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Csonka’s AEW All Out 2019 Review

September 1, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Chris Jericho AEW All Out
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Csonka’s AEW All Out 2019 Review  

Csonka’s AEW All Out 2019 Review

Women’s Casino Royale: Nyla Rose won @ 20:50 [**½]
– Private Party defeated Jack Evans & Angelico @ 11:30 via pin [***½]
– SCU defeated Jurassic Express @ 11:50 via pin [***¾]
– Pac defeated Kenny Omega @ 23:30 via referee stoppage [****]
The Cracker Barrel Clash: Jimmy Havoc defeated Joey Janela & Darby Allin @ 15:10 via pin [***¼]
For a First Round Bye in The AEW Tag Title Tournament: Dark Order defeated Best Friends @ 13:40 via pin [***¼]
For a Shot at The AEW Women’s Title: Riho defeated Hikaru Shida @ 13:40 via pin [***½]
– Cody defeated Shawn Spears @ 19:10 via pin [***¾]
Escalera de la Muerte: Champions The Lucha Bros defeated The Young Bucks @ 24:12 [****¾]
For The AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho defeated Hangman Page @ 26:25 via pin to win the AEW championship [***¼]

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Women’s Casino Royale: Nyla Rose, Leva Bates, Faby Apache, Pricilla Kelly, Shandra Royal. Rose dominates early on, using her power and Avalon saves Bats, using books for her to step on. Rose dumps everyone but Bates and then dumps her for the domination. Avalon attacks and he gets tossed. Next in are Penelope Ford, Shazza McKenzie, Big Swole. Britt Baker, and Sadie Gibbs are next. They all brawl and Baker dumps Shazza. Rose double chokeslams Baker & Gibbs, but Big Swole attacks and hits a DDT but Rose fires back, slams her to the apron and Swole is gone. Rose dumps Ford. Next in are Tenille Dashwood, Ivelisse, Bea Presley, Brandi Rhodes, and Awesome Kong. Baker immediately attacks Kong as the rest brawl while Kong & Brandi watch on. Tenille suplexes Ivelisse into Gibbs and hits the taste of Tenille. Kong is in and Brandi has her dominate until Gibbs dropkicks Kong into Brandi. Rose and Brandi brawl, Brandi hits a stunner and Kong eliminates Tenille & Ivelisse. Next in are Allie, Nicole Savoy, Tiel Piper, Jazz, and ODB. Allie runs wild on Brandi, Savoy and Kong face off, Kong lay into her but Savoy follows with a suicide dive. Piper gets a sleeper on ODB, Kong cuts her off and Savoy is eliminated Kong & Rose now face off but Jazz & ODB get involved as Kong gets tossed. Jazz is tossed. They all brawl and the joker is… Mercedes Martinez. Brandi gets tossed, and Martinez is in and runs wild on the field with suplexes. Curb stomp on Bea, Saito on Rose. Allie attacks, and hits the DVD. Martinez fires back, and Rose dumps Allie. Gibbs flies into take down Rose. Bea battles back and dumps Gibbs. Baker and Martinez trade, sling blade by Baker, and Rose cuts off Bea and hits a powerbomb. Baker & Martinez attack Rose, and Bea attacks as Baker eliminates Martinez. Down to Rose, Bea and Baker. Bea and Baker attack Rose, and then Rose battles back and hits corner splashes on both. She takes Baker up top, destroyer by Baker to Bea. She tries to dump Rose, and then hits a superplex. Baker and Bea trade and Baker eliminates Bea. Rose then dumps Baker as Bea grabs her arm to pull her out. Nyla Rose won @ 20:50 [**½] This was solid, with a good layout that played off of the established angles and set up Rose in the monster role, even if I’m not a big fan of her winning. Unfortunately, some of the camera work was off and there were some sloppy moments that held it back.

– They hype Jericho vs. Page for later tonight.

Private Party (Kassidy & Quen) vs. Jack Evans & Angelico: Angelico and Kassidy begin, they lock up and work into counters. Angelico grounds the action, but Kassidy fights back to his feet until Angelico grounds him again. Kassidy counters back, and follows with an arm drag and leg lariat. Evans and Quen tag in. They work into fast paced counters and flippy doos. They trade kicks, dropkick by Quen and he celebrates. Kassidy tags in and follows with strikes. Quen back in and Evans fights them off and follows with kicks and a corkscrew kick on Quen for 2. Angelico tags in and follows with a back elbow for 2. Evans tags in for double teams, as the double stomp gets 2. Evans rolls into an arm bar, but Quen makes the ropes. Evans follows with knee strikes, but Quen fires back and flies in for the tag as Kassidy hits the missile dropkick. The RANA to the floor follows, and he then follows that with a moonsault to the floor. The moonsault in the ring gets 2 on Evans. Quen tags in and they double team Evans. Angelico dumps Quen and Kassidy hits him with the tornado DDT. It breaks down, assisted sliced bread on Evans, Kassidy takes out Angelico on the floor, shooting star press by Quen and Kassidy rolls back in and covers for 2. Kassidy up top and Evans runs up for the avalanche German and the 630 misses but Evans fires back; Angelico in for double teams and the assisted 450 gets 2. Angelico & Evans up top and Quen cuts off Angelico, Private Party battles back and Quen hits the PEKE and poison RANAs follow on Evans. The gin & juice finishes Angelico. Private Party defeated Jack Evans & Angelico @ 11:30 via pin [***½] This was exactly what it needed to be, a really good sprint with Private Party getting over big in victory.

– Evans & Angelico attack post match and take out the knee of Quen. I like the heel turn here as well.

– We get a really good video package for Wardlow, street fighting and wrecking fools.

– JR joins commentary.

– The PPV opens with the national anthem.

– SCU arrives, and this is of course the worst town they’ve ever been in. they talk about the All In sell out and how they did it again this year.

SCU vs. Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, & Marko Stunt): Kaz and Boy begin, they lock up and work into counters as Kaz gets the cradle for 2. Boy power s up into a backslide, but Kaz cradles him again for 2. They work into a standoff, and Kaz follows with kicks, knee strikes and a clothesline,. Sky tags in and double teams follow as Daniels tags in. He follows with chops, but Boy follows with a RANA, and an Arabian arm drag and dropkick connects. Luchasaurus tags in and they follow with kicks and double teams for 2. Luchasaurus follows with knee strikes, a dump suplex, and tags in Stunt. He follows with a RANA, dropkick and shining wizard. RANA to Sky, Boy joins in and they dump Kaz. Stunt follows with a suicide dive and Boy also connects with one. The Luchasaurus now follows with the step up tope. Back in and Stunt hits a high cross off of the Luchasaurus’ shoulders. Boy tags in and grounds Daniels. Daniels tags in Sky and Kaz joins him as they double team Boy. Quick tags follow as SCU takes control. Sky hits the running double stomp, Daniels tags in and hit she clothesline. Kaz tags in and they double team Boy and the cover gets 2. Kaz hits the corner dropkick, and Daniels covers for 2. He keeps things grounded until Boy hits a desperation clothesline. Luchasaurus gets the tag and runs wild on SCU, he follows with a flurry of kicks and chokeslams Kaz and the standing moonsault follows for 2. Luchasaurus fucking rules. Stunt tags in and triple teams follow as Boy hits a suicide dive. Luchasaurus hits a head but and Daniels takes out Boy, and celebrity rehab follows. SCU clears the ring and Kaz hits a RANA to the floor on Luchasaurus. Sky then follows with the tope as they roll Boy back in. They have Kaz hold Boy & Stunt as the best Meltzer ever finishes Stunt. SCU defeated Jurassic Express @ 11:50 via pin [***¾] this was a very good PPV opener, that didn’t get too crazy but allowed everyone to shine and everything they did was over big. SCU in the role of vets that can work with everyone and are so over play extremely well in the opener. Jurassic Express is a great act with tons of merchandizing possibilities.

Kenny Omega vs. Pac: They lock up, and Omega follows with a shoulder tackle, Omega toys with him a bit, which angers Pac. Pac battles back and he toys with Omega. They start pushing and shoving, Omega trips him up and Pac counters the kotaru krusher but Omega dumps him. Rise of the terminator is cutoff as Pac hits a RANA and Omega back in and dumps him. Pac counters the plancha and they brawl at ringside, with Omega shooting him to the barricade. Pac counters the apron bomb and slams Omega to the apron. He whips Omega to the barricade, and does it again. Back in and Pac hits the missile dropkick. Omega slowly fires back, but Pac follows with kicks and whips Omega to the buckles and covers for 2. Pac grounds things, but Omega fights to his feet and fires back. Pac cuts him off but Omega knocks him to the floor. He follows with a dropkick and then hits the tope. Omega’s ankle hit the barricade on the way down, but appears to be ok. Back in and Omega heads up top and hits the missile dropkick to the back of the head and follows with a fisherman’s buster for 2. Pac fights off the dragon suplex, but Omega follows with chops. The Finlay roll is countered and Pac springboards in but Omega hits the Finlay roll and then misses the moonsault. Pac follows with a spike DDT and covers for 2. Pac heads up top and Omega rolls to the floor so Pac follows with a moonsault to the floor. His ankles crashed onto the barricade on the way down, which had to suck. Back in and Pac heads up top, and the 450 follows for 2. Pac talks some shit, Omega fires up and they trade center ring. v connects with a flurry, but Pac fires back until Omega follows with a push kick and buckle bomb and sky high for 2. Omega sets and the V trigger is stopped as Pac hides behind the ref but then springboards into a dropkick from Omega. Omega follows with a V trigger and the one winged angel is countered but Omega hits a German for 2. Pac fights off the tiger driver, and follows with a slingshot cutter. Omega counters the German but Pac hits it the second time. The dead lift German follows for 2. Pac takes him up top, but Omega counter s the RANA, and stuns Pac off the buckles, and the snapdragon follows. V trigger by Omega and that gets 2. Pac counters the V trigger and follows with kicks, but Omega fights back until he eats a superkick. V trigger by Omega, hits another and the one winged angel is countered, they botch a poison RANA and Omega follows with chops, knee strike, and then the one winged angel is countered into the brutalizer. Omega fights, but starts to fade and the ref stops it. Pac defeated Kenny Omega @ 23:30 via referee stoppage [****] This was great overall, with a good layout and a string homestretch with the surprising winner in the best way possible; I loved the finish. The Omega redemption arc begins.

The Cracker Barrel Clash: Joey Janela vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Darby Allin: Havoc powders and starts going for weapons. He pulls out chairs and a table; the stapler follows. He staples himself and they brawl, spilling to the floor as they work over Havoc. Double teams follow as Allin tapes Havoc to a chair. Janela superkicks Havoc and Allin puts tacks in Havoc’s mouth and they tape his mouth shut. Allin follows with a suicide dive and back in, Allin follows with strikes, hits an arm drag and follows with a stunner. Allin heads up top and then cannonballs to the floor onto Havoc. Janela cuts him off and Allin fires back and Janela crotches him and hits an emerald frosion onto the apron. Janela gets a tennis racket for a sight gag and then sets up a table. Havoc fires up and spits the tacks into Janela’s face and then follows with chops and an eye poke. Back in and Havoc slides in a chair, and then hits a Michinoku driver on Janela for 2. Havoc does the paper cut spot on Janela’s hands, staples him and does a monkey flip with Janela in the chair but Janela lands perfectly as Havoc. Brain buster on the chair by Janela and then sunset bombs Allin through the table on the floor. Janela follows with a moonsault but eats floor as Havoc moved. Fucks sake lad. Havoc now gets the Cracker Barrels, drags them down the ramp and Janela hits a low blow. Back in and Janela hits a lariat. Allin gets a skateboard, and it has tacks on the bottom. He flies in with a skateboard double stomp on Janela for 2. Havoc slams him to the steps, sets up a table and Allin coffin drops him through it. He slams Havoc to the steps, moves them and lays Havoc onto them and then grabs a barrel, climbs up top with it and coffin drops onto the steps but Havoc moves, as the barrel gets destroyed; he’s dead Jim. Havoc up top and Janela cuts him off, hits a draping DDT and the top rope elbow drop connects for 2. Janela gets a barrel, brings it in and lays it on Havoc. He heads up top and Havoc cuts him off and superplexes Janela but the barrel rolls away. The acid rainmaker into the barrel ends it. Jimmy Havoc defeated Joey Janela & Darby Allin @ 15:10 via pin [***¼] This was exactly what you expected from this, wild and crazy action with three guys trying to kill each other. It was good for what it was and a fun match that the crowd enjoyed.

For a First Round Bye in The AEW Tag Title Tournament: Best Friends vs. Dark Order: Dark Order looks to isolate Chuck early on, but he fires back as Trent joins in as they clear the ring and hug. They isolate Uno, working double teams and Trent covers for 2. Grayson tags in and Trent follows with chops, Uno distracts him and Grayson then dropkicks Trent to the barricade. Uno rolls him back in and double teams follow for 2. They work quick tags, isolating Trent and Grayson dumps him onto the ropes. The senton atomico to the apron follows and Uno covers for 2. Grayson back in and follows with strikes, but Trent rebounds with a lariat. They cut off the tag and ground Trent, Uno tags in and Trent fights off the double teams and the tag gets cut off. Chasing the dragon follows for 2. Uno back in and misses the corner elbow, tornado DDT by Trent follows, and he tags in Chuck. Chuck runs wild with clotheslines, sliced bread and the sitout powerbomb for 2. he follows with chops, dumps Grayson and then hits the tope. Chuck is cut off, but Trent blind tags in and the double team pop up German follows. They dump Uno, and the lawn dart cutter follows on Grayson for 2. Grayson counters back with the double PELE, Uno in and double teams follow, Grayson follows with a dive and takes out Chuck and the creepers. The Uno senton follows for 2. Dark Order follows with double teams, Grayson up top and the 450 connects for 2. Uno tags back in and the fatality is cut off by Chuck, and Trent cradles Uno for 2. Best Friends follow with knee strikes, and the soul food/half & half combo follows that for 2. Uno fights off strong zero, tags in Grayson but Chuck hits awful waffle on Grayson allowing Trent to cover for 2. The creepers attack and back in, the fatality finishes it. Dark Order defeated Best Friends @ 13:40 via pin [***¼] This was good and had a nice lay out but the crowd wasn’t into it as he Dark Order continues to under whelm crowds. They are a great team, but the gimmick isn’t connecting at all. The finish also came off flat,

– Dark Order attacks post match, but the lights go out and Orange Cassidy is here. The hands in his pockets suicide dive follows, taking out the creepers. The Best Friends hug him post match.

For a Shot at The AEW Women’s Title: Hikaru Shida vs. Riho: They lock up and Shida shoves her down. Shida follows with a shoulder tackle, counters an arm drag and follows with a back breaker for 2. Riho bridges out and follows with a dropkick. She follows with chops but Shida hits the flying knee strike and follows with a running knee lift on the apron. Back in and the cover gets 2. Shida grounds things, and then hits a backbreaker for 2 The crab follows, Shida transitions to a half crab and Riho makes the ropes. The hanging backbreaker follows. Lays her in the corner and follows with the running knee strike for 2. Riho counters back, hits the head scissors and then dumps Shida. Riho up top, Shida cuts her off and teases a suplex to the floor but Riho knocks her to the apron and follows with the top rope double stomp. Riho back up top and the high cross follows for 2. Riho follows with strikes, they trade and Riho trips her up and Shida counters the 619into a stretch muffler. Riho then counters into a cradle for 2. The standing double stomp follows, but Shida connects with a knee strike. The delayed suplex follows and Shida is fired up. Hits the running knee strike and covers for 2. Shida counters a cradle and powers up into an enziguri. Riho to the apron, Shida then hits the dead lift superplex for 2. Shida drags Riho to her feet, but Riho counters into a northern lights suplex. Riho up top and Shida follows her up, they trade strikes, and Riho hits the hanging double stomp. The running meteora follows that for 2. Riho heads up top and misses the double stomp, but Shida counters into a back breaker and that gets a great near fall. Shida goes for a slam but Riho cradles her for 2. Riho then counters into a tilt a whirl into a cradle for the win. Riho defeated Hikaru Shida @ 13:40 via pin [***½] Optically, the size difference played well, easily positioning Riho in a babyface role and allowing Shida to work as a heel without being heavy handed about it. This was really good and had a great pace and back and forth action.

– Brandi, dressed a Seven of Nine, joined by DDP (in red) and MJF (in the gold) walk to complete the Star Trek theme. I appreciate this. Tully Blanchard is out with Spears, while MJF is out with Cody.

Shawn Spears vs. Cody: Cody hits the suicide dive on Spears and then takes out Tully. Spears attacks and they brawl into the crowd, who love Cody. Cody follows with rights, and they work back to ringside. In the ring and Spears fires back, dumps Cody but Cody pulls him to the floor and follows with he snap slam. Tully distracts Cody allowing Spears to hit a low blow while the ref was distracted by MJF. Back in and Spears follows with chops, head butts and elbow strikes. Cody fires back, they workup top and Cody hits a RANA. Spears cuts off the suicide dive, hangs him in the ropes and kicks him in the face. He crotches Cody on the post, and then covers for 2. Spears follows with grounded strikes, lays in chops and back to the floor they go. Cody fires back they roll back in and Cody then misses a charge and posts himself. Spears hits a draping DDT to the apron, and back in, covers for 2. Spears takes Cody’s weight belt, argues with Earl and Earl fires up and backs him off. Tully hands Spears his belt and he starts whipping Cody. Cody gets pissed and fires up. Spears whips him and he takes it, fires back and lays the boots to Spears. The springboard cutter follows, and then the Alabama slam gets 2. The figure four follows, but Spears rolls it and Cody has to make the ropes. He rolls to the floor, Spears follows and hits a running DVD onto the ramp. Spears rolls back in, MJF tries to help Cody back in, and Cody beats the count back in. Spears drops the kneepad, but Cody counters into cross Rhodes, but Tully takes the ref to stop the count. Tully& MJF hit the ring and Spears takes out MJF before they really get into it. Tully attacks him on the floor, but Arn Anderson arrives, SPINEBUSTER ON SPEARS. DAT POP! Tully is shocked and follows Arn to the back. Spears gets the chair, but Cody cuts him off and he grabs the chair. Spears begs him to hit him, Cody refuses and follows with the flip flop and fly. Chair assisted disaster kick and cross Rhodes finishes it. Cody defeated Shawn Spears @ 19:10 via pin [***¾] They had a great story heading into this and played off of that well. Cody is really much better as a face, and I think Spears did really well as a heel here. The match layout was strong, the Tully stuff all worked, the small teases that MJF may turn were great and the Arn Anderson cameo landed. I don’t think that Cody should have down here, but they had the crowd locked in and this was really good.

Escalera de la Muerte: Champions The Lucha Bros vs. The Young Bucks: They face off and share some banter as the Bucks spit at them and they brawl. They both tease finishes early and Fenix hits a powerbomb as Pentagon hits the top rope dropkick to the balls of Matt. The Bucks use a ladder to cut off dives, and back in, follow with double teams. The buckle bomb combo follows, and Nick follows with a springboard double stomp. Pentagon fights back and follows with a dive and Fenix then topes over the ladder to wipe out the Bucks. Fenix sets up a table, Pentagon follows with chops and Fenix climbs but gets cut off. They all brawl, Fenix &Nick jump onto the ladder, get pulled down and Matt & Pentagon now climb and brawl. Nick & Fenix follow with flying cutters, they brawl on the apron and Matt & Pentagon follow with suicide spears to the floor and through tables. They roll back in and Pentagon moves a ladder to a corner, follows with leg kicks, and Nick then takes him out with a step up tope. Matt hits the northern lights onto Fenix and rolls into another into the ladder. They lay Pentagon on a ladder and Fenix then RANAs Nick onto that ladder as Pentagon moves. Superkick by Pentagon, Fenix follows with a RANA, Pentagon hits a high cross and gets a bigger ladder. He and Fenix look to climb, but Matt press slams Fenix and spears Pentagon. Nick hits a PK, and then an x-factor and moonsault to the floor. He springboards in onto the ladder and then off the ropes and wipes out Pentagon. Fenix follows with a moonsault to the floor and Matt climbs until Pentagon joins him, they brawl and Pentagon hits a sling blade off the ladder. Nick back in and pentagon follows with leg kicks and Nick then fights back and hits the tope through the ladder. Fenix hits a destroyer onto Matt and Pentagon slides in a table. Fenix sets it up and pentagon slides in another ladder. They set up shop and lay Matt on the table but he flights up the ladder with Fenix, but Pentagon cuts him off with a super destroyer through the table; he’s dead Jim. Nick takes out Pentagon, but Fenix lays Matt on a table as Nick lays Pentagon on a table. They follow with splashes off of the ladders and through the tables. EVEERYONE IS GONNA DIE, Nick makes a ladder bridge, hits a DDT on Fenix on the floor and then sets up a pair of tables; this will not end well. Fenix climbs but gets cut off, but slides out into a superkick and Matt follows with a superkick Pentagon attacks, but Nick gets the sharpshooter as Matt locks on the crossface. Fenix climbs and Nick follows to stop him. Matt grabs Fenix and the Pentagon makes the save, and pushes over the ladder and nick flies off and through the tables on the floor. Pentagon climbs, Matt tries to stop him and they brawl up top. Pentagon cuts him off but matt unmasks him and superkicks Fenix out of the air but Pentagon takes out the ladder as Matt crashes and burns. Pentagon gets his mask back and the double stomp piledriver combo onto the ladder bridge connects! The Luchas climb, and retain. Champions The Lucha Bros defeated The Young Bucks @ 24:12 [****¾] this was an absolutely excellent and crazy ladder match, it was everything I wanted and more. It had great pacing great spots, and had a great ending and most importantly, didn’t overstay it’s welcome. This was exactly what I wanted, what it needed to be, and it absolutely delivered. Now it’s important to keep the Bucks & Luchas away from each other for a while.

– Post match, masked men attack and hit the STREET SWEEPER! IT’S LAX BABY! (going by the Boricuas).

– AEW returns to PPV on November 9th in Baltimore.

– Page gets his dream and rides into the arena on a horse. His wife & parents are in the crowd.

For The AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Hangman Page: They lock up and work to the ropes, and break. Jericho follows with arm drags, they lockup and Page hits an am drag. He follows with strikes, chops and catches the cross body into a fall away slam. He dumps Jericho and follows him out. Page follows with chops, Jericho fires back and then runs away. Back in and Page follows with a clothesline for 2. Jericho fires back, and looks for the liontamer, but Page dumps him to the floor and follows with the suicide dive. Back in and Page heads up top, and the flying clothesline connects for 2. Jericho cuts him off but misses the wrecking ball dropkick, crashing to the floor. Jericho then counters the apron shooting star pres into a code breaker. Jericho rolls back in and then knocks Page from the apron to the barricade. Jericho follows, lays in strikes and whips him to the barricade. Jericho now attacks the arm in the barricade, in front of Page’s family, and then hits him with the mic. Back in and Jericho lays the boots to him, and divorce court follows. Jericho continues to work the arm, but Page fires back and then gets cutoff with a clothesline. Jericho chills in the corner, and the standing senton follows for 2. Back to the arm he goes, but Page fires back with chops until Jericho hits the dropkick for 2. Jericho follows with kicks, chops and Page fires up and he lays in chops, but Jericho counters back and hits a high cross, Page rolls and picks up Jericho and hits the fall away slam. Both men are down, but Page kips up and the Finlay roll and sliding clothesline follows. The running shooting star press follows for 2. Jericho counters the dropkick but Page cuts off the lionsault with a Russian leg sweep off the ropes for 2. Jericho counters back into the liontamer. Page fights and rolls out and lays in strikes and escapes. The rolling forearm follows. Jericho is busted open by the eye now, he rolls to the floor and Page follows him out. He follows with strike, whips him to the barricade, and back in, Page lays in more strikes and lays the boots to Jericho. Jericho cuts him off, and they work up top. They trade, and Page rakes at the bloody eye of Jericho and hits the avalanche neck breaker for 2. Page follows with knee strikes, kicks and a rolling elbow; Jericho is down. Jericho fights off the suplex, dumping Page onto the ropes and the dropkick is countered by a Page superkick. The buckshot lariat connects. Deadeye is countered and Jericho locks on the liontamer. Page fights, and makes the ropes, he argues with the ref and Page then dumps him to the floor. The top rope moonsault connects but page lands hard on the ramp and he favors the previously injured knee. Back in and the buckshot lariat is countered into a code breaker for 2. He follows with grounded strikes, knee strikes, and Page cuts him off with a rolling elbow. Jericho counters the running shooting star with the knees and they work into counters and Page rolls into deadeye… but Jericho kicks out at 2. The buckshot lariat connects, deadeye is countered and Jericho hits the Judas effect to in the title. Chris Jericho defeated Hangman Page @ 26:25 via pin to win the AEW championship [***¼] I had some concerns coming into this, Page wasn’t built well and Jericho’s last few big matches have lacked a bit. I think it went a bit too long and with it being so late into the show, the crowd felt fatigued. The layout was good, but some of the work felt a bit meandering and Page unfortunately didn’t feel ready for the spot. It was good but far from great. But as the first champion, Jericho was the safe and right call.

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* Intro
* NJPW Royal Quest Preview: 3:45
* NXT UK Takeover Cardiff Preview/Cesaro Possibly to NXT UK: 24:45
* AEW All Out Preview: 44:00
* Big Show Related Announcement: 1:48:30

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– End scene.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
AEW All Out 2019 was an overall very good show with a great Pac vs. Omega match and an amazing ladder match. The show was consistently good with no bad matches, but I do feel that layout was off and the crowd was exhausted at the end of a nearly 5-hour event. The main event, while far from bad, also felt like a really anticlimactic way to close things out. When all was said and done, I felt that it was really good and a lot of fun, but lay out and production (they missed a few key camera shots) need to get locked in before they hit TV.