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Csonka’s Reviews Free Matches With Velveteen Dream, Undisputed Era, and More

November 17, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Undisputed Adam Cole NXT TakeOver WarGames
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Csonka’s Reviews Free Matches With Velveteen Dream, Undisputed Era, and More  

Csonka’s Reviews Free Matches With Velveteen Dream, Undisputed Era, and More

From WWE Evolution 2018: Champion Ronda Rousey defeated Nikki Bella @ 14:10 via submission [***¼]
From NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2017: Aleister Black defeated The Velveteen Dream @ 14:45 via pin [****¼]
From NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2017: The Undisputed Era defeated The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong and Sanity @ 36:37 via pin [****]

Raw Women’s Title Match: Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella: Brie is out with Nikki. Rousey gets a takedown right away, and mockingly tries to help Nikki up. Rousey hits another slam and teases the arm bar. Rousey takes her down again, just playing with her. Nikki to the floor, Brie with the distraction allows Nikki to attack and post Rousey. Brie then posts Rousey, and Nikki rolls her in and covers for 1. Nikki grounds the action and talks shit to Rousey. Rousey powers up but Nikki then dumps her to the floor and slams her to the barricade and apron. Back in and Nikki covers for 2. Nikki follows with a head scissors, does pushups and Rousey rolls out. Rousey kicks her away, Brie with a cheap shot, and Nikki takes her to the apron and posts her again. Back in and Nikki covers for 2. Nikki works an abdominal stretch, but Rousey fires up and escapes. Nikki follows with a disaster kick and that gets 2. She works over Rousey in the corner, takes her up top and follows her up. Rousey fights her off, but Brie distracts her, and Nikki follows her back up and follows with strikes, but Rousey knocks her to the mat and misses a high cross as Nikki moves. Rousey cuts off the kicks, and roll and also gets Brie on her shoulders and hits her spinny slam and Brie landed badly. Rousey fires up and follows with kicks and strikes in the corner. Rousey rolls into ground and pound and hits judo tosses. She tells Nikki to get up, and slaps her. Rousey hits something resembling a fall away slam and Nikki rolls to the floor. Rousey chases, rolls her back in and Brie attacks. Rousey tosses her over the announcer’s table and back in, Nikki hits an Alabama slam for 2. Rousey misses a charge, hits the post and Nikki hits the rack attack 2.0 for 2. Nikki is pissed. Nikki to the ropes, Rousey cuts her off and heads up top and hits s rough looking roll into the arm bar. Nikki taps. Champion Ronda Rousey defeated Nikki Bella @ 14:10 via submission [***¼] I am fully aware that there are times where Rousey will have to sell, but it’s becoming a regular thing so much that it feels to me that she’s losing that bad ass vibe because she’s selling for extended times for everyone. I will say that the layout was good, and how Nikki got the heat made sense, and credit to Nikki, she took a lot of punishment and worked really hard, as this was better than I had expected. They played their roles well and had an invested crowd, and Rousey retained. Overall a good match.

The Velveteen Dream vs. Aleister Black: This was Dream’s biggest match to date. Black has been destroying everyone. Dream is pulling a Rick Rude, with Black air brushed on his tights. They lock up and work to a stalemate. Dream slaps Black, but Black attacks the arm and looks to ground Dream. Black keeps Dream grounded, staying a step ahead of his opponent. Black locks in an octopus hold, turns it into a sunset flip and goes after the arm. They trade strikes, and Black tosses Dream to the floor. Black teases the dive and takes a seat as Dream slides back in. Dream does a Rick Rude hip swivel, and sits down and stares at Black. Black now slithers towards Dream, as the mind games continue. Black hits arm drags, but Dream stuns him off the ropes and follows with a lariat. Dream takes control, demanding that Black say his name. Dream tosses Black to the floor. Dream teases a dive and celebrates. Black back in and lays in elbows and Dream kills him with a superkick for a good near fall. Dream hits the Rude awakening neck breaker, covering for 2. Dream locks on a modified camel clutch, Black fights to his feet, and they trade strikes. Dream ties Black up in the ropes and demands he say his name. Black fights out with kicks, slap by Dream but Black runs wild with knees and kicks. Black hits the springboard moonsault press, covering for 2. Dream grabs at Black’s leg, but Black takes him down, counters the DVD and Dream hits the rolling DVD, which got a great near fall! The crowd is into Dream big time. Dream has Black on his shoulders, but as he climbs, Black slides out and connects with the kick. Black hits a running knee strike for another great near fall. Dream hits a sick version of Sister Abigail, covering for another great near fall. The crowd is into this big time. Dream up top now, but the elbow drop eats a boot and Dream ends up tied in the ropes. Black lays in a kick but Dream hits a superkick. Black fires back with a knee strike for the double down. Dream battles to his feet, but eats Black mass and Black picks up the win. Aleister Black defeated The Velveteen Dream @ 14:45 via pin [****¼] This was an absolutely great match that had the crowd the whole time, and way over delivered in my opinion. We knew that Black was great, but Dream really stepped up tonight and delivered in a star making performance; the crowd loved him. This was just great work from both guys, with a mix of fun character work and then they picked it up big time, and simply delivered. This was also a great example of how a guy can get over huge, even in loss. Dream has so much potential, especially considering he’s only been working around three years; he does so many little things well, it’s almost scary.

WarGames Match: The Undisputed Era (Cole, Fish, & O’Reilly) vs. The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong vs. Sanity (Young, Dain, & Wolfe): EY, Cole, and Strong will begin. Strong is in AOP gear, showing unity. It’s like when you tag with War Machine, you have to paint up. Cole backs off to the second ring, but EY and Cole follow and fight over who gets to beat on Cole. EY attacks Strong and brawls with Cole. Strong cuts off EY, hitting a back breaker and then trades strikes with Cole. They all three climb the cage, with Strong and EY working over Cole. Cole then drops down and crotches them. He lays the boots to Strong, tosses him to the second ring and hits the last shot on EY. Cole then attacks Strong, working him over in the corner, and then attacks EY. A suplex follows on Strong, and then the neck breaker as it’s all Cole right now. Strong fires back with chops and a lariat, and then lays in chops and knee strikes to both. And now Fish and O’Reilly are in. They attack Strong right away, kicking the shit out of him and Cole joins in. They also beat down EY, as the Undisputed Era control with ease. O’Reilly works a knee bar on Strong, as Fish and Cole double team EY. And now the AOP are in. They rush the ring and it is time for big lads to do big lad things. They immediately start wrecking fools, tossing the Undisputed Era around with ease. They then toss Strong into the other ring onto everyone else. The AOP put O’Reilly and EY in the tree of WHOA and hits running DVDs onto them. Strong and the AOP control and Sanity is in and WarGames is underway. Wolfe has a nightstick and beats on everyone with it. Dain brings in chairs and trashcans, a chain and other assorted toys as this turns into Lethal Lockdown. The crowd wants tables so Dain brings out some. This crowd loves these guys. Wolfe starts throwing Germans and slams Fish onto the trashcan. Dain closes the door and uses the chain to make sure it stays shut. He then locks it and swallows the padlock key. Dain runs wild on the AOP, and hits a shotgun dropkick/senton combo. Dain climbs the cage and hits a high cross off the top rope, wiping out the pile. Cole gets a kendo stick, but Dain blocks that and throws it away. Fish makes the save, but Dain hits Cole with a Michinoku driver onto Fish, covering for 2. Dain tosses O’Reilly into the cage, and picks up Cole and Strong and hits a fall away slam/Samoan drop combo. He and Rezar battle center cage, throwing big strikes and just light each other up. Dain then wipes him out with a running cross body, but Akem cuts him off with a powerslam for 2. It breaks down into everyone brawling, the Undisputed Era hits chasing the dragon on Strong. O’Reilly and Fish work over Dain, Wolfe makes the save, but O’Reilly takes him out with ax and smash. O’Reilly grabs the chain, and ties up Wolfe with it. O’Reilly then locks in the arm bar with the chain, but EY hits the big elbow drop to break it up. Everyone is down now, as the bodies have hit the floor. The AOP hits a super collider, also catching Dain in the middle. Dain is bleeding a bit, EY runs wild and hits a DVD on Rezar onto Akem, but the pin attempt gets broken up. Strong hits a lumbar check on Cole, and then runs wild with knee strikes and a cornucopia of back breakers. The Angle slam on Dain gets 2 as Cole hits the superkick to break that up. Cole heads up top, EY follows up with him and then Strong follows. Everyone is now over and we get a DOUBLE tower of doom, one ion each ring. Cole is left up top by himself. The AOP are up and have their sights set on Cole. Cole climbs and gets cut off. They grab a table and then the other and set them up. The AOP head up top with Cole, but Wolfe cuts them off and he heads up top as Cole looks to escape. Wolfe then GERMANS an AOP off the top and through the tables! EY hits a neck breaker off the top onto the other AOP. Cole slides along the top of the cage; Wolfe is busted open from that German spot. Dain kills O’Reilly with a lariat. Dain places O’Reilly in the corner and puts a trashcan in front of him. Dain heads up top and hits a fucking Van Terminator! BIG LAD AIRLINES! Cole is up on top of the cage and String is waiting on him and then climbs. Cole teases escaping, String stops him and we get please don’t die chants. SUPERPLEX ONTO THE PILE IN THE RING! Everyone is down, Strong covers Cole but Cole manages to kick out. Dain and Akem trade strikes, but the AOP double team him and O’Reilly grabs Rezar with a sleeper, Fish joins in and lays in strikes and a running knee strike follows as Fish and O’Reilly hit total elimination. Wolfe is back up and he an EY hit the double team neck breaker. It breaks down to Cole and Strong, they trade strikes and Cole gets tossed into the cage. EY slams Strong into the cage. Cole hits EY with a kendo stick shot. EY has a chair, but Cole hits a shining wizard into the chair and picks up the win. The Undisputed Era defeated The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong and Sanity @ 36:37 via pin [****] I know that some will say that “this wasn’t WarGames,” and that’s fine, but I thought that this was a wonderfully wild and great main event. They played into the stipulation well, the introduction of the weapons escalated the violence and got the crowd into it on a completely different level. This was brutal, violent, they played off of the Cole vs. String dynamic very well and kept it going with EY taking the loss. It was really long, but laid out well and never felt long to me, which is always good. Everyone delivered here, and I greatly enjoyed this.

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Clocking in at just over an hour, today’s collection was a pretty great collection, and serves as a nice preview for tonight’s NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2018 event…