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Chaotic Wrestling Results 10.05.18: JT Dunn Defends Title in Headliner

October 6, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Chaotic Wrestling

– Chaotic Wrestling held a live event last night in Lowell, Massachusetts. In the main event, JT Dunn defended his Chaoti Wrestling title against Christian Casanova. Below are some results from the event, courtesy of PWInsider.

MATCH ONE: New England Title – “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene (with the Platinum Hunnies) v. “Man of Steel” Mike Verna

Last month, AG pinned Verna during a three-way to defend the title. So now Verna has a title shot. Interesting.

This match was built around the Hunnies at ringside pretending to be into Verna until the end when their distractions allowed Greene to win with a roll-up. Not too much to the match. The crowd enjoyed what they did. One of the Hunnies, Michelle, ended up having Verna pushed into her for the win. After the match, Greene and Ava Everett left, and Verna helped Michelle up and helped her to the back. So building to a potential split. I thought the match was okay.

WINNER: “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene

MATCH TWO: Chaotic Tag Team Titles – Maine State Posse (Danger Kid & Aiden Aggro) (c) v. Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake)

Bear Country practically squashed The Logan’s last month, making them the number one contenders.

I liked this match a lot until the end. Bear Country were playing the monsters while Danger Kid was selling. Kid finally made the tag but the ref didn’t see it and sent him out. Bear Country was about to finish Kid off when Aggro, who was had been sent to the floor, got a chair and attacked Bear Country with the chair and got DQed. Not exactly a big babyface move. Then after the match Bear Country demolished them with a barrel and a chair. So not only do they come off like the faces for being cheated, but they also got revenge. I’m confused.

On a positive note, I like Bear Country in this killer role a lot and MSP continues to slowly improve each time I see them. I assume this feud will continue.

WINNERS: Bear Country via DQ

MATCH THREE: Cam Zagami v. “Most Marketable” Richard Holliday

Holliday is definitely someone that should be on the radar way more than he already is. He has poise, presence, a good look and can work without killing himself. That was on display here in this match as he played a good heel to Cam’s babyface. The only problem is, Cam didn’t get much of a shine and didn’t show any fire or credibility during the little time he had to show off.

They messed up the finish as Cam hit a moonsault and clearly had a three, but the referee just stopped instead Holliday kicking out. Or at least that’s what I and the entire crowd thought watching it. Cam got the win with the Snapmare Driver. Match was decent.

WINNER: Cam Zagami

MATCH FOUR: Brett Domino v. “That Guy” Scotty Slade

Domino started to cut a promo about how last month he was trying to tell everyone who the real Domino in when he was interrupted by Cam Zagami and promptly got beat. It happened again here as Slade’s music hit and stopped the promo short.

This match was a further decimation of Domino. He got about two moves of offense in toward the end. He then grabbed the mic and said he’s going to tell everyone who the real Brett Domino is when Slade grabbed him and hit a Cross Rhodes for the win. I guess if he’s meant to be a goof character that’s totally fine, but otherwise, he just looked like a dork.

WINNER: Scotty Slade

MATCH FIVE: Josh Briggs v. “Hurricane” John Walters

Walters returned to Chaotic last month with a win over Elia Markopolous.

I absolutely loved this match. This is the best I’ve seen Walters since his days in The Embassy, and Briggs took a huge step in selling during this match. Walters hit a running shoulder tackle to Briggs’ knee to start the heat that was fantastic. He was also tremendous at continuing to lay in very credible offense and submission attempts with the knee.

Briggs hit the M5 but his knee was shot and Walters rolled out of the ring which was great. They continued on with Briggs getting the ropes on multiple submission attempts. The finish saw Walters get a roll-up for the pin. Outstanding work by both.

After the match, Walters took the mic and put Briggs over as an animal and a tough SOB. He also said Briggs is a future star. He said his match last month was his first in four years, so there was ring rust, but he’s here to be top dog. So he challenged the winner of tonight’s main event for the Heavyweight Title. Good promo.

WINNER: “Hurricane” John Walters


MATCH SIX: Tripilicious v. “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas

This is based off last month when Tripilicious helped Christian Casanova get a win over Milonas.

Not much to this match as Milonas got in most of the offense, but I’ll give Tripilicious this much: he bumped his ass off for Milonas and made him look like a monster.

Milonas got the win with the swinging Sidewalk Slam.

WINNER: “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas

MATCH SEVEN: Tasha Steelz v. Alisha Edwards

Decent match. Steelz gets better everytime I see her and Alisha is really good in her role as a nasty heel. Good chain work during the beginning and Steelz did well selling. The finish saw Steelz hit a cutter for the win.

After the match, she thanked the crowd for her support and then challenged Skylar at the next show for the Chaotic Women’s Title.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz

MAIN EVENT: Chaotic Heavyweight Title – Manager’s Banned From Ringside – JT Dunn (c) v. Christian Casanova

They had a great title match back in August, and Dunn called Casanova out after the last show for a return.

This match had every bell, whistle, smoke and mirror you could possibly pull out. The ref took a bump and was out for about ten minutes, so about fifteen chairs ended up in the ring. I’ll give them credit: they put their bodies on the line in a big way, taking some wild bumps onto the chairs.

Tripilicious ended up coming out in a hoodie to break up a pin, and GM Johnny Vegas ended up coming out, blocking a punch and dropping Tripilicious with a pin of his own. In the ring, Mistress Belmont made her return and hit Casanova over the head with a clipboard that looked painful as hell. Dunn kicked out. Casanova went for a top rope move but ran into Death by Elbow and Dunn retained.

I didn’t think the match needed all of this stuff, but the crowd was going wild for it and it was the most excited they were all night, so hats off to everyone for that.


Overall, this was a hit and miss show. The hits were big hits, though. With that being said, the crowd went home very happy.

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