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Billy Gunn on His Behind the Scenes Work in AEW, Danhausen Calling The Gunn Club ‘The Ass Boys’

March 20, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Danhausen AEW Dynamite, Mark Sterling Image Credit: AEW

– In an interview with The Wrestling Inc. Daily, AEW star Billy Gunn discussed Danhausen nicknaming his sons the Ass Boys and more. Below are some highlights from WrestlingInc.:

Billy Gunn on his work as a coach and producer for AEW: “He admits there is a balance between wrestling and working as a producer behind the scenes. I am very balanced at what I do. I’m more coach/producer kind of thing, I sit and watch all the matches that we have. Just so that if they do come and ask me what my opinion is on what they can and can’t do. Because I do still do stuff with the boys, but I am also a coach. It’s just trying to balance out all that. Because when I do stuff with the boys, it’s not really mind-consuming. I literally just walk out there and try to egg on the Ass Boys stuff. Other than that, I love to coach, I really do.”

Gunn on Billy Gunn calling The Gunn Club “The Ass Boys”: “I love it because it drives the boys insane. Anything that irritates them so I can egg it on. You know, it’s like the wrestling business, we never know what’s going to stick until you throw it against the wall. Since Danhausen did that little thing with them and now that everybody is on board with it, they’re super loud about that. I think the boys are playing off of it very well. It’s not like you sit in the back and go, ‘hey, what if we go out and chant Ass Boys.’ It’s the same thing with me, all my stuff just came organically because you never know what is going to happen. Because it’s the wrestling business. You’ve just got to run with it, you can’t fight it because the people aren’t going to let you because it’s very entertaining for the people.”

His thoughts on the Danhausen character: “You know what it is, it’s something rather than wrestling. We have so many people that wrestle, so when you get an Orange Cassidy or a Danhausen, or like you said, the DX Stuff. The DX stuff was never about wrestling. It was about how outlandish and how wacky we could possibly be. Orange isn’t your typical wrestler, although he’s very good at it. He found a niche that people are digging because it’s not the norm. So I think Danhausen has that same thing, and it’s very entertaining, so you get a break from all the crazy wrestling stuff, and get to have a little bit of entertainment and have some fun. Because you know you’re going to have fun with those guys. They’re going to make you have fun.”