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Csonka’s Best of WWE Edge’s Best WrestleMania Matches Review

May 15, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Best of WWE Edge’s Best WrestleMania Matches Review  

Csonka’s Best of WWE Edge’s Best WrestleMania Matches Review

– This aired on FS1.

– Matt Camp from the Bump hosts, and welcomes us to the show.

WrestleMania 24 – World Heavyweight Championship Match: The Undertaker vs. Edge: At the time, I was so glad to see that Smackdown got to close the show, I think that Taker deserved it as did Edge. Now the big problem is that everyone expected Taker to win here, especially going on last. That means that they had a lot of hard work ahead of themselves to make people think that Edge had a chance to win the match. It’s the key to all of the great Taker matches at Mania. I felt that they did that and more. They smartly started slow since they were going long and built well from there. Taker did the crazy Undertaker Dive, which was awesome, but at every turn Edge was cutting him off whenever he would try his signature stuff. They played off of other times that Edge screwed Taker, like with the Camera shot and as the match went on, and Edge kept stopping all of the classic Taker spots, the crowd got hotter and people actually believed that Edge had a shot at winning. They did the ref bump spot, which was going to annoy me but the way they did it again made you think that Taker would lose. He got the tombstone, got the cover, Charles Robinson dashed to the ring and counted the near fall and you could hear the crowd being deflated as they thought Taker had the win. Taker would dispose of the Rated Rmy but ate a spear for a near fall. Edge was pissed, speared him again and out of that is where the finish came. And for those of you trying to think you know what you are talking about, Taker was not using a triangle choke, he used a GOGOPLATA, the move he had been working to get over for like 5-months at that time. The finish makes sense because Taker is a huge MMA guy, and it was a riff off of the Diaz vs. Gomi finish from PRIDE 33. Taker got the GOGOPLATA, Edge tapped and Taker went 16-0 at Mania to win the title in AN EXCELLENT main event. The Undertaker defeated Champion Edge @ 23:50 via submission [****½]

From WrestleMania XXVII – Champion Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio: They stand off, lock up and to the corner they go. They break, and Del Rio shoves Edge. Slap by Edge, rights follows. Off the ropes, hip toss by Edge and the he fires back with a kick to the injured arm of Edge. To the corner, boots by Del Rio. Off the ropes, Edge tosses Del Rio to the floor. Edge misses a baseball slide, and Del Rio slams Edge into the barricade. Del Rio then slams Edge to the steps, and back in the ring and Del Rio covers for 2. He goes to work on the arm of Edge, to the ropes and Del Rio ties up the arm and works over Edge. Edge rolls to the floor, Del Rio follows, and slams Edge off the announcers table, back in and a cover for 2. Del Rio works the arm again, kicks Edge to the mat and he charges, Edge moves and Del Rio flies to the floor. Edge hits a flip dove onto Del Rio on the floor. The ref counts, the re enter the ring and Del Rio continues to work the arm. Off the ropes, they collide and both men are down. Back up, big boot by Edge and Del Rio is down. Edge is slow to follow up, forearm off the ropes. Another, and the flapjack for 2. Del Rio with an arm breaker, looks for the cross arm breaker, countered and Edge covers for 2. To their feet, Edge to the corner, side steps Del Rio, roll up, roll through by Del Rio and into the cross arm breaker! Edge manages to get the ropes. To the apron, stun gun by Edge and he heads up top. But Del Rio cuts him off with an enziguri for 2 as Rodriguez pulled Edge’s foot off the ropes. Christian attacks, but Del Rio nails him and Clay with the fall away slam. Edge rolls up Del Rio for 2. DDT by Edge, and he now looks for the spear. Del Rio counters, Clay slams Edge to the post and Del Rio gets the cross arm breaker! Edge fights, tries to keep the arms locked, but Del Rio locks it in and Edge struggles. He rolls, stacks up Del Rio and gets a 2 count. Edge with his wacky sharp shooter variation, Del Rio fights now, Christian takes out Clay on the floor. Del Rio continues to fight, escapes and SPEAR by Edge! 1…2…3! Champion Edge defeated Alberto Del Rio @ 11:05 via pin [***] This was a lower level, but good Mania opener. I dug Edge’s counter work here, as it added good drama to things as he left the company as champion to temporarily retire due to injury.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 115. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Steve Cook break down the news of the week and then review NXT vs. AEW (5.13.20) & NWA Super Powerrr! The show is approximately 113-minutes long.

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The Best of WWE: Edge’s Best WrestleMania Matches collection was an overall good hour.