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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Redefined 2018 Review

August 30, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Tessa Blachanrd Impact Wrestling Redefined 2018
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Redefined 2018 Review  

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Redefined 2018 Review

X-Division Title Match: Champion Cage defeated Fenix @ 16:53 via pin [***½]
– Eli Drake defeated Brandon Tidwell @ 0:24 via pin [NR]
Knockouts Title Match Tessa Blanchard defeated Allie & Champion Su Yung @ 6:30 via pin [**½]
– Rich Swann defeated Petey Williams @ 10:20 via pin [***]
– Austin Aries & Killer Kross vs. Moose & Eddie Edwards went to a no contest @7:35 [**½]

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X-Division Title Match: Champion Cage vs. Fenix: Pentagon is out to watch Fenix’s back from those oVe bastards. They immediately work into the power vs. speed dynamic, but Cage is game and hits a 619. Fenix battles back and hits the lucha arm drag but Cage levels him with a lariat to cut that off. Fenix tries to pick up the pace, but Cage stops him and hits the dead lift superplex. Cage then uses Fenix to do some curls and tosses him down. Fenix firs back with a series of kicks; heads up top and flies but Cage catches him and hits a uranage for 2. Cage follows with strikes, but Fenix again lays in kicks but gets tossed over the top and onto the ramp. Fenix fights off a powerbomb and hits a rolling cutter on the ramp. Fenix then hits a running double stomp on the floor. Back in, Fenix up top and the swanton connects for 2. They work into a series of counters, and Cage hits an enziguri and Angle slam for 2. Fenix counters the weapon X into a code red for 2. Fenix follows with kicks, and rolls into a double stomp for 2. Fenix double jumps but gets caught with an F5 but Fenix makes the ropes. Cage looks to superplex Fenix to the floor, but Fenix counters out and hits an apron double stomp. Fenix now goes for a suicide dive but Cage catches him into a suplex on the floor. Post break, and Cage hits a pop up neck breaker for 2. Cage heads up top, Fenix cuts him off with kicks but cage hits a tornado DDT for the double down. Cage is up and takes Fenix to the corner. Cage shoves him away, but Fenix hits a superkick; Cage cuts of a RANA, and then hits a SUPERBOMB for the win. Champion Cage defeated Fenix @ 16:53 via pin [***½] This was a very good match and the right call in terms of kicking off the show. They worked well together, and Fenix felt like a threat before Cage finished him with a MDK bomb. The post match was good as well.

– Post match, oVe arrives and attacks the lucha brothers. Cage teases making the save and then heads to the ring. He starts wrecking fools, drill claw to Jake, and he clears the ring.

– We get a video package, hyping Austin Aries & Killer Kross vs. Moose & Eddie Edwards.

– Bobo and Scarlett Bordeaux arrive and the security guy gives them shit until Scarlett seduces her way into the building.

– The GWN flashback is Drew Galloway’s debut following an Al Snow vs. Grado match, and BDC (Joe, King, & Ki) beat down.

– We see last week’s LAX celebration and the kid being run down. He’s alive and will make a full recovery. The OGz talk about what happened, and King accuses Homicide & Hernandez about being soft because they worried about the kid. King says they have to come together, and he gets a phone call. King looks worried, and says not to make any moves until he says so.

– Tessa cuts a promo on tonight’s knockout’s title match.

– Eli Drake arrives. He runs down Lee & Konley for losing last week and says they aren’t friends. He brings out the guys that beat Lee & Konley last week. They are Mr. Atlantis & Brandon Tidwell. Drake know their families are here and they think they will be Impact stars, but Drake has a test for them. All they have to do is step up an take the challenge. Atlantis wants the match. Drake instead uses Tidwell.

Eli Drake vs. Brandon Tidwell: Drake isn’t even in his gear, kicks Tidwell’s ass and hits the gravy train for the win. Eli Drake defeated Brandon Tidwell @ 0:24 via pin [NR] SQUASH

– Post match, Drake lays out Mr. Atlantis.

– Moose & Eddie Edwards hype tonight’s main event tag match. Moose promises to have Eddie’s back.

Knockouts Title Match: Champion Su Yung vs. Allie vs. Tessa Blanchard: Yung is out with her undead bridesmaids. They brawl at the bell; Allie hits a back stabber on Tessa and dropkick on Yung. The senton follows and then corner clotheslines connect to both and a cover gets 2. Allie works over Yung in the corner, but Yung cuts her off with strikes and then attacks Tessa. Allie knocks Yung onto the bridesmaids, and maintains control until Tessa hits a cutter on Allie for 2. She locks on a figure four variation, but Yung arrives and locks on an arm bar on Tessa. Allie finally makes the ropes for the break. Allie now works over Yung with chops and strikes, but Yung head scissors her to the buckles. Yung heads up top and Tessa cuts her off and press slams her onto the bridesmaids. Allie attacks, laying in chops and strikes, and then clotheslines. The suplex to he buckles follows for 2.Tessa cuts off Allie and then runs into a superkick. Yung in with the mandible claw on Tessa but Allie makes the save. Yung gets the mandible claw on Allie, Allie escapes, and Tessa rolls up Allie for the win and title. Tessa Blanchard defeated Allie & Champion Su Yung @ 6:30 via pin [**½] This was rushed and a bit clunky, but solid overall. It needed more time and a better built to finish. Yung’s run was uneventful and Tessa has more potential as a heel champion in the long run.

– Post match, Tessa celebrates and says she exposed the others. She is now the measuring stick for the division.

– Gama Singh looks for Desi Hit Squad and beats them with a broom for sucking when he finds them

– Austin Aries & Killer Kross cut a promo on tonight’s main event, and Kross teases that one of their opponents may not even make it to the ring tonight.

– LAX meets and talks about back week’s attempted murder on little Ritchie. Konnan says King doesn’t care about the code; no kids and no families. Konnan tells his boys to take care of the hospital bill and smooth things over with the family. Konnan gets a call like King, from the big boss. Konnan tells them to do nothing until he gives the word.

– Hendry, Grado, & Katarina arrive for The Smoke Show With Scarlett Bordeaux. Hendry & Grado face Desi Hit Squad next week. Katarina insists she’s just friends with Hendry as Scarlett seduces Grado. Katarina warns Scarlett not to get between her and her boys.

Rich Swann vs. Petey Williams: Swann plays around to begin, frustrating Petey. They work into some back and forth; Petey hits a dropkick and code breaker for 2. Petey follows with rights, Swann picks up the pace and dumps Petey to the floor and then misses the apron cannonball. Post break, and Petey covers for 2. Petey sets him in the tree of WHOA and does the Oh, Canada nut stomp. Swann fights back, hits a clothesline and head scissors. The running knee strike and kicks follow for 2. Swann heads up top and Petey cuts him off, hits an enziguri and follows with a German. The Russian leg sweep connects and Petey looks for a destroyer, but Swann cuts him off with a spin kick and then gets a cradle for 2. Petey looks for a sharpshooter and locks it on. Swann makes the ropes. Swann now gets a roll up for 2. Petey hits a powerbomb, but Swann counters the destroyer into a Michinoku driver for 2. Swann to the ropes and the Phoenix splash misses, but Swann rolls him up for 2. The running shooting star press finishes it for Swann. Rich Swann defeated Petey Williams @ 10:20 via pin [***] This was a good back and forth match, with Swann picking up a needed win over an established veteran.

– Swann says the win will catapult him to the X-Division title. Sydal interrupts and says he can guide him. Swann isn’t buying what he is selling and doesn’t need his help.

– Moose has shockingly been laid out backstage.

Austin Aries & Killer Kross vs. Moose & Eddie Edwards: Eddie is out by himself since Moose was laid out backstage. Kross and Eddie to begin and Eddie fires away with chops. Kross cuts him off and tags Aries in, and he lays the boots to Eddie. Eddie fires back and hits an overhead toss and kicks Kross in the face. Eddie dumps Aries to the floor and Kross cuts off the suicide dive. Aries hits the neck breaker in the ropes and then lays the boots to Eddie. Kross tags in and pummels Eddie with strikes. The running boot connects and he and Aries now work double teams. More double teams follow until Eddie cuts off Aries and hits the backpack stunner. Eddie follows with chops and a blue thunder bomb but Kross makes the save. Eddie dumps him and hits a brainbuster on Aries. Aries to the floor and Eddie hits the suicide dive. Kross cuts off Eddie with a suplex on the floor and rolls him back in. Eddie fights back, hits the tiger bomb and Moose finally makes his way out. He’s fired up and gets the tag as Kross drops to the floor. Moose tags in and then spears Eddie for the heel turn. Aries dumps the ref as Moose beats down Eddie. Austin Aries & Killer Kross vs. Moose & Eddie Edwards went to a no contest @7:35 [**½] The match was solid and fun stuff as they made the two on one work well. The Moose heel turn felt cold to me, but maybe it is something he needs, we’ll see.

All three beat down Eddie and wrap a chair around Eddie’s head and Moose does the EVIL baseball swing and lays him out. Alisha arrives to check on Eddie and slaps Moose. Moose smiles as the show ends.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Average
The 411
Impact Wrestling Redefined 2018 was a pretty good show that peaked with the opener, but did a nice job of setting up some angles moving forward. The follow up will be key to its overall success.