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Cody Promotes AEW Programming Data for the UK

October 18, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Cody AEW TNT Championship

– Earlier today, AEW EVP and TNT champion Cody Rhodes shared some data on the UK viewership and stats for AEW following the first year of Dynamite in the region via his Twitter account. You can view his tweets and the stats he shared below.

Cody tweeted on the UK data for AEW Dynamite, “This is some really positive/staggering data & research about our friends across the pond! Thanks to our incredible fans for such a successful first year of #AEWDynamite (we can’t wait to take the team over and wrestle there).”

* AEW Dynamite is beating the first-run broadcast of all its competitors in the UK for audience volume.

* Dynamite’s audience is over five times that of NXT, double that of SmackDown, and almost double of RAW.

* It is also almost double the audience of Impact Wrestling, which had been airing in the same slot as Dynamite and also free-to-air channel.

* Dynamite benefits from reaching considerably more people than any of its competitors.

* Full episodes of Dynamite on ITV4 have reached 2.8m people, based on five plus consecutive minutes of viewing.

* In its first year, AEW programming on ITV channels reached 6.7m people, based on them having at least five consecutive minutes of viewing.

You can also check out a detailed ratings breakdown for Dynamite’s one-year anniversary show RIGHT HERE.