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BG Says: SHIMMER Women Athletes – Volume 10

October 17, 2007 | Posted by Brad Garoon
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BG Says: SHIMMER Women Athletes – Volume 10  

Volume 10

This DVD is hosted by Dave Prazak and Allison Danger.

Ariel VS. Portia Perez
They lock up to start and Perez slaps Ariel across the face. Ariel returns the favor and hits a drop toehold. She hits a bodyslam for 2. Perez comes back with a choke in the ropes. She hits a neckbreaker for 2. She hits a pair of elbowdrops and climbs the ropes. Ariel dodges an elbowdrop off the second rope and hits a clothesline. She hits a second clothesline and a northern lights suplex for 2. Perez hits the Complete Shot for 2. She goes for a crossbody but Ariel catches it and hits a bodyslam for 2. Perez blocks a blind charge and pins her with her feet on the ropes but the referee catches it. She hits a leg lariat for 2. Ariel hits the Dariel out of nowhere for the win at 5:40. Danger’s commentary was sad. Just because you’re old Allison doesn’t mean that you should make fun of Perez for being young. As for the match, it was pretty sloppy and too short to matter.
Rating: ½*

Rain VS. Alexa Thatcher VS. Malia Hosaka VS. Josie
Rain and Thatcher start. Rain puts on a headlock and then works over Thatcher’s wrist. Thatcher gets a roll up for 2. She hits a clothesline and a second rope crossbody for 2. Hosaka tags in and Thatcher puts her in a wristlock. Hosaka comes back with a leglock and slams Thatcher’s knee into the mat. She hits a double chop and chokes Thatcher. She hits a vertical suplex for 2. Rain tags in and stays on Thatcher’s leg for 2. She puts on a half crab but Hosaka breaks it up. Josie tags in and clotheslines Rain down for 2. Rain hits a neckbreaker for 2. Hosaka tags in and rakes Josie’s eyes. Thatcher tags in and clotheslines Hosaka down for 2. She hits a bodyslam for 2. She puts on a chinlock but Hosaka escapes and hits headbutts to the midsection. Thatcher gets a roll up for 2. Hosaka puts on the Mark Nulty Special and tags Josie in. Josie hits a gutwrench suplex for 2. He hits a blockbuster neckbreaker but Hosaka breaks up the pin. Rain tags herself in as Josie and Hosaka fight to the floor. She hits the Raindrop on Thatcher for the win at 8:57. This was fine, nothing special, and nothing bad. After the match Hosaka and Josie brawl to the back.
Rating: **

Cindy Rogers VS. Allison Danger
As shown in a pre-match video this match was set up when Rogers turned on Danger in a tag team match against the Experience on Volume 9. Rogers is looking especially butch this evening in a leather jacket. I wonder if Danger knows that wearing a skirt that short makes it look like she has a diaper on. An aggressive lock up leads to the referee having to forcibly separate the wrestlers. They try to bully each other around the ring and then lock up again. Danger gets a takedown but Rogers turns her over and chokes her. She ties Danger up but Danger counters to a roll up for 2. Rogers puts on a guillotine choke but Danger regains control and shoves the back of Rogers’s head into the mat. She dumps Rogers to the floor and follows her out with a double axe handle to the back. Rogers returns fire by throwing Danger into the barricade. Danger rams Rogers’s head into the apron and breaks the count. Rogers hits a legsweep into the barricade but Danger whips her into the ring steps. She shoves Rogers’s head into the steps with her boot repeatedly and breaks the count. Rogers pops up and whips Danger into the steps. Rogers breaks the count and elbows Danger across the barricade. Back in the ring Rogers hits an elbowdrop. She puts on a Native American Deathlock but Danger gets to the ropes. Rogers chokes Danger in the ropes but Danger comes back with a neckbreaker for 2. Rogers chokes Danger from the mat to regain control. That’s actually a really cool spot that you never see. Rogers ties Danger upside down and in a knot but Danger fights out. She hits a chinbreaker and a clothesline in the corner. Rogers blocks a monkey flip and pins Danger with her feet on the ropes for the win at 12:01. The back and forth brawling on the floor was a tad monotonous but the whole match was a different style than what we’ll see for most of the show, and that’s appreciated.
Rating: **½

Lexie Fyfe VS. Serena Deeb
Fyfe attack Deeb before the bell. Deeb comes back with a dropkick and a clothesline. She hits a back elbow for 2. She puts on an armbar so Fyfe goes to the eyes. Fyfe hits a pair of backbreakers and keeps the pressure on. She hits a side slam for 2. Deeb gets a crucifix pin for 2. Fyfe hits a leaping elbow for 2. She hits a pair of vertical suplexes but Deeb counters a third to a roll up for 2. Fyfe retakes control and slams Deeb’s knees into the mat. She puts on the pendulum and drops Deeb face-first on the mat. She keeps the pressure on and whips Deeb from corner to corner. Deeb dodges a blind charge and opens up with forearms. Fyfe sets her up top but Deeb fights her off and hits a crossbody for 2. Deeb hits a pair of clotheslines and a kneelift for 2. She counters the Attitude Adjuster to a roll up for the win at 7:58. These two have no style but the execution was fine. The finish was decent and Deeb’s selling wasn’t bad either, so there were things to like about this little match.
Rating: **¼

In breaking news Dave Prazak announces that a 16-woman single-elimination tournament will take place on the next volume of SHIMMER action to crown the first SHIMMER champion. A video plays showing a Rebecca Knox, Nikita and Nattie Neidhart, non-American wrestlers who are no longer in SHIMMER. It’s shown to hype the international mystery entrant in the tournament.

Amber O’Neal VS. MsChif
MsChif is accompanied by a matching Daffney. O’Neal shrinks in fear to start and then attacks MsChif from behind. MsChif screams to psych O’Neal out and then hits a clothesline. She puts on the body scissors but O’Neal flips the hold and stretches MsChif out. MsChif gets to the ropes with her teeth. O’Neal pins her with her feet on the ropes but the referee catches it. MsChif gets a body scissors takedown for 2. O’Neal hits a Russian legsweep for 2. She hits a vertical suplex for 2. MsChif hits the Gateway to Annihilation for 2. That’s kind of a heavy name for such a weak move. MsChif locks O’Neal in a standing half crab but O’Neal goes to the eyes. MsChif comes back with clotheslines but O’Neal catches her with the STO for 2. MsChif accidentally knocks Daffney off the apron by throwing O’Neal into her and the hits the Desecrator for the win at 6:40. Since the match was this short O’Neal got in way too much offense. They would have been better served to have MsChif dominate to show how great of a pairing she and Daffney are.
Rating: **

Tiana Ringer VS. Eden Black
The fans make fun on Ringer’s blue outfit, calling her a Smurf. She threatens to walk out but then decides to stay and just take off her blue gear to reveal her pink gear. They lock up and Black opens up with leg kicks. They trader roll ups and Ringer gets a legsweep for 2. She misses a legdrop and gets rolled up for 2. Ringer pulls on Black’s hair and pounds on her back. The crowd starts calling Ringer Strawberry Shortcake, a fair enough replacement for Smurf. Ringer hits a clothesline and does push ups. She hits a legdrop for 2. Black goes after the neck for 2. She hits a monkey flip for 2. Ringer boots Black’s gut and chokes her in the corner. She goes to the eyes and puts on a surfboard variation. She kicks the back and hits a snapmare for 2. She kicks the back again and then does the same to the chest for 2. She kicks the back again but now Black fires up. Black hits knees in the clinch and kicks Ringer’s back. Ringer ducks a kick to the back so Black kicks her chin for 2. Ringer goes for a roll up but Black puts on a triangle choke. Ringer gets to the ropes. Ringer blocks a bodyslam and hits a crescent kick and the South Palm Beach Driver for the win at 9:55. The last minute was fun, the rest just competent.
Rating: **¼

Next up are highlights of Nikki Roxx’s great effort against the Amazing Kong. I really enjoyed that match. There are also clips of her hitting the Barbie Crusher on Lorelei Lee to pick up the win. On that same night she cut a promo saying she wanted bigger matches. SHIMMER gave her a bigger match against Lacey on the next volume. She won that match, effectively making her a name in the company. On the following volume she defeated Malia Hosaka and after that she put Ringer down with the Barbie Crusher. After that match she challenged the winner of that night’s main event to a match. Sara Del Rey won so that match is happening tonight. That was a great package, and the first real example of SHIMMER doing a very good job of building someone up who wasn’t already a well known name on the indies.

Lacey VS. Cheerleader Melissa
Lacey avoids Melissa to start. Melissa catches her with a back suplex so she bails. Melissa gives chase allowing Lacey to regain control back in the ring. Melissa pops up and hits a spear. Lacey bails again. Melissa follows suit again so Lacey rams her into the apron to regain control. She kicks Melissa’s back for 2. She hits a lungblower for 2. She puts on a camel clutch but Melissa powers out and rams Lacey into the corner. Lacey goes for a sleeper hold and then uses the momentum she gets from dropping down to swing Melissa into the corner. She stomps Melissa down and chokes her in the ropes. They trade kicks and Lacey goes to the eyes. She puts on a stranglehold and slams Melissa to the mat by her hair. Melissa hits a Samoan drop for 2. Lacey escapes the inverted cloverleaf but can’t escape the Curb Stomp. That gets 2. Melissa puts on the inverted cloverleaf but Lacey gets to the ropes. Melissa goes for the Air Raid Crash but Lacey escapes and rolls her up for 2. She hits knees to the face but Melissa blocks the implant DDT. She hits the Air Raid Crash for the win at 10:43. This wasn’t much until Lacey stopped stalling… halfway into the match. After that it picked up quite nicely.
Rating: **¾

Rebecca Bayless catches up with Nikki Roxx backstage. Roxx reminds us about her post-Kong winning streak. All she has to say to Del Rey is that she’s going to make sure that tonight she’s going to lose for a second time. After that she’s determined to win the SHIMMER Championship.

Amazing Kong VS. Daizee Haze
This is going to be a massacre. Kong intimidates both Haze and the referee with shouting to start. They lock up and Kong easily overpowers Haze. Haze goes for a German suplex so Kong casually walks to the ropes and shrugs Haze off. Haze dodges an avalanche and hits mounted punches. Kong shoves her across the ring and hits a military press throw. She stands on Haze’s back but Haze counters a powerbomb to a hurricanrana. She hits a kick to the chest for 2. Kong comes back with an avalanche and a big splash for 2. She hits the giant swing and a legdrop for 2. Haze gets a small package for 2. Kong goes for an avalanche in the ropes but Haze dodges it and Kong falls to the floor. Haze climbs the ropes and flies onto Kong with a crossbody but Kong catches her and recklessly throws her over the barricade. She pulls Haze back and then whips her into the barricade, the momentum tossing Haze over. Back in the ring Kong climbs the ropes but Haze brings her down with a hurricanrana for 2. She hits a missile dropkick but Kong pops up and hits a lariat for 2. Kong climbs the ropes again but misses a second rope legdrop. Haze hits the heart punch but Kong swats away the Yakuza kick. Haze rolls her up for 2. She hits a pair of Yakuza kicks for 2. Kong blocks the heart punch with her hand and hits a back fist. Haze tries to counter the powerbomb to a hurricanrana but Kong holds on and hits a sit-out version for 2. She climbs the ropes again and hits the Amazing Press for the win at 11:05. To get an idea of this match think of what Rey Mysterio vs. Vader would have been like with both guys healthy… and without penises. Kong brings out the best in everyone.
Rating: ***½

Sara Del Ray VS. Nikki Roxx
They lock up and Sara puts on a headlock. They trade holds until Sara goes to the ropes. Roxx gets a roll up for 2. They knuckle up and Sara puts Roxx down for 2. Roxx hits a series of armdrags and a dropkick. Sara puts Roxx on the mat for 2. She hits a knee to the face and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. She hits a kneedrop for 2. She sits on Roxx’s chest for 2. She hits a bodyslam and then sits on her chest again. She hits a headbutt and a European uppercut for 2. She hits a gutwrench suplex for 2. She puts on a camel clutch and then catches a crossbody to hit a fall away slam for 2. She hits a kneedrop to the back and a vertical suplex. She misses a senton and Roxx hits a dropkick to the back. Roxx hits a clothesline in the corner and a bulldog for 2. She stomps on Sara’s midsection and puts on a Boston crab. She stays on the back with knees and boots and puts on a chinlock. Sara escapes and both women hit big boots to the chest at the same time. Sara hits another boot but Roxx pops up. She hits a boot but Sara pops up. This goes on until Sara grabs Roxx’s foot, shoves her down and hits a senton for 2. Roxx hits a northern lights suplex for 2. Sara hits a German suplex for 2. Roxx blocks the Royal Butterfly and hits a second rope crossbody for 2. She hits a hurricanrana for 2. Sara hits a powerbomb for 2. She grabs the Royal Butterfly and slams Roxx for the win at 17:53. Roxx’s offense wasn’t very convincing but the match was well executed and entertaining the whole way through. A couple more matches between the two seeing Roxx get more familiar with Del Rey could be very entertaining.
Rating: ***¼

The 411BG Says

This show was very easy to get through. All the matches are solid and short and the show is highlighted by a great Haze vs. Kong match and a good main event. SHIMMER is getting into a good groove with Del Rey in the main event and Kong just underneath. Solid show this time around, and a very good set up for the title tournament.

Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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