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Anthem/IMPACT Still Trying To Get Jeff Jarrett’s Lawsuit Dismissed

March 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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– Anthem still wants Jeff Jarrett‘s lawsuit against them dismissed.

This according to PWInsider’s latest update on the situation. Anthem argues that Jarrett and GFE have failed to state an “adequate claim” of copyright infringement as they never registered the copyrights on the Global Force Wrestling Amped! footage before filing the lawsuit.

They are also arguing that since Jarrett himself authorized the use of the footage during the time he was Chief Creative Officer for Impact, he granted them a license for the content and the usage of his name and likeness. They continue to assert that they own the trademark and copyright on “Jeff Jarrett” after they took over Impact Wrestling and the ownership of those trademarks were transferred into their ownership. Finally, they deny that they have abandoned that trademark, therefore Jarrett cannot petition the court to have it awarded back to his ownership.

A Mar. 14 filing by Anthem argues that Anthem Sports is a completely different entity from Anthem Wrestling, which was created when Anthem opted to call in the debt Dixie Carter had run up with their company, usurping Impact from Carter and that Jarrett and GFE fail to differentiate between the two entities in their lawsuit.

The Mar. 14 filing says, “The two companies have different purposes, corporate missions, employees, locations, and management. The two entities maintain separate books, tax returns, and financial statements, and neither entity exerts control over the daily affairs of the other.”

Jarrett’s side will have an opportunity to argue against the motion before the court makes a ruling.