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Bully Ray Says He and Tommy Dreamer Haven’t Been Close In a Long Time

March 24, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Bully Ray Impact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Bully Ray is set to face Tommy Dreamer in a Busted Open match at tonight’s Impact Sacrifice, and he says he hasn’t been close with his radio co-host in a while. The WWE Hall of Famer and Busted Open Radio co-host spoke with DAZN for a new interview and said that despite their working together on their radio show, they aren’t close.

“What people failed to realize about me and Tommy’s relationship is it is more strained now than it ever has been,” Bully said (per Wrestling Inc). “People assume that because me and Tommy are on Busted Open together that what they see play out on television is scripted. Me and Tommy haven’t been close in a long, long time. We have to get along on Busted Open because we have to get along on Busted Open. It is basically in our contracts that we have to get along, coexist. What goes on on Busted Open and what goes on at Impact are two different things.”