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Csonka’s CHIKARA King of Trios (Night Three) Review 9.04.16

September 6, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s CHIKARA King of Trios (Night Three) Review 9.04.16  

Csonka’s CHIKARA KOT (Night Three) Review 9.04.16

King of Trios Semi-Final Round Match: Team Sendai Girls defeated Warriors Three @ 9:30 via submission [***]
King of Trios Semi-Final Round Match: Team JWP defeated Hallowicked, Jigsaw and Icarus @ 10:10 via DQ [**¾]
– Mark Angelosetti defeated Arik Cannon @ 9:30 via pin [***]
Tag Team Gauntlet: X-Pac and Billy Gunn won the tag team gantlet @ 42:00 via pin [½*]
– Lucas Calhoun defeated Chuck Taylor™ @ 12:13 via [NR]
Rey De Voladores Finals: Aerostar defeated Tony Nese @ 11:30 via pin [**¾]
King of Trios Finals: Team Sendai Girls defeated Team JWP @ 23:01 via pin [***½]

Team Sendai Girls (Meiko Satomura, DASH Chisako, Cassandra Miyagi) vs. Princess Kimber Lee, Thunderfrog and Oleg The Usurper: Oleg and Miyagi did some comedy to begin, Miyagi misted him, but then she got tossed and Warriors three took over. KmberLee hit a dive and Oleg and Thunderfrog attacked the knee of Chisako. Commentary tried to sell this as a big deal, noting that it had been attacked on both nights one and two, but since Chisako never sold he knee work either night, it lost its desired effect. Satomura saved her from the CHIKARA special. Satomura fought off Thunderfrog after surviving the Estonian stampede, and went one on one with KimberLee. They worked some nice back and forth, and then Thunderfrog and Miyagi battled. Miyagi hit the stunner off the ropes and hit a slingshot senton for 2. Thunderfrog fought back, but Chisako ran in for the save, knee is just fine thanks for asking. The ladies then triple teamed Oleg, stinging together a series of moves and then sending him to the floor. KimberLee returned and laid in a series of German suplexes to Satomura for a near fall. Satomura fought back with the PELE, but KimberLee escaped the DVD and hit a sitout powerbomb for 2 as Miyagi made the save Chisako hit a missile dropkick, Miyagi then hit the senton on KimberLee, Chisako then hit a double stomp and finally Satomura hit a top rope splash and KimberLee survived. Satomura finally put her away with the arm bar. That was a fun and good opening match, with the Sendai Girls going over clean, but KimberLee being protected in loss as she took all of their top notch offense before tapping. The Sendai Girls have been a blast to watch, ad the only real complaint I have of them is the fact that in all three matches Chisako’s knee has been worked on and she never sold it worth a damn.

Team JWP (Hanako Nakamori, Manami Katsu, and Command Bolshoi) defeated Hallowicked, Jigsaw and Icarus: JWP attacked the Gen1 stars right away, looking to take control and take away the size and strength advantage of the men. The ladies kept control working over one man at a time, leading to Bolshoi doing the praying rope walk. She then hit a cross body to the floor onto Hallowwicked and Jigsaw. Icarus then attacked Nakamori, allowing the Gen1 stars to take the heat. They worked the knee and then shoulder of Nakamori, with the Gen1 stars continuing their theme of punishment on their opponents instead of going for pins. Nakamori fought back with a suplex and tagged in Katsu. She got cut off almost right away, but managed to fire back with a knee strike for 2. Icarus then attacked her arm as Bolshoi ran in for the save. Jigsaw leveled her with a kick, but she came back with a DDT. She then followed with a version of La Mistica, and Hallowicked attacked her and tried to remove her mask. Nakamori then hit destiny’s hammer for a near fall. They worked over Hallowicked, it broke down with everyone in as JWP kept going for pinfalls. Hallowicked and Jigsaw hit total elimination, and then go to sleepy hollow but Hallowicked pulled Katsu up and then Jigsaw hit a brainbuster and also pulled her up at 2. Icarus hit the pedigree, and as he went to attack more the Gen1 stars were disqualified, something that had been teased in their previous matches, because they were inflicting harm and not trying to win. The Gen1 stars chased off the ref. This was a pretty god match overall, with a flat finish. I get what they were trying to do, but it never felt as f they got violent enough to case the DQ stipulation, even if commentary did play it up well. It also felt like a cheap finish to not beat the Gen1 stars and to get to the all women finals.

Arik Cannon vs. Mark Angelosetti: Nice back and forth to begin, with both guys keeping the pace up. Angelosetti cut off Cannon with a head but and then sent him to the floor. Angelosetti then posted him, and back in scored a near fall. Angelosetti took the heat, working chops and head butts. Cannon would get hope spots, but Angelosetti would cut him off. Cannon again fought back, Angelosetti missed the corner splash and Cannon scored with the neck breaker for a near fall. Cannon worked repeated chops on Angelosetti, and then sent Angelosetti to the buckles. Up top and the missile dropkick connected. A brainbuster by Cannon got a near fall. They went back and forth, Angelosetti hit a spinebuster and got a near fall. Angelosetti hit a spear in the corner, but Cannon fought back and then hit a slingshot into a cradle and then rolled into the cross face. Angelosetti made the ropes, and then fought back for the Colossal bomb, but Cannon escaped and locked in the cross face again and Angelosetti rolled into a cover for 2. Big right and superkick by Cannon, and then hit the hangman’s neck breaker for a near fall. Angelosetti escaped he suplex, and then hit the flea flicker; the Colossal bomb finished it. Nothing fancy here, just a hard fought, back and forth match with a clean winner. I’ll take that all day.

Tag Team Gauntlet: Sidney Bakabella arrived and was disappointed in the team, because they got weak. Devastation Corp (Blaster McMassive & Flex Rumblecrunch) are eliminated after Max Smashmaster attacked McMassive, Team NRG (Hype Rockwell and Race Jaxon) pinned him. Jaxon almost died on a dive when he overshot his opponents. Team Big Deal (Sloan Caprice and Rick Roland) eliminated Team NRG. Orange Cassidy and Drew Gulak eliminated Team Big Deal Orange Cassidy and Drew Gulak. Orange Cassidy and Drew Gulak eliminated Team Sea Stars Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo. Cornelius Crummels and Sonny DeFarge eliminated Gulak and Cassidy. Defarge and Crummels eliminated Los Ice Creams. Dez Poloton eliminated Defarge and Crummels. Dez Poloton eliminated Hermit Crab and Rock Lobster. Prakash Sabar and Boar of Moldova eliminated Dez Poloton. X-Pac and Billy Gun eliminated Sabar and Boar after an X-Factor on Sabar to win the gauntlet. In years past the tag gauntlet has been a ton of fun, filled with some good comedy, some surprises and setting up the next tag team challengers. Last year’s match was horrible, feeling as if it lasted forever; this one wasn’t much better. To me this was the worst example of Independent wrestling. A match that went way too long with way too many participants and that did nothing at all to really excite me. In the past the gauntlet match has been a fun match, with cameos from stars of the past, outside talent and also a nice amount of comedy. It’s usually a nice part of night three, but came off as the weakest thing from the entire weekend. There was a lot of talent involved, and it certainly had potential, but it bored me overall. It’s a long match, where nothing all that exciting happens, and it keeps going and going and going. The whole match was not used to set up new challengers for the tag titles, but instead to pay off the joke that Sabar had been ripping off X-Pac for years and now he returned to get revenge. Billy Gunn said suck it and the crowd got mad, X-Pac apologized because he forgot to tell him about the rules. LOL guys, LOL. This was very long, it was not good enough to keep my attention, was generally boring outside of a couple of cool spots and felt like a complete waste of time when it was all over. The scary part is that it actually was slightly better than last year, but was still horrendous; guy doing shit for 40-minutes so that Billy Gun and X-Pac could win and do a standup comedy routine. Some people liked last year’s match, and that’s cool, but I just don’t think the match is nearly as enjoyable as it used to be. It seems like an overly long, shell of its former self. They need to rethink doing the match next year or revamp it somehow.

Lucas Calhoun vs. Chuck Taylor™: For those out of the loop, Chuck Taylor™ is not Chuck Taylor. Chuck Taylor™ is known to most as Stokely Hathaway, who acquired the trademark to the Chuck Taylor™ related intellectual property in CHIKARA. This was the big wacky match for the evening, as Taylor™ wanted the match started with the mic still in his hand. Taylor™ made fun of Calhoun for being an Elvis knockoff and rambles as Calhoun posed in a karate posture. Taylor™ messed up his hair, which was a mistake as Calhoun sent him to the floor with a karate strike, he’s all shook up. Calhoun beat on Taylor™ as he held the mic and sold the beating. Calhoun worked chops and then trapped Taylor™ in the ropes. This then resulted in a conga line of fans, music included, and as they passed Taylor™ they all go to chop him. Men, women, children, referee Bryce Remsberg, Vlad the ring announcer, a camera man, Joey Styles and even an infant got in their shots. Taylor™ was a fucking camp here as this lasted for like 5-minutes. The ref checked the arm, but on the third time Taylor™ managed to stay in it and started to sing “Say my name.” Chuck Taylor™ is amazing. Taylor™ wanted to become a team and they hugged it out, but Taylor™ tried to attack so Calhoun tossed him off the corner and then hit a judo strike and then a chop for the win. I have no clue how to rate that, it really wasn’t a match, but what I do know is that it made me laugh and got the crowd into it big time so it was a success. They needed that after that 4-hour long gauntlet match.

Aerostar vs. Tony Nese: Frightmare was injured the previous night and couldn’t compete tonight. Nese was the final person he beat, so he gets the spot tonight against Aerostar. They worked some back and forth grappling early, with Nese working some submissions early. This led to some back and forth lucha passes and arm drags, leading to the standoff. Nese connected with the RANA, , but Aerostar hit a corkscrew high cross for the near fall. Nese got caught and is bleeding by his right eye. Aerostar hit a double springboard into an arm drag, sending Nese to the floor where Aerostar took him and some fans out with a dive. Back in and Aerostar tried to ground Nese, but Nese powered out, Aerostar went for a RANA, stropped and into a series of counters, and Nese landed kicks and got a near fall. To the floor and Nese slams him to the apron. He then followed with the Sasuke special. Back to the ring they go, with Nese laying in kicks as he works the heat. Aerostar slipped away in the corner and then did a rope walk into a RANA off the corner, where he landed on his head and nearly died, but somehow managed a near fall. Nese then got a near fall off of the split legged moonsault. They did some not so smooth back and forth, with Nese hitting a single armed buckle bomb and then the pump handle driver was countered. Aerostar hit a corner dropkick, sending Nese to the floor where he followed with a springboard dive. Back in he missed a splash, pump handle driver by Nese and that scores a near fall. Nese up top, cut off and Aerostar went for a German, Nese landed on his feet and hits an uppercut. Aerostar back with the kick and hits a springboard code breaker, followed by the backstabber for the win. There was a lot of spectacular and fun moves, but thee two had a lot of communication issues and sloppy exchanges that held it back from being as good as it could have been. In the end this was an above average match at best because the clash in styles hurt things.

King of Trios Finals: Team Sendai Girls (Meiko Satomura, DASH Chisako, Cassandra Miyagi) vs. Team JWP (Hanako Nakamori, Manami Katsu, and Command Bolshoi): JWP had to help Katsu to the ring, following her beating from earlier in the evening. They brawled right away, with Nakamori and Miyagi settling into one on one action. Nakamori controlled, Bolshoi tagged in and ate a series of dropkicks but kipped up and then Satomura tagged in and she and Bolshoi got to work a stretch. Satomura worked an STF, Bolshoi escaped but ate a series of kicks and Satomura kept control momentarily as they worked a test of strength. Satomura slammed Bolshoi down, and they then traded strikes. Miyagi tagged in, hitting a series of dropkicks, but was then caught with a DDT. Bolshoi worked kicks and a double stomp, Katsu tagged in and worked over Miyagi with strikes, and then locked in a Boston crab. JWP triple teamed her for a bit, The Sendai girls then worked together to take control, but Miyagi ht an airplane spin to cut off Katsu. They traded strikes center ring, Katsu fired up, and hit a German for a near fall. Nakamori tagged in, fought off both Chisako and Miyagi and then traded boots with Miyagi. Fisherman’s buster by Nakamori got 2. she went up top and missed the flying knee, and Miyagi ht a Michinoku driver for a near fall, Chisako tags in with the missile dropkick and NOW she’s finally selling the knee. She stopped and the charged in with a dropkick. The cutter followed for a near fall. Chisako up top, but ate knees on the splash attempt. She and Nakamori traded strikes, with Nakamori getting the advantage and hitting the big boot. Enziguri by Nakamori, she heads up top and Miyagi cut her off as Satomura rushed in Chisako hit a super cutter of the top, but Bolshoi made the save. Chisako and Nakamori traded strikes but Bolshoi ran in and planted Chisako with a German. It broke down, Bolshoi laid in kicks to Chisako and then slaps. Chisako then hit the northern lights into the gourd buster for a near fall. Chisako went for a kick and Bolshoi got the knee bar as JWP tried to take out the other Sendai Girls. She transitions into an ankle lock, but Chisako escapes but then Bolshoi locks in the dragon sleeper, and it breaks down again. Satomura and Bolshoi went back and forth as the others went to the floor. Bolshoi escaped the DVD with an arm bar, and then into the grounded octopus. Satomura rolled and eventually made the ropes. Satomura accidentally hits Chisako, JWP works over Satomura, but Miyagi makes the save on the tiger suplex by Bolshoi. Elbow drop by Katsu gets 2 as Miyagi makes the save. Satomura continues to survive and fights back with kicks to Katsu, and gets the sleeper hold. Nakamori ties to break it up with kicks and Satomura just takes them and tosses her to the floor. Satomura continues to abuse Katsu with kicks, hits a DDT and then the cartwheel knee strike for the near fall, The Sendai girls try to hold off JWP, but then everyone brawls and we get triple Germans. Katsu hits a Michinoku driver on Satomura for the near fall. As the others brawl, Katsu works over Satomura and gets a near fall but Chisako broke up the pin. Satomura and Katsu trade strikes, Miyagi in with the dropkick and one from Chisako. Satomura goes for the DVD, it breaks down again and gets sloppy and Satomura covers for a near fall. DVD by Satomura connects and team Sendai Girls win and become the first ever Queens of Trios. This was a very good match, but not the epic they were trying to tell. The constant dodgy selling and over reliance on the save into the breakdown spots made it feel too long and repetitive. With some time chopped off and a little more sense of urgency, I thin this could have been outstanding. The story was good, but they just did too much repetition, which took away from the match. Still, a fine ending to the tournament with the first ever queens crowned.

– End scene.

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The 411
Overall night three was a let down from the previous two nights, with the tag gauntlet really hurting the flow of the show and serving no real purpose other than to pay off the X-Pac joke. I also feel that the booking is highly questionable, as all three of the major things being fought over this weekend (gauntlet that could lead to a possible title shot, the Rey De Voladores Finals and the King of Trios) went to outside entities. On one hand it is selfless booking that will make your company attractive for outsiders to work, but on the other hand this is your biggest weekend of the year attendance wise and attention wise and you did nothing to put anyone on your roster over in a meaningful way. Seeing the first ever Queens of Trios crowded was cool, but after a strong first two nights, night three couldn’t provide the climax the promotion was looking for.