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Colin Delaney Credits Luke Harper For His WWE/ECW Run

September 18, 2015 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Colin Delaney spoke with WrestleZone for a new interview. Check out some highlights and the interview below:

On growing up with Luke Harper: “I started in the business when I was 14. My parents were surprisingly cool with it. I don’t think they knew the full extent of the life of professional wrestling. I did have a good group of guys who I was out with. I would travel and I would hop in the car and drive 3-4 hours with some of the guys like Luke Harper. I’ve known him since around that time, probably before that. Me and Luke Harper backyard wrestled together. So, that’s how long I’ve known him. I can’t tell you his backyarder name because there are real names involved. I can’t just go throwing them out willy nilly. I’ll say, Luke Harper’s backyarder name was “(his real last name) Boy #2.” That was it. We’ll call him “Harper Boy #2.” “Harper Boy #1? was his actual, real life brother.”

On why he got the call to work for WWE’s ECW: “It comes back to Luke Harper because at the time he was an extra at the show in Rochester, NY. They were here taping Smackdown! and ECW. He called me up and said, “Hey, what are you doing right now?” I was working my 9-5 job. So, I said, “Working. Why?” He said, “Well get down to the War Memorial in the next ten minutes and you can probably wrestle Shelton Benjamin on TV tonight.” So, I just boogied down there. I got there and they wanted somebody small for Shelton to be able to throw around and all the other extras were big guys. Like Luke Harper and Corey Graves was one of them, Michael Tarver was another extra that day. So, it’s all big guys and they wanted a smaller guy. So, I got there, I met Shelton and all the other people. Then, I wrestled Shelton that night on ECW and when I got to the back Vince jumps out of his chair and he says, “Oh my God! That was so good!” And everyone was so nice and I’m thinking to myself, “Man, these people are real nice.””

On whether he was nervous jobbing to wrestlers that were so much bigger than him: “It didn’t make me nervous until The Great Khali. I heard he actually killed a man once in training. Just training trying to be a wrestler I heard he killed a human. So, that made me a bit nervous because he’s just an enormous man. There’s no way about it. The other guys are big but like Big Daddy V, for example, has been wrestling longer than I’ve been alive. There’s a reason he’s been around that long because he must be good at what he does. The Great Khali had come around in the last couple years and was just an enormous, enormous dude. So, it made me a bit nervous. Turns out, rightfully so because he knocked me out with the side of his hand. Right in the beginning he just swings his hand at my head and just knocks me cold. He picked me up and gave me that double choke bomb thing over his head. And THEN picked me up and squeezed my head until I passed out. I remember none of it, I remember nothing from getting whacked in the top of the head. The only reason I know he lifted me up over his head and squeezed my head is because it’s on film.”