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Bobby Buffet Says His Life Has Changed ‘Tremendously’ Since Monster Factory Docuseries

July 31, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Monster Factory Image Credit: The Monster Factory

Bobby Buffet was a part of the Apple TV+ Monster Factory docuseries, and he recently talked about how his life has changed since. Buffet appeared on Busted Open Radio for a new interview and talked about his career following the show and more. You can check out the highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On how his life has changed since the series: “So much, like tremendously, and a lot for the better. I’ve lost probably about 40 [or] 50 pounds since the [show came] out. … I feel like in the ring I’ve gotten a lot better. Obviously, that comes with more experience [and] time.”

On the role helping his career: “It’s gotten me a lot of publicity. It’s gotten me a lot of bookings, which is great. But I always kind of figure, you know — keep putting the pedal to the metal, because when people look at the show, and then they look back at you now, they’ll see that you’re putting in a lot of work still. Never let off the gas.”