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Cook’s NXT Battleground 2024 Review

June 9, 2024 | Posted by Steve Cook
Trick Williams NXT Battleground Image Credit: WWE
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Cook’s NXT Battleground 2024 Review  

Hey kids! Steve Cook here tonight for this year’s edition of NXT Battleground. Tonight’s event emanates from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. When’s the last time Las Vegas hosted an event with a big fight feel like this one? I don’t know, but I’m excited! Some good looking matches on paper, seems like it’ll be a fun night of wrestling. Let’s find out together!

Cook’s NXT Battleground 2024 Review

We see views of Las Vegas & the UFC Apex before being introduced to the host of NXT Battleground: Sexyy Red. She does some crowd pleasing dancing. I’ll be real with y’all, I’m not too familiar with Sexyy Red. I’m not part of the demographic she appeals to though, so it is what it is. Then we get the well-produced Vegas-themed opening video.

Vic Joseph & Booker T are the commentators for the evening.

NXT Women’s North American Championship Ladder Match: Sol Ruca vs. Lash Legend vs. Fallon Henley vs. Jaida Parker vs. Michin vs. Kelani Jordan: Is there a ladder match on every single PLE & PPV, or just the ones I review? I like the personalized name graphics that most of the competitors for this match are getting, it adds some flair to the proceedings. I also like the new attitude for Henley, it seems to fit her well. The women waste no time getting things started. Legend shrugs Jordan off, delivers a backbreaker in the ring while Michin wrests a ladder from Parker by the announce table. Booker gets smacked by the ladder in the process. Legend gets clotheslined over the top by Jordan & Ruca. Those two dropkick a ladder into Henley before going at it briefly. Jordan & Ruca both hit dives, then Henley kicks Ruca. Henley gets kicked by Legend, who takes the ladder into the ring. Jordan evades a ladder-holding Legend, goes for a rana, but ends up with Legend in the corner. Jordan is laid out on the ladder propped on the middle rope while Henley gets the upper hand. She climbs the ladder, but Ruca breaks that up and tosses her outside. Parker knocks Ruca off the ladder, then jumps rear first onto Jordan. German suplex by Michin, who climbs the ladder. Legend breaks that up and sends a charging Michin into the ladder. Legend sets the ladder up and reaches, but Michin breaks it up. Legend applies a sleeper to Michin. Henley applies a sleeper to Legend. Jordan ends up on top, but Legend rams them into the corner. The sleeper chain climbs the ladder. Jordan almost gets it, but Parker & Legend stretch her on top of the ladder. Jordan ranas Legend to the floor. Ruca hits an X-Factor on Parker on the side of the ladder. Henley takes her out, then sends Jordan & Legend down. Henley climbs the ladder, Parker joins her. Jordan sets up another ladder, Ruca joins her briefly. Legend removes Jordan, Henleey & Parker. Legend & Ruca on top of the ladder now…they tease suplexes off the ladder, Ruca goes for the flipping powerbomb but it’s blocked. Legend is gorilla pressed over the top onto a propped up ladder by the rest of the group, and they all run for the ladder at the same time. Michin DDTs Jordan down and climbs the ladder, but she ends up getting bounced off the top rope. Parker with a gourdbuster on Ruca, then she climbs the ladder. Michin yanks her off. Ruca hits some Sol Snatchers then climbs the ladder. Jordan joins her and they both fall off. Parker knocks Ruca out of the ring, but eats a split legged moonsault on a ladder from Jordan. Kelani Jordan climbs the ladder and becomes the first NXT North American Women’s Champion!

Winner: Kelani Jordan (12:21 after retrieving the championship)
Match Rating: ***1/4

Nothing really earth-shattering here, but the wrestlers didn’t obviously mess anything up and weren’t put in a position to do so. Smartly booked ladder match that made everybody look solid. I probably wouldn’t have picked Jordan to win, but I’m not mad at it either.

More shots of Las Vegas. Yesterday, Ethan Page was attacked. Today, he & Trick Williams walked into the UFC Apex. At different times, I think. Lola Vice gets taped up while Shayna Baszler warms up with Jamahal Hill.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Nathan Frazier & Axiom (c) vs. The O.C. Good Brothers (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson): Axiom & Anderson start. Anderson with a big chop to Axiom, then he targets the injured shoulder. Axiom with a dropkick, then Frazier comes in. Frazier with a dropkick to an abdomlinally stretched Anderson. Anderson gets more double teaming from the champions as they look good early. Chop in the corner by Frazier, but Anderson pounds him down in the other corner. Up & over, forward roll by Frazier, then he sends Anderson into the corner. Axiom with a bodypress, but Anderson slams him down after some assistance and tags Gallows in. Fallaway slam on Axiom, then a big stomp by Gallows. Gallows with an arm bar on Axiom. Gallows punches Axiom down, Anderson tags in and does the same. Axiom tries to exchange chops with Anderson, that doesn’t go well for Axiom. Gallows back in and he goes back to the arm. Gallows hits some more shots before Axiom counters into a DDT. Tag to Anderson. no tag to Frazier. Axiom kicks Gallows in the corner, then tags Frazier. Sling blade on Anderson, then a Phenomenal DDT. Standing Shooting Star gets two. Frazier up top, rolls through a Phoenix Splash. Anderson hits the TKO. Combo neckbreaker on Frazier gets two. Sitout powerbomb by Gallows gets two thanks to Axiom. Axiom is dumped outside and Anderson tags in. Frazier with a kick, tag to Axiom. Anderson hits a spinebuster on Axiom and tags Gallows. Magik Killer? No, Axiom counters with a rear naked choke on Gallows! Anderson is held by Frazier, but Gallows gets out. Big double team move on Axiom, but Frazier breaks up the count with a big dive! Gallows kicked out of the ring. Inside cradle on Anderson gets two. Axiom & Frazier dive onto Gallows. Gallows chokeslams Frazier onto the apron. Anderson up top, hits a TKO on Axiom off of it for two! Back up top, Anderson gets kicked. Gallows sent outside & dove on again. Axiom hits a Spanish Fly on Anderson, Frazier with the Phoenix Splash to end things!

Winners: Nathan Frazier & Axiom (11:36 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***

This was one of the classic tag team stories we’ve seen many times before. The young, upstart tag team going against two old vets with more strength & power. We root for the kids to overcome all the odds and get the job done, and somehow they do. Gallows & Anderson did a good job putting Axiom & Frazier over as a legit tag team that can beat anyone regardless of experience.

We see a video featuring a cranky Josh Briggs. He doesn’t know who he is right now, but we’ll find out.

Then a video featuring Carlee Bright, a former University of Minnesota cheerleader. Wrestling became her new love. NXT’s ray of sunshine has officially arrived! Sounds fun.

Dante Chen talks about how he’s always been happy for everybody else. He told himself to stay ready. He’s the first Singapore-born Superstar. He would love to bask in his recent victory, but he wants more. He’s ready for whatever’s next.

SummerSlam 2026 will be in Minneapolis and will be two nights!

Roxanne Perez & Jordynne Grave arrived earlier.

A bunch of folks in black t-shirts & pants come out for NXT Underground. Shockingly, some UFC fighters are in attendance!

NXT Underground Match: Shayna Baszler vs. Lola Vice: Two fighters with UFC experience going at it here. The only ways to win here are knockout or submission. Strikes are exchanged early. Baszler with a takedown and some stomps on the mat. Vice goes outside. Shayna follows her and we can’t see too much of what’s going on. Lola takes a shot to the back and is sent back in the ring. Suplex by Shayna, she blocks a kick and suplexes Vice again. Ankle lock by Shayna, Lola hangs on and eventually sends Shayna into the ringpost! Vice with some strikes, then a rear naked choke. Shayna’s still alive, but Lola’s had this locked in for awhile. Shayna runs and dives into the crowd on the floor, breaking the hold. Lola sent back-first into the apron, then Shayna gets the announce table ready. She sets Lola up for a powerbomb, but Lola fights out. Takedown on the table, Vice gets punched down to the floor. Shayna goes for a knee strike, but Lola moves. Shayna’s knee is hurt now, and Lola bounces it off the ringpost. Lola kicks away at the leg, then a heel hook. Lola transitions to a achilles stretch, Shayna goes to the face to break it up but Lola goes back to an ankle lock. Both women back up, Lola kicks the leg again and mounts Shayna. Fists to Shayna, back up, another kick to the leg. Vice with some fists on the mat, then a choke to Shayna. Shayna gets out and stomps Lola. Kick to Lola, another takedown and some fists by Shayna. Barracuda Clutch by Shayna, Lola goes to the ankle to break the hold. Knee by Shayna, but that hurt her too. Shayna moves the kneepad down, but misses the strike. Lola doesn’t, and knocks Shayna to the floor. Shayna starts attacking the ringsiders, but Lola kicks her down. Shayna with an armbar, going for a triangle choke but Lola blocks. Shayna kicks her into the desk and one of the ringsiders. Shayna picks Lola up, but Lola pushes her head first into the steps! Spinning backfist by Vice! Some fists, and the referee stops the match! Shayna wakes up and doesn’t know she lost.

Winner: Lola Vice (10:18 via referee stoppage)
Match Rating: ***3/4

This will probably be one of those matches that people will be divisive on. I liked it! It was completely different from everything else on the show in a good way. Obviously Shayna & Lola had no issue working the MMA style, and did it in a way that made sense. This was also the correct result, as Lola Vice is the one being established as a star here. I’m very high on Lola Vice, she’s got a ton of potential and I figure she’ll be a featured star wherever she goes after NXT. Not that I’m rushing her out the door or anything, there’s still a lot to be done here.

Eddie Thorpe is proud of his Native American heritage, and he’s returning to NXT next Tuesday with his eyes open.

Kelani Jordan celebrates with Sexyy Red & her crew.

NXT Heatwave is in Toronto on July 7, the night after Money in the Bank.

Forrest Griffin is there! I remember that guy!

NXT North American Championship Triple Threat Match: Oba Femi (c) vs. Wes Lee vs. Joe Coffey: Shots exchanged all around as we start. Lee & Coffey team up on Femi, sending him to the outside with a dropkick. Lee & Coffey go at it. Lee kicks Femi down, then some kicks to Coffey. Dive to Femi, then a twisting splash on Coffey gets two. Femi gains the advantage, suplexing both Coffey & Lee. Running elbow strikes to both men. Lee gets thrown into Coffey. Femi with a delayed vertical that gets broken up by Coffey eventually. Femi tosses Lee to the floor, but Lee comes back with a kick. Coffey with a running dropkick to Femi. Femi tosses Lee high into the sky onto Coffey, and lands on his feet. Coffey with a tornado DDT on Lee, then a suplex. Femi sent to the floor. Backbreaker by Coffey on Lee. Femi takes some punches from Coffey. Coffey with a side slam on Femi, then a Vader Bomb gets two. Lee double stomps Femi on Coffey’s shoulders, Coffey ends up delivering a DVD. Coffey almost gets a three count when he falls on Femi. Coffey with a dive on Femi, then a shoulder block that Femi no-sells. Powerbomb on the apron for Coffey, then Lee gets caught on a dive and power bombed into Coffey. Coffey & Femi exchange shots in the ring. Lee comes back, hits a cardiac kick on Femi for a two count. Coffey with a spinebuster on Lee for two. Coffey avoids a powerbomb, but gets clotheslined over the top rope. Wolfgang & Mark Coffey appear and double team Femi. Triple threats are no DQ, so it’s all good. Glasgow Sendoff on Lee only gets two though. Femi comes back and kills Gallus. Coffey gets superkicked by Lee. Lee kicks Femi down, hits a Meteora on Coffey. Kicks in the corner on Coffey. A Cardiac kick gets two thanks to Gallus pulling the referee out. Lee dives onto them. Femi back in the ring, he kicks Coffey and sends him down. Lee is caught and power bombed. Coffey is power bombed, and it’s all over.

Winner: Oba Femi (12:02 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***

This Oba Femi guy is going to be pretty tough to beat. Dude looked pretty beastly here against two NXT staples. Solid match that made Femi look like a monster. One thing that hasn’t changed recently in WWE is that monsters will get plenty of chances to shine. Oba Femi probably won’t be here for too long.

Wendy Choo appears to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. We’ll see her Tuesday.

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Jordynne Grace: NXT Women’s Champion vs. TNA Knockouts Champion. Who thought we’d ever see this? Not me! Jordynne has the strength avantage here. Roxanne’s attempt at a go-behind goes nowhere. She stomps Grace’s foot. Off the ropes, some reversals lead to a big shot from Perez! Grace with some clotheslines and a slam to Perez. Roxanne gouges Jordynne’s eye to get out of a powerbomb attempt. Grace comes back, but gets yanked off the middle rope. Roxanne with some strikes, then she targets the arm. Perez with a Pentagon armbreaker, then some shots in the corner. Leg sweep by Perez, a stomp to Grace’s left arm. Perez misses an arm breaker, clips the leg and dropkicks Grace’s shoulder. Perez with a standing armbar, but Grace lifts her out of it and blocks the sunset flip. Perez into the corner, Grace slams her but misses the Vader bomb. Back up top, Jordynne goes for a suplex but Roxanne blocks. Grace with Perez on her shoulders, she slams her down to the mat from there. Slap by Grace, Perez blocks the Juggernaut Driver. Shots exchanged, slam by Grace. Kick by Perez, another slam by Grace. Perez slips out of another slam attempt but gets clotheslined down. Spinebuster by Grace gets two. Grace places Perez up top, sets up the Musclebuster, Perez blocks and hits a DDT. Rana to the mat gets two for Perez. Grace is put in an arm stretch by Perez. Grace tries to lift Perez over the top, but Perez holds on and uses the ropes for a four count. Grace goes back to the musclebuster, hits it for a two count. Both women end up on the apron, Jordynne gets sent into the ringpost, then Roxanne goes for Pop Rox to the floor. Jordynne blocks that, but can’t block the tornado DDT to the floor. Springboard moonsault gets two for Perez, she follows that up with the crossface. Grace rolls over for two, Juggernaut Driver & Pop Rox are blocked, Grace with a modified Gory Bomb to break that. Tatum Paxley emerges and takes the Knockouts Championship from the ring attendant! Ash by Elegance appears? She takes the title from Paxley and Grace knocks them both down. Rolling DVD by Grace back in the ring…she goes for the Juggernaut Driver, but Roxanne blocks and hits Pop Rox for the three count!

Winner: Roxanne Perez (13:56 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***1/2

Ash by Elegance, the former Dana Brooke, has had her eyes on the Knockouts Championship in recent weeks, so involving her here made sense on that front. Paxley also has a gold obsession, so that was a way have Grace lose and allow the TNA announcers to say that she would have won if not for circumstances beyond her control. Yeah, interference is annoying sometimes, but can be necessary to keep everybody happy. Match was good, as should be expected considering the talent of Perez & Grace. Two of the best women’s champions in the game right now.

Sexyy Red talks to Lola Vice and they do some twerking with Sarah Schreiber.

Wes Lee gets attacked by all three members of Gallus before referees & officials break it up.

Tuesday: Je’von Evans vs. Shawn Spears, Lexis King vs. Dante Chen in a Singapore Cane match. Michin vs. Jaida Parker.

NXT Championship Match: Trick Williams (c) vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page: I’m sure Booker has been more annoying than during Trick’s entrance, but I can’t remember when. (I don’t listen to his podcast) Page attacks right at the bell, mounting Williams with punches. He says he’s going to whoop that trick, but misses a knee strike in the corner. Slam by Williams, and some punches of his own. They go outside and Trick gets whipped into the steps. Page wants to use the announce table, but Trick rolls back in the ring so Page has to go beat him up there. Trick fights back, but gets kicked by Ethan. Draping backbreaker by Page, then a back suplex for one. Vertical suplex gets two for Page. Trick ends up in a bearhug. Page drives Williams into the corner with shoulder blocks. Williams placed up top…Page wanted a superplex, ends up doing an iconoclasm then a suplex for two. Page goes back to the bearhug, Trick fights out and hits a DDT. Trick with some punches, then a couple of side kicks. Flapjack then a breakdance from Trick. Page evades the spin kick and goes outside. Trick sends Ethan into the audience, then hits a running crossbody. Back in the ring, big kick from Trick gets two. Trick goes up top, Page knocks him off. Running knee in the corner gets two for Page. Punches exchanged between the two. Ego with a knee, then a kick to Trick. Trick with a Book End for a two count. Back outside, Page gets clotheslined down. Williams gets powerslammed through the announce table by Page. Back in the ring, Page hits the Ego’s Edge for two. Page punches Williams down in the corner. The referee keeps breaking it up, and the distraction allows Williams to hit the Trick Shot for three.

Winner: Trick Williams (12:10 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***1/4

Good main event to establish Williams as the face of the NXT brand going forward. Page did his job well and will be a good addition to NXT in the weeks & months ahead. I doubt we’ve seen the last of this particular issue.

Trick & Sexyy Red celebrate while Ethan Page looks on with an angry expression to end tonight’s proceedings.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
I've liked most of what I've seen from NXT in the past few months, and Battleground was no exception. Everything on this show had some logic to it, good action and outcomes that further established talent and made you want to see more of them. There's a reason NXT has been trending upward lately as far as attention goes. We might not be in the Takeover Era, but the Whoop That Era's been a pretty good time so far. Let's see some more!

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