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Acero’s WWE Raw Review 9.14.20

September 14, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw Keith Lee Drew McIntyre
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Acero’s WWE Raw Review 9.14.20  

Are you ready for some…….WRASSLIN!

Oh no…Joe and Phillips are gone. We’re stuck with Cole and…Ziggler? Ugh…

We start RAW with our champion, Drew! Video package for Drew v Orton then Drew talks about his broken jaw. He considers himself lucky that it was only a fracture. Wait, so is it a fracture or a break? Drew wants to update us; WWE Medical told him to take some time off. But if he did that, he’d have to forfeit the title. One bad strike to the jaw could displace the fracture, and his mouth would have to be wired shut. He says he’s not giving up his title. Then tells orton to turn up the volume at home or wherever he is. Considering their mutual rides in ambulances, then it seems appropriate that someone takes a ride in the ambulance for the title. So at Clash, it’ll be Drew vs Randy for the title in an Ambulance Match, because clearly the rules don’t apply to them anymore.

Come to think of it, Randy may not make it to Clash. He says he created Claymore by mistake. He was wearing leather pants, kicked and heard his pants split, then realized that if he put both his feet up, he could have a good move on his hand. He shows a photoshop of the former victims of the Claymore Kick.


Adam Pearce comes out to say that it’s highly unlikely that Orton will come here tonight, and he may not be able to face Drew at Clash. Adam says that if Lee beats him tonight, and Orton can’t make it to Clash, then Kieth faces Drew for the title.

Drew wonders who put Pearce in charge. Don’t we all?

Lee comes out with a smirk. He slow walks down the ramp. Lee is donning a vest that says Black Lives Matter on the black, and he shows it proudly as he walks into the ring to stare Drew and the title down. Lee extends his hand. They shake. Drew looks to leave, Lee holds on a little longer to make a statement, Drew does the same.

Match 1: Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro vs The Street Profits

HUGE Uppercut from Cesaro to Dawkins as soon as the bell rings. Tag to Shin and he comes in and hits a knee lift in the corner. Gutwrench from Cesaro, and Shinsuke flies off the corner with a knee. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Knee in the corner from Shinsuke. Again. Whip to the corner, Dawkins get the boot up. Clothesline to Shinsuke. Ford enters.! Double dropkick sends Shinsuke outside. Ford flies over the top rope, but Cesaro and Shinsuke catch him! Powerbomb onto the edge of the barricade!

We return to the show, and Ford is being stretched out by Cesaro from behind. I understand that doesn’t tell you at all what’s going on, but alas. Cesaro rushes the corner with a shoulder, but Ford moves and Cesaro hits the post. Stomp from Cesaro. Tag to Shinsuke. Tag to Dawkins. Clotheslnie. Again, back elbow to the face, Cesaro in. Flapjack. T-Bone to Shinsuke. Cover for 1.2….NO!!! Whip to Shin. He’s in the corner, dodges a spin, kicks Dawkins to the back of the neck. He swings Dawkins onto the ropes and slides with a quick German. Shinsuke runs and is lifted then dropped ith a spinebuster! Tag to Ford. Frogsplash, but Shin’s got the knees up! Dawkins is holding Cesaro against the ropes. They tumble to the outside. Shin covers. 1..2….NO!!!! Cesaro in with a swing. Kick from Shin. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Dawkins stops the pin! Kicks to Dawkins. Cesrro hangs Dawkins up on the bottom rope. Shinsuke with a kick to the side of the head. Stomp from Cesaro. Rollup from Ford for 1.2….NO!!! Ford is lifted high. UPPERCUT!! Cover for 1..2…..NO!!!! Dawkins sends Shinsuke into the steps on the outside. Cesaro grabs Ford, calls for the end. He sends Ford into the corner. Uppercuts left and right till the ref stops him. Another one. Ford falls to the mat.

Ford on the apron. Cesaro walks up the corner, goes for a deadweight suplex, hits it, but Dawkins made the tag. Frog splash! Pin for 1….2…..3!!!

Winners: The Street Profits
Cesaro was the star here, man, and it hurts that the dude don’t get more play. I hope his time has yet to come. Everything after the break was great, and everyone looked good doin it. I’m not sure I wanted Cesaro and Shinsuke to lose although I’m not 100% sure why not.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:27
Mickie James video package.

Backstage, Lana is complaining about Mickie getting a title shot to Angel. He says this is unfair. Her passion for justice is intoxicating. In comes Zelina, and GOOOODD DAAMMNNNN.

ZElina tells Angel this is what she is talking about. He walked out last week.

Angel says he’s tired of being blamed for every setback. Last week, Andrade got pinned, so yell at him. Andrade and Angel go face to face and argue in Spanish.

Zelina snaps, says she can’t do this anymore. She walks away, and Angel and Andrade GO AT IT!!! Punches galore as they wrestle in the back.

Dominik is backstage with his fam, and they’re talkin strategy for the Steel Cage Match later tonight.

The Hurt Business is here, and admittedly, their entrance looks pretty bad ass.

MVP says that this is an official announcement from The Hurt Business: Business is booming. Ok, sure. He calls Lashley the CEO, saying he’s firmly in possession of the US Title. Shelton Benjamin has upgraded from The Gold Standard to Platinum Status. Apparently, Cedric sent in his W-9 and is officially a part of The Hurt Business.

Cedric says social media was throwin shade. He says this is his job. He does what he’s gotta do to succeed. No one knows what this is like, to come to work every Monday, and get their ass beat, but wake up Tuesday, and being unable to play with his kids. Being with Ricochet and Apollo left him empty, but now that he’s in The Hurt Business…

Ricochet interrupts. He and Apollo are out at the top of the stage. Apollo wants to call it how it is. Cedric sold them out. He’s too weak minded and got manipulated. Now he’s made a decision, and he’s gotta live with the consequences. They’ve always had Cedric’s back.

Cedric says wrong, WRONG! How many times did he catch a beating for Apollo when he WAS the US Champion?

Shelton says Cedric doesn’t owe them anything. Ricochet didn’t come here to get an explanation. After last week, that hurt more than anything The Hurt Business has done to him. They were supposed to be brothers. They came out here, but didn’t come to ask Why, they came out to TELL Cedric that they coming for him.

Match 2: Cedric Alexander vs Ricochet

Double leg take down by Ric immediately! Cedric gets a knee. Ric hits the ropes, holds on, hits an elbow, then sends Cedric to the outside. Ricohet flies onto the apron, kicks Cedric right in the face! Second rope! Moonsault!!! Shelton walks on by, Apollo flies onto him! Boby Lashley clotheslnies Apollo!!! Firemans! Out comes Erik to attack Lashley, and they brawl up the ramp.

BACK FROM THE BREAK, and Cedric has a waist lock on Ricochet as a submission. He turns Ric to his stomach, and Ric reaches for the rope. He turns onto his back and hits a right hand. Ricochet stands, gets attacked from behind with a right hand. Ric hits a right, an elbow, another elbow, he hits the ropes, Cedric with a knee. Dropkick to the back. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! He mounts and punches a few times, trying to shove his forearm into the face. Stomp to Ricochet. Right hand in the corner. Elbow to Ricochet. Right hand to the ribs from Cedric. Rope work. Dropkick from Ricochet! MVP Yells at Cedric’s face, telling him to get on his feet and whoop that man. Uppercut to Cedric. He turns, runs, hits a chop. Whip to Cedric, turns into it, Full Nelson, Cedric rolls him out, kick to the face from Ricochet! He pulls Cedric up, locks up from behind, Full Nelson into a suplex and a pin for 1..2…..NO!!!! Ricochet drags Cedric towards the corner, Shelton distracts, Ricochet ot the top, flies wih a flip, rolls through, runs up Cedric.

MICHINOKU DRIVER!!!!! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! LUMBAR CHECK!!! Pin! 1…2…3!!

Winner: Cedric Alexander
I love that the energy here was very focused on the betrayal. More often than not, we get a “regular” match after a turn, and it comes off as hokey. You got the impression that Ric was not only hurt, but angry, too. Loved it. And that lumbar check? Yes.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: Sorry, y’all

Hurt Business enters the ring to hold the hand up of Cedric. The lights go out.

Retribution is here. They see what everyone is. Waste. Scrap. Byproduct. Loyalty to an entity that cast them out like garbage. We are corrupt. They once believed that their time would lead them to fame and wealth. But they refuse to suck up to an entitled regime. Enjoy the final days of oblivion. They will show us exactly who they are. They are Retribution. Sure, buddy.

MVP, Cedric, and Shelton ready themselves in the ring.

We go backstage to Sarah, who welcomes Mickie James.

James says she loves this business. She has given every ounce of her soul to this business. It drives her to be the best. She also likes the high-stakes competition a champ like Asuka brings out. What drives her? She could have had different answers through various stages of her career. Now, she has clarity, and it’s clear now that she has always had what it takes to be champion, but if what fuels her tonight, is knowing that tonight could be her last chance to win the title.

Backstage, Pearce is upset that security cannot do their job. He’s yelling at them all. In comes MVP, saying he understands that being a high level WWE official comes with a lot of pressure. There will be added pressure if he doesn’t fix this Retribution problem. Lashley says this is his concern. It’s time to upgrade security from boys to men. Retribution’s got the whole locker room scared. He’s not scared, though. He’s got his boys. Let them help Pearce.

Pearce says they’re right, and says thanks for volunteering. MVP says they don’t do charity work; he’ll be sending a bill.

Match 3: Mickie James vs Asuka

Lockup. Asuka backs her into the ropes. Mickie drags Asuka down into a pin for 1. NO! Asuka works the arm, turns that into a pin for 1. They break the lock. Roll from Asuka! 1…NO!!! Shoots the leg, goes for a jackknife. 1..2….NO!!! She telsl Asuka she was “that close,” so Asuka grabs her fingers and tries for the Asuka lock. Side headlock from Mickie, it’s reversed. Rope work, shoulder tackle from Asuka. Asuka tries to run, but Mickie pulls the leg out from under her. Neckbreaker from Mickie. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Asuka with a right hand. Knee from Mickie. Right hand to the face, one from Asuka. Whip is reversed. Mickie eats a knee to the face! Asuka covers! 1..2…NO!!! Bith girls struggle to stand. They’re up. Asuka hits the ropes, MICKIE WITH A KICK!

BACK FROM BREAK, and Mickie hits a right hand in the center of the ring. Asuka returns the favor, Mickie locks up the arm, then the chin. Asuka runs to the corner, eats an elbow, Mickie hops up and locks her head, then spins with a rana. Kick to Asuka. Another kick. Hits the ropes, flies, asuka ducks under. Hip attack. Asuka hits the ropes. Mickie lifts her. Flapjack! Kip up! Mickie to the top rope. Asuka hits a right hand. They battle on the corner Mickie sends Asuka away. She stands, flies, Thesz Press to Asuka! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Reversed for 1..2..NO!!!! Right hand to Mickie. Mickie returns, back and forth. Asuka ends up striking hard, misses a right, Mickie misses a kick, back hand from Asuka. Kick to the chest of Mickie! Another. Kick, Asuka hits the ropes, Asuka kicks, Mickie catches it. Single leg Boston Crab! Asuka reaches for the rope, Mickie turns and drags Asuka back, then tries for another Crab, Asuka rolls her up. 1..2…NO!!! Mick Kick. Asuka drops. Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Ropebreak. Mickie grabs Asuka, Asuka with an arm bar! Mickie stacks Asuka, she kicks Mickie out. Kick to Asuka, locks the head, Asuka reverses, sends Mickie down hard, chicen wing, Mickie drops, cover for 1..2..NO!!!!

Asuka LOCK!!!! Mickie turns into the hold. The ref calls for the end! He says Mickie tapped out! Mickie looks incredibly confused.

Winner: Asuka
I don’t know what the hell happened there, as the ref looked incredibly confused, and had a lengthy convo with Mickie ringside after the match. Odd.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 11:58

It is announced that Mickie James could no longer continue, and Asuka wins.


Zelina Vega comes out for some reason. She walks straight down the ramp. She grabs a mic and stares Asuka down hard.

Zelina says she’s been thinking about the future; about her future. Today it dawned on her that she’s wasted some of the best years of her career managing those two selfish dudes, just like Asuka. Asuka was handed the title, and she’s been nothing but reckless with it, defending it against everyone. The Empress of Tomorrow is so focused on the superstars of yesterday, that she forgot about one of the best in the business today. Don’t bother asking if she’s ready for Asuka, because she is ready for the title.

Asuka grabs the mic from her and goes in

Zelina slaps Asuka in the face.

Charly is backstage with Lee. Lee says that he and Drew have known each other for a long time, and ther have been aware they’d have to fight eventually. The goal is the title, and that drives all of us. He knows Drew will do whatever it takes to stay champion, and he will do what it takes to become champion.

Charly asks if he will take advantage of Drew’s injury? Lee says he will do what he must.

Match 4: Erik vs Bobby Lashley

Erik rushes the corner with a knee, but Lashley side steps. Lashley gets Erik in the corner. He gives a thumbs up to MVP on commentary. Erik with rights nad lefts in the corner. Knee to Lashley. Whip is reversed, Erik stops the run, hit an elbow, runs with knees, screams, then flips Lashley over and hits a hard knee to Lashley. Erik kicks the leg, hits a right hand, Erik lifted. Spinebuster from Lashley! Gutwrench! He spins Erik and drops him down hard, then pins for 1..2….NO!!!

Lashley with a Full Nelson attempt from behind! He drags Erik down to the mat, locks the leg scissors. Erik taps softly.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:58

Backstage, Sarah runs up on Owens, and asks him why Black has a personal vendetta against him. Owens says maybe he said something that set him off, or maybe Hot Topic wouldn’t honor his 40% off coupon for that shirt of that band that he likes. Maybe it was the frustration of sitting in the dark begging for a fight and no one cared. Owens wants to know how he will inflict enough pain on Black to feel like they are even. He wants the beating tonight to remind him every day of what happens when you pick a fight with Owens. He’s really not worried about how he will do this, because he’s Kevin Owens.

Black walks into frame, and his head wrap that was missing last week is back.

Shane is talking with his security guard. In comes Braun Strowman, telling them to get out of his way. He is pissed and wants some action. He threatens Shane then tells him to give Braun his best fighter. The monster is here.

Looks like we’re keeping MVP on commentary.

Seth Rollins is in the locker room. He invites Murphy in, says he’s been waiting all night. Murphy tries to bring up last week, but Seth says he understands. They ganged up on him and beat him senseless. Atonement, forgiveness, it’s a part of the process. It’s in the past, we have to look to the future, and tonight is an opportunity, because he’s locked in a cage with Dominik. No one coming in or going out, this is the perfect opportunity to teach him a lesson. He must ask Murphy, is he prepared for his role tonight. Something very important. Murphy needs to be ready. He’s ready.

Seth slaps the shit out of Murphy, then grabs his chin, and Seth tells him that his role tonight is to stay back here so that Seth doesn’t have to deal with his stupid mistakes again. He slaps Murphy again, after asking if he understands. Good.

We come back from break, and Cole brings up the trade for Mandy Rose to RAW.

Caruso is backstage with Dom and his fam. Dom says if he wants to follow his dreams and his dad’s footsteps, he cant back down, even if it means stepping into a steel cage.

Rey says he and his wife are more worried than Dom is. They’ll be out there to support him. Once the door shuts, he’s all on his own, but so will Seth. Huh? Rey wonders if Seth should be concerned about Dominik.

Match 5: Steel Cage Match
Dominik vs Seth Rollins

Knuckle lock and Seth kicks Dom then drops some axe handles to the back. Whip to the ropes, Dom ducks a clothesline, spins into a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Dom starts the climb. Seth is here to grab him and Dom spins into a Tornado DDT! Cover for 1..2..NO!! Dom runs up the corner. Murphy slides a kendo stick to Seth. Seth smacks Dom in the back a few times then sends him into the steel cage.

We are back, and Dom is still getting his ass handed to him. Seth grabs Dom by the face and says this isn’t his house. When will he learn? Seth tells Rey to watch, sends Dom into NO! Reversed! Dominik sends Seth into the steel cage! He looks to climb. Seth is up. He grabs the leg of Dom, sits him on his shoulders, hurricanrana to Seth, sending him into the wall. Rey offers Dom a kendo stick. Rey smacks Seth across the back. Kick from Seth. Another hit to the back from Dom. Another. He beats down Rollins, sends him into the cage, again and again. Powerbomb! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Seth grabs the legs, catapults, Dom holds onto the cage and starts climbing. Seth climbs too. Right hands from Dom, one from Seth. One from Dom, he sends Seth’s face into the cage. Dom drops, crotching himself on the ropes. Dom pulls Seth down and both men have hurt their balls. They fall to the mat. Door is open. Dom gets to the door. Rey is there to grab his hand. Murphy comes by and tosses Rey into the barricade. Murphy turns around and slams the door of the cage..


Dom climbs the cage! Murphy runs to try and stop him. Dom elbows him off and Murphy falls from the top. Frog Splash! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!!! Dom gets to the cage, starts the climb, he’s to the top. Seth grabs his boot, Dom kicks him away. Dom to the top of the cage. Seth runs back to the corner. Rollins grabs his head. SUPERPLEX TO DOM !!! Falcon Arrow! 1….2…NO!!!!! Seth looks at Rey, laughs at him, claps a bit for Rey, mockingly, then gets a surprise roll up from Dom! 1…2….NO!!!

STOMP TO DOMINIK!!! ANOTHER STOMP! Seth covers. 1……..2…..3!!!

Winner: Seth Rollins
The first half of the match was incredibly repetitious, but it turned fun after the break. Seth continues to give this kid a lot of love, but the story could end at any minute now, and I’d be ok with it. Kinda over it.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:57

Seth leaves the ring with a kendo stick. He goes to Murphy, points at him, laughs it off, drops the stick, and kises Murphy on the forehead. He then sends Murphy into the barricade. Then into the cage. When is he going to learn? Seth gras the door and swings it into the face of Murphy. How does it feel, asks Seth? He walks over to Rey’s wife. Rey is in the cage with Dom. Seth tells Angie, “Hell of a job you did, I hope she turns out better,” and points to Rey’s daughter.

She goes to check on Murphy a little before entering the ring to check on her brother.


Rey calls for a medic in the ring. Lol.

Ok, let’s head to RAW Underground, where Dolph is jobbing a jobber as jobbers do.

Riddick Moss wants some of Ziggles. A bell rings, but who cares. Ziggler shoots the leg, Moss tries to stop him, does so, they stand, Ziggler goes for the leg again, but Moss won’t go down. Ziggler lifts the leg, Iggler hits the fakest uppercut ever. Spinebuster from Moss, Ziggler picks the leg, side headlock. Ziggler has a choke hold on. Moss breaks the hold, and hits an elbow to the face. They go back nd forth, but in comes Braun. He trucks Ziggler . Moss tries to fight him, but Braun shoves him then hits a modified chokeslam. Ziggler back in and Braun lifts him then turns him over and slams him with Lashley’s finisher.

Drew has some words with Charley until Lee comes in and asks her to leave politely. He tells Drew it would be helpful to not drag his reputation. They’re supposed to be friends. Drew says he’s not new, don’t spin Drew’s words. Lee says it sounds like Drew believes Orton would have beaten me, but the fact remains that the only match that Drew did not interfere in is the match where he beat Orton. Furthermore, Drew may be concerned that Lee will beat him tonight.

Drew re-introduces himself to Lee. He is not concerned or afraid. Lee says he should be afraid. As a person that knows Drew well, he also is aware that Drew has a larger than normal target on his back.

Drew shoves his hand. Again. Lee teases a touch again, and Drew punches him in the jaw! Drew tries to whip Lee, but Lee reverses and sends him into a box. Drew kicks Lee as refs pour out to stop him.

Titus tries to get into RAW Underground. The security guard dwarfs him.

Braun is still murdering men when we get back to RAW Undergronud. Moss tries to redeem himself but Braun kicks him back out of the ring. In comes Titus to shoot the legs. He mounts with punches to Braun. Braun is able to stand out of it and lock the head. He chokes Titus out in like five seconds, then drops on him with some rights. Shane tries to stop Braun, but Braun stands out of it, offering more pain.

Kevin Owens comes out for his match.

Match 6: Kevin Owens vs Aleister Black

We come back to the match already goin down. Owens hits a clothesline then a senton. He mounts and punches Black right in the face, which is kinda rude considering his eye isn’t fully repaired. Or is it. He’s not wearing the covering anymore. Whip to Black, Black hops over, Superkick attempt, but Black trips Owens up with a kick. Front face lock and some right hands. Kick to the inner thigh. Black locks up the leg, driving his knee into the back of Owen’s leg. Kick from Owens. Another kick. Owens is up in the corner. Kick out of the corner, he sends Black over the ropes and Black hits his chin on the apron on the way down. Owens hits the ropes, looks to suicide dive, but can’t fly. Black hit him in the face. Elbow drops to the knee. He sends the leg into the apron hard. Black kicks oWens in the face. Black seats Owens up on the 2nd buckle, then kicks the leg again. Black grabs owens and Owens hits a right hand. Black to his knees. Owens to the top rope. He grabs the head, Black picks the ankle. Owens reaches the ropes. Black holds onto the submission till 4 then stomps Owens away a bit. Ref backs him up. SUPERKICK TO BLACK!!! Owens to his feet. He drops to his knee.

Black stands tall. The lights flicker. Black turns. STUNNER TO BLACK! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!!!!!

Winner: Kevin Owens
Yeah, they have another Deus Ex Machina in The Retribution.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 4:39

Backstage, Lee attacks Drew again. Pearce runs in to stop them both, saying he’ll cancel the match right now.

The Riott Squad, you know, the girls who said two weeks ago that that name is dead, is announced as The Riott Squad.

Yay, we get Nia on commentary.

Match 7: The Riott Squad vs Lana and Natalya

Nattie takes advantage of a distraction, and kicks Liv in the corner. Tag to Lana. Lana whips Nattie into Liv. Spinning heel kick to the face and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Stomps from Lana to Liv. Whip to Liv into the corner, and she shoves Natie off the apron. Kick from Lana. Lana goes for an X-Factor, but Liv escapes. Tag to Ruby.

She grabs Lana and The Squad double teams her with a codebreaker, kick to the face combo that ends it with a 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Riott Squad
lol. K.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:11

Nia and Shayna enter the ring and sends Nattie out, then Shayna grabs Lana as Nia removes the tvs from the announce table. Shayna sends Lana to the outside. Nia grabs Lana and gets her on her shoulders. Samoan Drop to Lana through the table.

Back over at RAW Underground, Braun is still eating people for dinner. Moss comes back for the third time to fight Braun. He rips his tank top, and that’s a shame. Braun punches him one time in the gut. Dolph tries to attack and we get a 2-on-1. Braun is taken down to a knee as Ziggler tries for a sleeper. Strowman tosses him over his head then hits Moss with a hard right. Powerslam to Ziggler.

Finally, that tank top weird hair having dude hops on, but Shane says this is next week. If Braun wants to return, he can have him next week.

So Braun, who was hungry for action, is down to wait a week.

Match 8: Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee

Lee lifts Drew and sends him into the corner. Shoulders to Drew. Whip to the corner, and Drew kicks out of it. Right hands to Lee. Lee blocks an elbow, misses a splash, kicks Drew right in the jaw. He trucks Drew, and sends him to the outside.

We come back to Lee eating some chops from Drew. He’s taking them like a champ, and slaps the jaw of Drew one more time. Whip to the ropes, Drew kicks the chest. Chop to Lee. Whip to Lee is reversed, and Drew hits a clothesline off the roeps! Lockup with a bear hug! Lee elbows out of it. Punch rom Drew. Headbutt from Drew. Lockup and an over the head belly to belly! Drew to the top rope. Clothesline! Kip up from Drew. Drew is pissed, checks on his jaw. Double underhook, goes for the Future Shock, Lee escapes. Spinebuster! Jackknife cover for 1..2…..NO!!! Drew locks up. Lee blocks and hits a clothesline. Cover for 1…..2….NO!!! Jawbreaker from Drew. He hits the corner, hops to the top, dives off with a…no! Keith with a headbutt!!! Drew tumbles down to the apron. Lee to the top rope. He grabs Drew by the head, locks up under the arm, waits, SUPERPLEX! Pin for 1…..2…NO!!!!!! Drew up! Calls for Claymore! Reversed! Lee wants the Spirit Bomb! Drew escapes! Drew hits the ropes. DOUBLE CROSSBODY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!

Retribution is out and they circle the ring. They attack! Half on Lee, half on Drew.

Winner: No Contest
I enjoy Lee, and liked the clash of behemoths here. Including Retribution just didn’t do it for me. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a single segment with them involved, and tonight was no different.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 10:00

Retribution continues the onslaught, taking down Drew and Lee, then celebrating with high fives, then going right back on the attack of both Lee and Drew.

They keep going until the music of The Hurt Business comes on.

So hold on…MVP left commentary to come back out? Lol.

Lashley, Shelton, MVP, and Cedric come out. Retribution calls for the fight.

They clash at the bottom of the ramp, and we got ourselves a fight.

Lee and Drew stand in the ring. They hit the ropes. We get a double dive over the top rope onto all of Retribution and The Hurt Business.

End Show

The final score: review Average
The 411
RAW was an interesting show tonight. On one hand, you had matches with important implications involved. For some, it was retribution for a betrayal (Ricochet and Cedric), and for others, it was to settle a score (Owens and Black), and even for others, it was another solid chapter in a too-long-to-read story (Seth and Dominik). With that being said, one would believe that this RAW was destined for a high score. After all, sometimes it's simply that easy. Unfortunately, RAW was kind of a bore. Don't get me wrong, all of what I stated was very present. I think every match had a reason, but I, admittedly, did not want to see Cesaro lose to The Street Profits, I don't even know what to say about the James vs Asuka match, and the Retribution is still something I have no interest in. Cedric's turn was official today, and he looked good standing next to Lashley, Shelton, and MVP, and speaking of MVP, his presence on commentary was much more fun than any single word Ziggler said on his try. They all looked pretty bad ass coming out at the end of the show, too. RAW wasn't nearly as bad as it's been in the past, but there's also a very glaring omission of passion within the stories being presented. I'll be a bit more positive this week because even if we've seen these stories play out longer than we'd probably all like them to, I'm hoping RAW tonight was more of a penultimate season finale, as opposed to just another episode.

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