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Chikarasaurus Rex Results

July 25, 2010 | Posted by Chris Lansdell

Results from this afternoon’s Chikarasaurus Rex show at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia. Thanks to 411’s Jasper Gerretsen for sending these in.

Match #1: Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Green Ant (The Colony) and Frightmare vs. Pinkie Sanchez, Tim Donst, Lince Dorado and Tursas (Brüderschaft des Kreuzes)

Pinkie Sanchez pins Frightmare after the Burning Snickelfritz. After the match, Voköder (the gimmick Tim Donst used to infiltrate the Order of the Neo Solar Temple) and stared down Sanchez.

Match #2: Jimmy Olsen vs. SHINGO (bonus match)

This is an unannounced bonus match. SHINGO takes the win in 10 minutes with a lariat.

Tommy Dreamer gets inducted into the Arena’s Hardcore Hall of Fame by Eddie Kingston.

Match #3: Amazing Kong and Raisha Saeed vs. Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze (Brüderschaft des Kreuzes)

BDK goes two for two as Daizee Haze somehow manages to pin Amazing Kong following a German Suplex.

Match #4: CIMA, Super Shen Long and Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Icarus, Gran Akuma and Chuck Tailor (Team F.I.S.T.)

CIMA hits the Meteora on Gran Akuma in 15:17. Post-match, Icarus and Taylor beat down Akuma. Johnny Gargano joins in on the beating. It looks like Akuma is out of F.I.S.T., and Gargano is in.

Match #5: Amasis, Ophidian (The Osirian Portal) and Drake Younger vs. Vin Gerard, STIGMA and Colin Delaney (The UnStable)

A pretty wild brawl. STIGMA hits Younger with a tombstone piledriver on the ring steps. Amasis, Ophidian and Younger win after the Osirian Sacrement on STIGMA.

Match #6: Tommy Dreamer and Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Ares (Brüderschaft des Kreuzes)

Castagnoli is rocking a mohawk. The match is referee’d by the BDK’s heel referee, Derek Sabato. Some obvious slow counts. Claudio wins the match with a Ricola Bomb on Dreamer, and the BDK is three for three tonight.

Match #7: Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino and BxB Hulk (World-1) vs. Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw and Hallowicked (CHIKARA Sekigun)

CHIKARA Sekigun takes the main event win. Quackenbush pins Naruki Doi following a Quackendriver 2.

Some other notes:

– Post intermission, joshi legend Manami Toyota is announced for the September shows.
– UltraMantis Black, who is lobbying to lead the CHIKARA team at The Dark Cibernetico, was flanked by two hooded figures all night.
– Smart Mark Video has announced that shipping for the DVD of this show will begin tomorrow.


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