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Chaotic Wrestling Breaking Point Results 11.16.18 – Haverhill, Massachusetts: JT Dunn Wins TLC Headliner

November 17, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Chaotic Wrestling

– Chaotic Wrestling held its Breaking Point event last night in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Below are some results from the event, courtesy of PWInsider.

MATCH ONE: Chaotic Tag Team Titles – Maine State Posse (Danger Kid & Aiden Aggro) (c) v. Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake)

This has been an ongoing feud between the teams that ended in an awkward DQ the last time they met.

MSP has become pretty popular in the promotion so they were getting a good reaction to everything they were doing. With that being said, despite the crowd reaction, there were a lot of things wrong with this match. The biggest problem was that the moves these teams were doing to each other didn’t make any sense in the big man/little man dynamic. Why was Beefcake throwing a moonsault during the heat? I still don’t get that other than to show off. And Bear Country was bumping for moves from MSP that they had no business doing. Also, as he was about to get double powerbombed for the finish, why was Aiden Aggro flipping both guys off? No one will remember or care that he tried to go out a rebel.

Both of these teams have a lot of potential, but this match was awash in a lot of head scratching choices.

WINNERS: Bear Country

MATCH TWO: Maxwell Jacob Friedman v. “Hurricane” John Walters

Walters won a couple of matches before falling short to JT Dunn for the Chaotic Title a few weeks ago. MJF makes his return after a long absence.

This was an absolutely fantastic professional wrestling match. Some would call it “old school,” I would call it hard hitting, logical, compelling and a match that refused to insult my intelligence.

MJF worked over the hand most of the match and was tremendous in the heel role. They did a pretzel handstand World of Sport-style spot to start the match that was flawless and excellent. The finish saw MJF tug at the ref to cause a distraction so he could kick the middle rope as Walters was getting back in the ring to crotch him, then use the ropes for leverage to score the pin. I can’t say enough great things about it.

WINNER: Maxwell Jacob Friedman

MATCH THREE: “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene & Eva Everett v. “Man of Steel” Mike Verna & Angel Sinclair

This match has been brewing for a long time. Sinclair is part of Greene’s “Platinum Hunnies” and some miscommunication in and out of the ring has caused Sinclair to side with Verna.

For that this match was, it was entertaining. A lot of silly stuff including Greene’s lackey at ringside starting the match off with a Platinum Hunnies singlet on. I know Everett and Sinclair have not had a lot of matches in their short career, so all things considered, they did great. The crowd was into this one.

The finish saw Everett and Sinclair have a tug of war over the New England Title belt, which led to Sinclair decking Greene with it. Verna then won with his spinning urunage.

WINNERS: “Man of Steel” Mike Verna & Angel Sinclair

MATCH FOUR: AR Fox v. Josh Briggs

This was somewhere between seven to eight minutes and it was bell-to-bell wild action that the crowd was in love with. Fox and Briggs worked their asses off and they deserved the reaction they got from the audience. Fox did his usual crazy high-flying and Briggs kept going for the hammer but got cut off.

Briggs finally came through with the M5 for the win.

WINNER: Josh Briggs

During intermission, Brett Domino came out from the back to cut a promo. He told everyone to “chill” a lot. In recent months, he’d been made to look like a total geek and it continued here. He yelled at the ring girl Sarah for the microphone dying. He kept berating her until she got fed up and hit him with a Stunner. He then was laid out for the rest of intermission, which was about five minutes. He literally laid out dead in the ring the entire time.

MATCH FIVE: Elia Markopolous v. “Fabulous” Johnny Vegas

This has been in the works for months, with Elia becoming frustrated at his losing streak and lack of opportunities. Elia wanted a big match at this show, so Vegas said he does and it’s against him.

This match was excellent for what it was. It was an easy story to follow with no bells or whistles that the crowd enjoyed. Vegas got the win with a cutter after a couple of nearfalls and the crowd popped big. After the match, Elia jumped Vegas with a chair. He was going to Pillmanize his leg when Scotty Slade made the save.

WINNER: “Fabulous” Johnny Vegas

MATCH SIX: Chaotic Women’s Title – Skylar (c) v. Tasha Steelz

I really liked this match. I think it was hurt a lot by the fact that it didn’t have a babyface or a heel. It was more back and forth. I liked the work from both of them, however. It was clean for the most part, methodical and didn’t try to do too much. Steelz ended up getting the win after they traded quick pins and Steelz got a three count.

After the match, Skylar took the title and threw it on the ground instead of handing it over. Looks like we have our heel now.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz

MAIN EVENT: Tables, Ladders & Chairs for the Chaotic Title – JT Dunn (with Sammi Lane) (c) v. Christian Casanova (with Tripilicious & Royce Bishop)

This is (seemingly) the blowoff to a months long feud that started with Casanova winning the Chaotic Countdown to earn a shot, only to lose the title match. It continued on after Casanova hit Lane. Dunn then beat Tripilicious, which led to more confrontations and this main event. It’s chains instead of chairs because Casanova always uses a chain to cheat to win.

There were lots of tables, ladders and chains as advertised. Lots of crazy bumps and spots. The match didn’t get off on the right foot as they just went right into chains as opposed to building to everything. From there, the match struggled until they went to ladder and table spots when they got the crowd into it.

Hats off to everyone involved for taking the risks that they did. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m being too harsh because these guys deserve a lot of credit. It’s just from a structure standpoint, this match didn’t fully click. They finally were building toward the ladder and the finale when they threw the ladder away and starting trading shots, which is totally backwards. I get what they were going for, but it didn’t work.

The finish saw Sammi Lane trying to tie Casanova’s foot to the bottom rope, but it didn’t work, so she just held him. Dunn then went up and got the belt to a big reaction.


Dunn cut a promo putting over Casanova and his passion for Chaotic Wrestling. He said he won’t stop until he’s the greatest champion in Chaotic history.

That’s when the music hit and out came Brian Fury. Very cool moment. He thanked Dunn for what he’s done for the Chaotic Title, BUT, the talent in the locker room doesn’t think he’s the greatest champion in Chaotic history. So with that being said, he announces Dunn’s next challenger for the Chaotic Title on December 7…

HIM! Great reaction and a great moment to end the show.

Overall, I enjoyed this show a lot. For the most part, it was easy to follow storytelling in the ring and some moments that gave you something to look forward to for next month.

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