy are out looking for Dominic right now, and if he’s not part of the solution, he’s part of the problem.

Rey points with two fingers, saying that if Seth or either of his goons touch his son, Rey will end him.

Seth contemplates, says he heard Rey loud and clear. An eye for an eye, so says Dominic. Fortunately for Dominic, he’s an adult and can make his own choices. He’s got two. Stand by Seth or he can make the choice that Rey made – he could become a sacrifice as well.

Seth drops to his knees to give this message and thanks.

Dominic is ringside. He sneaks into the ring and clotheslines Seth from behind, then tosses Seth into the steel steps.

Murphy runs down the ramp. Theory is here too, they corner Dom in the ring. In comes murphy, and Dom sends him t the outside. He hops over Theory from the apron and runs through the crowd.

Rey shows relief on the screen.

Backstage, Truth comes up to MVP and Lashley. He wants to give his CON…CON…CONSOLES. No. CONDIMINIUMS. NO. CONDOLEEZAS.

MVP says condolences? Truth says hell nah, not that. He doesn’t know where Claymore Country is, but Lashley must be jet-lagged, and now he’s getting a divorce? That’s a RAW Deal.

Lashley doesn’t find tht funny. Truth says he can back it up; he’s teaming with Drew.

Lashley says that’s later, and he ain’t here right now.

Truth says aight, then leaves quickly.

We come back and MVP and Lashley are looking for Truth. He’s under a practice ring, and it appears that someone else is under there. It’s a ninja. Tuth stands, and Drew walks into frame. Truth warns him that there are ninjas everywhere, dawg.

MVP says Drew left Backlash with the title, but MVP doesn’t see a champion, he sees a Pretender, while Lashley is THEE Contender.

Drew tells Laslhey that MVP is all false promise after false promise. MVP says hell nah, he got his title shot, and if Drew had any integrity, he’d put the title on the line. Truth too and make tonight’s match a championship, winner take all match.

Truth says Yahtzee and Bingo.

The match is on.

Match 3: Natalya and Liv Morgan vs The Iiconics

Liv is first to start, until Nattie tags herself in then eats a right hand from Peyton. Peyton rushes the corner, Nattie rights Kay, Peyton kicks. Tag from Kay who runs in and covers after a stomp from Peyton to Nattie. Kay with a chinlock. Nattie turns into it, and Kay hits a knee. She flips Nattie over then poses. Kay hits the ropes, drops an elbow, covers for 1..2…NO!!! Kay yells at Liv, then shoves her. Nattie rolls Kay up for 1..2..NO!!! Tag from Liv, who comes in with a clothesline. She knocks Peyton off. Head slam to Kay, whip and an elbow. Liv hops to the 2nd rope, dives off with a dropkick. Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Peyton breaks it up. Nattie in to send her out, but Peyton reverses and Nattie gets seent out. Morgan covers Billie, but the ref is dealing with Royce. Liv gets a 1. Tag from Peyton.

Kay lifts Morgan. Peyton is in. Fall From Grace to Morgan, and that’s all she wrote.

Winners: The Iiconics
The tossed together team of Natalya and Liv really expose the lack of tag teams. The match was hardly that.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:26

Peyton on the mic. She calls out Sasha and Bayley. The Iiconics hope Sasha and Bayley are watching. They’ve been bragging about being able to go to all the brands, so come out and face them. They challenge Sasha and Bayley to a title match here on RAW.

Kay calls them cowardly. Apparently they know someone who knows someone who is aware of someone who can make the match happen next week.

Backstage, a sweaty Big Show comes in to talk to Christian about the dangers. Orton is doing this so that he can do whatever he wants to Christian. Show just wants him to be aware of the facts. Show knows Orton for a long time, and this is the most sadistic he’s been in a long time. Christian has two choices: Understand that he should step back or go in the ring, look him in the eye, and shut his mouth. If Orton said what he said to Show, he’d knock Orton out.

Christian knows what he’s gotta do.

Backstage, Ric Flair is talking to Charlotte about being her biggest fan. He wants to know what her plan is. What’s next. He wants to know who is under her skin. A lot of people do, says Charlotte. Her answer is WOOOO. Ok.

Apollo has new music that focuses on his name.

Apparently, I missed a segment where MVP offered Apollo some representation.

Match 4: Apollo Crews vs Shelton Benjamin

Lockup to start into a press from Shelton and a cover for 1. Easy kickout. Apollo splashes in the corner. He goes for another, Shelton locks up from behind and hits a German. MVP is watching backstage. Shelton runs with a knee to the face of Apollo. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Shelton locks the arm behind the head, and works the chinlock. Apollo turns into the hold. Shelton hits a right. Apollo answers back. They go back and forth until Shelton hits a knee. He hits the ropes. Apollo cuts it short. He blocks a kick, hits one of his own, then gets in a Standing Moonsault and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Apollo presses Shelton and drops him, but Shelton lands on his feet and rolls up Apollo.

Legs on the ropes and Shelton gets a 1..2..NO!!!!! Apollo then rolls Shelton up and uses the ropes to get a 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Apollo Crews
Apollo continues to shine in his role, standing on his own. I love MVP, but it may stifle the organic growth we’re seeing with Apollo. I’m willing to give it a shot, though.
Total Rating: NR

Akira comes up to Truth backstage, speaks Japanese, has a referee ninja.

Truth says if that’s what he wants it, that’s the way he’s going to get it. Time for him to get his Jayden Smith on. He’s gets his crane kick at the ready.

Drew tells Truth to be serious for one second. He put Drew’s title on the line. What’s done is done, but he wants Truth to listen. Does Truth understand the gravity of this situation? They could lose everyting.

Truth says he understands. He knows what to do.

Truth walks away.

After a lengthy recap of last night’s ASuka v Nia match and how we got there, we get a promo from Asuka who seems angry at a motor.

Nia started this fight, Asuka will finish it.

Man, that’s all she had to say.

Backstage, Drew is awaiting Truth. He comes up, and Drew says lots is up. Truth took care of it. He talked to some powers. The one and only title that will be on the line tonight will be the WWE Championship.


So if Truth gets pinned, Drew loses his title. Truth tells Drew to believe in him. He needs this. He knows how painful it is to lose a title. He’s lost his title a lot. He would never let that happen to Drew. Trust him. They in.

Backstage, The Profits and Vikings want to figure out how they finally figure this all out. Erik offers a chariot race. In comes Show, and they thank him for helping out. Erik thinks he could have taken on the big ninja. Show thanks them for the sweet merch.

The Big Show says he’s enjoyed the rivalry, but he nows how to settle it. He tells them NO CARPOOL KARAOKE EVER AGAIN. Show offers them a novel idea; a wrestling match for the titles.

The Big Show looks more and more like Captain Spaulding the older he gets.

Match 5: Drew McIntyre and R-Truth vs MVP and Bobby Lashley

Drew and Lashley to start. Drew shoves Lashley to the corner. They throw some big ones until Drew whips Lashley to the corner Lashley fires out with a clothesline but Drew hits a Glasgow Kiss and a clothesline. Lashley is in the corner. Drew trries to grab him, but he ties himself up on the ropes. Cheap shot to Drew, then a right hand. Drew shoves him. MVP gets a chap shot. Lashley chokes Drew up in the corner. Ref holds him back, Lashley hits the ropes and flies into the mid section of Drew. Tag to MVP who whips Drew only to get kicked hard. Spinebuster to Lashley! Back elbow to MVP in the corner. Lashley sent over the ropes to the outside. Neckbreaker to MVP! Drew wants a Claymore. Truth tags himself in! He gets belly to belly’d quickly by MVP. Tag to Lashley and he sends Truth into the barricade on the outside.

We are back, and Lashley has truth hurting in the corner. He hits a shoulder to Truth then tags in MVP as Drew watches in concern. Huge kick from MVP to Truth in the corner. Cover for 1…2…NO!!! MVP lifts Truth then hits the ropes, goes for another kick, but Truth ducks and hits a leg lariat. Drew wants the tag bad. Truth dives for a tag. A tag to Lashley. Drew whips, hits a belly to belly to Lashley. Lashley runs into a double underhook, Lashley escapes, hits an elbow. Tag to MVP. Suplex to Lashley. MVP hesitates. Drew leaves the ring, sends him into the barricade, then back to the ring. Drew to the top rope. He dives off, clothesline to MVP! Drew kips up, He yells for MVP to stand. Drew with a Future Shock DDT. Cover for 1..2..NO!! Lashley is there to break it up. Truth enters, gets kicked then tossed out. Lashley follows and goes for a spear, but a drop toe hold sends Lashley into the steps. MVP tries to roll up Drew. Drew hits the ropes.

CLAYMORE! Pin for 1..NO! Drew stands up out of the pin. He tags in Truth. Truth to the top rope. Drew tosses Truth. Splash and a cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre
Truth is a gem of a performer, and Drew having faith in his finisher is so Drew. I enjoyed this.
Total Rating: ***

Backstage, Ric Flair runs up to Christian and apologizes. He tells Christian he’s not ready for this. Flair gets why he’s doing this. Orton is on top of his game. He’s mean and sadistic and wants to prove a point. Christian says he respects Flair, and appreciates it. Flair says everyone will forgive Christian. Christian says he can’t forgive this and he won’t regret it. He appreciates Ric.

Sasha Banks is…

Fuck, I can’t even type.

Bayley wonders if we are aware that her and Sasha successfully defended their titles. They are in the mood to celebrate. Today is Bayley’s birthday, so they are celebrating all week, starting with tonight. She brings up Wednesday and how they’re going to “Whoop” some booty, then finish the week strong on Friday.

Sasha loves the sound of that. She also has a message for The Iiconics: no one tells them when they defend the titles. Sasha rattles off the accolades of Bayley, but out come The Iiconics to interrupt.

No one wants another reading of their resumes, says Royce. Kay wants an answer to their challenge.

Bayley says they lost last night. Sasha wonders if they feel special simply because they won a quick match tonight.

Kay brings up Mania, and the crushing lost that caused their own separate meltdowns.

Peyton and Billie then call the WAMBULANCE. They can’t handle the pressure then or now.

Sasha gets in their face, and Peyton slaps the shit out of Sasha. Damn.

Bayley screams that this is her day and she accepts.

Up next, a handicap match where Asuka faces Nia Jax and her wig.

Nia Jax looks like Wendy Williams’ BEFORE photo

Match 6: WWE RAW Women’s Championship Match
Nia Jax vs Asuka

Nia with a couple of short clotheslines to start. She goes for another, but Alexa tries for an arm bar real quick. Nia escapes and heads to the apron Asuka with a hip attack but Nia dodges it. She lifts Asuka and gets her up but Asuka falls off and holds onto the neck with the rope in between them. Asuka rushes but the ref holds her back. Nia enters and Asuka goes in for some kicks, but Nia hits a hard right hand to the face. Nia with some kicks to the fallen Asuka. Asuka locks the arm as Nia reaches for Asuka! Nia rolls under the ropes and breaks the hold. Asuka hits the ropes, slides under, and Nia catches her. Powerbomb to Asuka!

We are back, and Nia has the entire viewing audience in a torture rack.

Asuka escapes and hits a Codebreaker of sorts to Nia. She hits the ropes and barely hits a Shining Wizard. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Asuka rushes up the corner, Nia follows. Asuka goes up and over and Asuka wants a powerbomb. She kicks the back of the foot instead, and Nia hangs loose. Stomp to Nia, Asuka covers in the corner for 1..2..NO!!! Asuka with a bunch of kicks to Nia. Nia blocks the last one and hits a headbutt. She lifts Asuka. Samoan Drop! Pin attempt but Asuka’s foot is under the rope. Nia is pissed. She shoves the ref. The ref says she crossed the line and is looking to call the match.

Asuka with a surprise rollup, the ref decides to keep the match going and does a quick count of 1..2..3!!!!

Winner: Asuka
What would Nicolas think? Looks like they want to keep the Nia v Asuka feud going, much to the enjoyment of…some of us? One of us? One could surmise that Asuka was unaware of the fast count, but considering the story they were trying to tell last night, this doesn’t seem like a win she would want.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 9:45

Backstage, Orton asks Charley if she thinks Christian is a legend. She does. He does, too. He then defines unsanctioned, and says in a few short minutes, the legend of Christian will be destroyed by RKO.

Christian’s music hits, and he’s wearing all black and walking like DDP in 2001.

Orton is next, and his eyes are locked on Christian.

He skips the pose in the corner and stares Christian down.

The initial bell rings but Ric Flair’s music hits and out comes Flair.

Flair enters the ring and grabs the mic. He tells Christian no, says he just talked to Edge and this isn’t cool. He wants Christian to let it go.

Christian says he has to do this.

Flair leaves the ring.

The bell rings.

Flair with a LOW BLOW to Christian!

Orton hits the ropes. Punt to Christian. Orton rolls over the comatose Christian and covers like a creep for the 1..2..3!

Orton yells at Christian that it’s his fault, he didn’t want to do this, why is he here? He straightens out the legs of Christian for the medical team. What a pal. He continues to explain to Christian that it’s his fault, and he didn’t want to do this. He asks Christian for forgiveness, and since he’s a Christian, he probably will.

This is his livelihood and he can’t have Christian destroy his livelihood.

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Raw, admittedly, was a bit more focused this week, as MVP continues to be such a great asset to Lashley and what he's trying to accomplish as a character. Dominic did well for what he was given, even if Rey continues to be a stilted performer in terms of promo. Orton, on the other hand, continues to be an amazing psycho whose voices in his head are starting to creep out in bursts. I can't say that there was any real quality in terms of wrestling this week, as we had a very promo and segment heavy RAW, so if you're looking for in-ring action, you won't find much of any here, and what is in the ring mattered very little. I will say that there seems to be an effort in moving things forward, but this was a pretty middle-of-the-road episode of Monday Night RAW.

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