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WWE News: Alexa Bliss Appears on Firefly Fun House, Wrestling Birthdays, Stock Down

October 26, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Firefly Fun House Alexa Bliss

– Alexa Bliss went a little murderous on Raw as a guest on this week’s Firefly Fun House. On tonight’s show, an Alice in Wonderland-esque episode of the Bray Wyatt segment aired in which Bliss served some tea to Ramblin’ Rabbit. The tea ultimately was revealed to contain arsenic and Ramblin’ keeled over. After some back and forth, Bliss noted that she’s interviewing Randy Orton on A Moment of Bliss and Wyatt went into a fugue state, ultimately beating the still-alive Ramblin’ into oblivion:

– Happy birthday to CM Punk (42), Kevin Sullivan (71), Kurrgan (51), and Taka Michinoku (47), all celebrating their birthdays on Monday.

– WWE’s stock closed at $37.65 on Monday, down $0.63 (1.65%) from the previous closing price. This marks the lowest closing point for the stock since it ended the day at $37.46 on April 13th. The market as a whole was up 0.25% on the day.